Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 652: Green Bamboo

Li Qiye eventually pulled the youth of the ocean. The poor guy was completely dried up and resembled a ninety-year-old mortal with gray hair with only skin left, no longer as dominant as before.

It didnt take long before all of his vitality was drained. This was the power of the murderous energy, corroding both his power and body.

Li Qiye was already going easy on him by protecting his life. Otherwise, the young king would be without a body right now before the monstrous energy.

He was on his last breath after being pulled up. In fact, even breathing was a struggle.

Li Qiye gave him a mean stare and said flatly: “Because youre a student, Ill spare you this time, dont think youll be so lucky again!”

He then threw the young king outside. A few students from Hundred Halls quickly helped him up. The guy didnt dare to retort back at all since just lifting a finger was difficult.

His current situation was already quite optimistic because, at the very least, it wasnt death. Recuperation was all that needed.

He glared at the students here and began: “The academy is fine with students challenging teachers, and I welcome it too. Thats right, it has produced many amazing students including High Gods and emperors. Some would come to have greater achievements than their teachers. However, men shouldnt gossip and scheme behind ones back. Unhappy about a teacher? Challenge them straight up to a real duel! If you cant do that? Then shut the hell up! All of you arent old women in the shopping district and not random dogs and cats either! Youre students of Celestial, the elites of the hundred races! Refrain from acting in a shameful manner! Gods, emperors, tyrants, and monsters can come out of the academy, but not a coward!”

No one here dared to open their mouth, especially those who have insulted him earlier.

“Scram.” He coldly uttered.

This was the word the students wanted to hear the most so they hastily dispersed. The students from Hundred Halls also carried Six-sword away.

“A clear declination in generation.” Li Qiye shook his head and turned his focus back to the pagoda. He spread his palm and reached for it.

“Boom!” The pagoda was completely uprooted by Li Qiye. It wanted to escape but this was met with futility.

In the end, it became a tiny stone pagoda in his palm. He then raised it and cried out: “Recall!”

Like a whale, it crazily swallowed all the murderous energy in this ocean without leaving a trace left in a short time. Now, the mountains were green again and full of life once more.

He casually threw it at Liu Jinsheng and said: “The pagoda took up too much space here, you take it.”

Jinsheng caught it in silence so Li Qiye went on: “After making a choice in life, one needs to be more decisive. Good or bad? Doesnt matter, just need to continue on without hesitation.”

“The grand dao is long so your perspective will keep on changing as you reach different stages in life. Whats right in your eyes today might be wrong tomorrow, but ultimately, it is only relative to your state of mind. Since youre the judge here, then just accept it. As for losing face or whatever, thats only your pride getting in the way. Old bones like us have lived for countless years. Just smile and realize how ephemeral the past is.” Li Qiye glanced at the old man and said.

Jinsheng shuddered and took a deep breath. He put away Murder Pagoda and bowed towards Li Qiye: “Thank you for your guidance, Teacher. I can see much clearer now so I will be going to see some old friends. Excuse me.”

“Go.” Li Qiye gently waved his hand.

Jinsheng bowed once more before disappearing like a phantom. He had been hiding his strength all along ever since he got here. Everyone else thought that he was just an old cultivator.

Not to mention the young ones like Ye Xinxue, even a few teachers couldnt see through him. Only the stronger ones could tell his true cultivation.

Li Qiye smiled after seeing this and nonchalantly walked around the tea garden. He didnt really have any main business here.


The news of Li Qiye crippling Ye Miaoxue and nearly drowning Six-sword spread across the academy to the horror of the students.

There were many teachers at the academy, some were quite strict or even violent. However, there was no one like him who crippled two excellent students overnight – how tyrannical and merciless he was.

His fame became even more sonorous in just one day. People might not know who Li Qiye was, but they would recognize the moniker, Violent Teacher.

After receiving the news, Freesky Young Lord and Rumination Godchilds expression turned ugly with a tinge of helplessness. They realized that he was much more powerful than their imagination so dealing with him was exceedingly difficult.

“Buzz.” Amidst the clamor, a mountain inside the academy suddenly lit up.

“Boom!” A divine flame soared and blotted out the sky. It illuminated the majestic sceneries at the academy with rambunctious explosions. Every student felt trepidation before the incoming aura.

“Teacher Qiheng is done with his training!” Another news exploded across the academy: “He got his seventh totem!”

Both students and teachers were shaken to hear this.

Young Monarch Gu Qiheng – a genius teacher at the academy, one of the most gifted in the last generation who stood shoulder to shoulder with Virtuous!

He came from a great clan but was invited to stay as a teacher after his exceptional performance here. Of course, this job wasnt permanent and he could leave whenever he wanted.

He was well known as a young High God across the thirteen continents, one of the most promising candidates to become an Ancient God in this generation.

“Thats amazing, seven totems already, it is only a matter of time before he becomes an Ancient God.” There were numerous fans of his among the student body. Some could even be considered fanatics who truly admired him.

“Teacher Qiheng is out.” Freesky Young Lord immediately brought Rumination Godchild to see the teacher.

Of course, not just any student could see him. Freesky was viewed in high regard by Qiheng and even lectured in his place at times. Thus, they had a good relationship with each other.

“Oh? Dont the Three Scions always go together? Why is Six-sword not with you two?” Gu Qiheng smiled at the two youths after accepting their greeting.

“Hes injured and cant come in person to greet you, please forgive him.” Freesky sighed in response.

“Ah. Six-sword might be in Hundred Halls but to be wounded by another student? It should be someone from your group then.” Qiheng chuckled and said.

“Teacher, we dont dare to do that. Its another teacher who did it. The guy is so pitiful right now, completely withered. I dont think hell recover for a long time.” Rumination hastily explained.

“I see.” Qiheng was slightly surprised: “Looks like he has committed a big offense then or a teacher wouldnt punish him like that.”

“He didnt make any mistake, Teacher. You know, not all teachers are as magnanimous and kind as you.” Rumination said with a tinge of emotion.

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