Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 651: Man-eating Ominous Star Flower

The young king was astonished to see Li Qiyes swift pursuit. He scowled and performed the same dance again, this time towards Li Qiye.

He was fast enough to instantly appear before the guy and roared in order to channel his power to the limit. His agility reached the next height.

In the blink of an eye, his shadows appeared everywhere around Li Qiye.

“Rumble!” This incited numerous waves to attack Li Qiyes position without showing any mercy.

Li Qiye jumped up and dodged one wave only to see dozens more coming for him. It was as if the ocean was toppling over in order to drown him out.

The murderous ocean robbed the light of the sun and moon, causing the crowd to be stunned in an apocalyptic manner. Some students felt their knees buckling down with fear.

This was the young kings final stage, wanting to kill Li Qiye with the ocean. As long as he was in this place, he could do whatever he wanted since he grasped its profundities.

Once Li Qiye caught up, he used these steps to incite the murderous energies in this place towards Li Qiyes location.

If the guy were to be caught in the waves, it didnt matter how powerful he was. After all, few teachers could even make it through the sixth layer, let alone the seventh.

“Boom!” The end of the world was coming in the form of tsunamis. Li Qiye was completely covered by the murderous water while the young king had danced away to a deeper and safe location.

Everyone gasped after seeing this.

“Damn!” One student shouted and praised his own fortune for deciding not to enter.

Liu Jinsheng slightly batted his eyes and murmured: “Nine-sword High God has truly understood the pagoda. He could have taken it away back then.”

Though the young king didnt have a deep understanding like his father and wouldnt be able to take it away, he still exerted a certain level of control over the ocean.

This emboldened him for the challenge despite knowing that Li Qiye was a powerful teacher at the academy. This was his ace card.

“Splash! Splash!” After multiple deafening waves, the ocean finally calmed down. There was no one else in sight outside of the young king. It was as if Li Qiye had evaporated from this world.

“Where is Violent Teacher?” The students looked around, trying to find him. Alas, he was nowhere to be found.

“Is he dead?” Someone said.

“No way, hes a teacher, what if the academy decides to investigate?” A few became afraid. Killing a teacher was definitely a big deal with hefty consequences.

“So what if theres an investigation?” A good friend of the young king snorted: “It was a fair duel. He can only blame himself for lacking skills. Sometimes, unexpected things happened during one of these.”

“Thats right, everyone saw that it was a fair fight. No one forced him to do it.” More students from Hundred Halls chimed in.

“Hmph, he was too arrogant, thinking that hes stronger than all of us just because hes a teacher? Looking down on the students?” Another student from Hundred Halls wanted to flatter the young king and sneered: “He was too arrogant so its good that the young king taught him a lesson.”

“Thats right, even Nether Lunatic defeated the teachers back then. Were students indeed, but dont think that were weak, we just need time to become stronger than the teachers.” A student from Sacred Institution said.

Jinsheng only smiled and shook his head after hearing these students. Youth was usually accompanied by pride and arrogance, especially the more talented ones. They all thought they were number one and didnt care about anyone else.

Alas, after experiencing the storms in the world, they would eventually learn how insignificant they were. Even low-level emperors and High Gods werent that powerful, let alone ordinary masters.

“The world is unpredictable, even a warship can capsize in the ocean.” The young king assumed Li Qiye had been drowned by the ocean so he was ecstatic inside: “Opposing me? No good will come of it, no matter who you may be.”

“A ship can indeed capsize, but not in a dirty puddle like you. Just one stomp of mine and I will crush you, youre not qualified to be my enemy.” A leisure voice interrupted the young kings gloating.

Li Qiye suddenly appeared behind the young king; no one could see how he got there. It was as if he has been there the entire time.

“Violent Teacher!” The crowd was aghast, especially those who badmouthed him earlier. Everyone thought that he was dead so they didnt hold back.

The young king was shocked as well. His first reaction was to run but unfortunately, it was too late.

Li Qiyes palm covered the sky and reached for him.

The young king saw the gigantic palm and cried out: “Activate!”

Sword hymns came about as the sword formation wanted to protect him. Naturally, they were useless before the incoming attack.

His touch instantly crushed the formation and he had the king within his grasp.

The paled king finally realized the gap between him and Li Qiye after being captured alive.

“Its no big deal wanting to kill me, but dont use little schemes.” Li Qiye chuckled: “Since you wanted to drown me, time for you to taste the murderous energy here.”

Having said that, he pushed the young king into the ocean.

“No!” The youth screamed in horror as he inched closer to the water.

Below the water, buzzing noises came about along with smoke from his body. The murderous energy was corroding him.

“No!” The youth screamed and struggled, causing splashes everywhere, but it was useless.

Li Qiye let the murderous energy infiltrate the youths body.

“Ah…” His screams and corrosive buzzing emanated across the sky, causing all the spectators to feel dread.

The students who badmouthed Li Qiye earlier were imagining that they could be next. Their legs trembled, on the verge of pissing in their pants.

“Buzz.” In the beginning, the young king struggled out of his mind but eventually, he lost the strength to resist.

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