Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 649: Ominous Star Flower

Six-sword Young King took a deep breath to compose himself before coldly uttering: “My cultivation is weak so I cant take away the pagoda. But, Im confident in going through the seven levels of murderous oceans.”

He confidently said for he had grasped the profundities of the pagoda.

“Oh, this bravery is commendable.” Li Qiye nodded – this could almost be considered a praise of sorts.

The young king didnt expect this type of response. In the beginning, he thought Li Qiye would mock him for saying this.

Nevertheless, he continued with his plan and spoke in a serious manner: “I do want to try going in the oceans, will you give me pointers, Teacher?”

The students here were taken apart; some were scared, even. This sounded like a challenge.

Challenging a teacher at the academy required great courage.

Li Qiye was all smiles after hearing this: “How amusing. Nether Lunatic challenged the teachers and defeated them back then in this place. Are you challenging me now? The younger generations will surpass us in time.”

Six-sword was mentally prepared and continued: “Teacher, youre the one who loves challenges from the students. This one will overestimate himself and take you on!”

This challenge was not entirely on a whim. He has been planning on getting revenge after losing face in the previous meetings.

Li Qiye didnt mind at all: “In which discipline?”

“May I be so bold to suggest the murderous ocean? Do you dare to come in there, Teacher?” Six-sword directly got to the point.

“To the murderous ocean?” Li Qiye looked at the pagoda engulfed in flowing energies. Calling it an ocean was quite apt.

He chuckled: “Why not? Im more worried about you asking for trouble and pain by being overconfident.”

Being looked down by Li Qiye made Six-swords expression darken. A murderous glint appeared in the depth of his eyes.

One could say that after finding out Li Qiye was a teacher, Six-sword has restrained himself quite a bit, no longer daring to kill the guy.

However, a bold thought emerged in his mind just now. If he were to actually kill a teacher here, it would be enough for him to become world famous; his prestige would jump to the next level.

“Alright, since you are looking down on me, I wish to prove you wrong, Teacher.” With fire in his eyes, Six-sword coldly said: “Im going to the seventh layer, will you follow me?”

The students were startled to hear this. Earlier, Teacher Zhou couldnt handle doing so but now, the young wished to try?

They didnt look down on him. On the contrary, they thought that he was quite capable, one of the top geniuses among the young generation. It just wasnt possible with his current cultivation.

Nevertheless, the more intelligent ones immediately thought about his comment earlier. They knew that his father was a powerful High God so perhaps Six-sword might have grasped the mysteries of the pagoda. They could put one and one together and realized why he was so confident. Next, it was about whether Li Qiye would dare to take on the bet or not.

Li Qiye smiled and shook his head: “Im not looking down on you but with your current strength, the seventh layer will kill you with one misstep.”

“Leave it up to fate.” The young king arched his chest and proudly said: “Men need to be bold in life. Teacher, do you dare to do it or not?! I, Kong Yelin, am not afraid of death!”

“Thats our representative for you!” A student couldnt help but praise.

“Alright, whats the actual bet?” Li Qiye smiled after seeing the confident young king.

He uttered coldly while staring intensely at Li Qiye: “Whoever can go the farthest will be the winner. Of course, the one who dies can only blame themselves for their own lack of skill. But, if the loser were to survive, they must bow nine times to the winner!”

The young king let caution be gone with the wind since he had made his challenge and there was nothing else to worry about. Even if he were to lose and couldnt stay at the academy from shame, the rest of the world was still vast enough for him. With his power and his father, he could do whatever he wanted in other places.

Moreover, he was confident with his own plans at the seventh layer. He would certainly be able to suppress Li Qiye at that point.

In his mind, even if Li Qiye were to come out alive, the guy would still need to bow down nine times before everyone. He would lose all face and no longer want to stay at the academy.

“Nine bows? Dont you think thats too much?” Li Qiye glanced at the ocean then shifted back at the young king.

“Not at all.” The young king sneered: “Didnt you make Brother Freesky do it? Plus, youre a teacher, I dont mind bowing down to you if I lose at all.”

Li Qiye chuckled and nodded: “Thats true, its no big deal for a student to bow to a teacher.”

“However, Teacher, if you lose, you would have to bow nine times towards me, thats a big gesture.” The guy became much more aggressive than before, no longer holding back.

He believed he had the home advantage at Murder Pagoda and would do much better compared to Freesky and Rumination. This was a godsend opportunity that he couldnt afford to waste.

The unaware students were startled and looked over at Li Qiye. They thought that Six-sword had a good chance of victory or he wouldnt be spewing such confident rhetoric.

“Thats true, bowing towards a student is very humiliating.” Li Qiye became serious. His demeanor made others think that he was hesitating.

Six-sword boldly pushed on: “Do you dare to bet or not, Teacher? Of course, its not too late for you to give up now. Just bow once, in that case.”

He wanted to provoke Li Qiye and lead him into the murderous ocean. As long as Li Qiye was in there, his plan would be working. Having thought of that, his eyes flashed with bloodthirst. He wanted to push it further by killing the guy, no longer just humiliating him.

Everyone knew that in an actual competition, he wouldnt be blamed for Li Qiyes death because it would be Li Qiyes own fault for being incapable. The academy wouldnt necessarily reprimand him under such circumstances.

“Jinsheng, should I do it?” Li Qiye laughed and asked the old man.

Jinsheng glanced at the young king and said: “Teacher, you are a paragon, a majestic mountain. A little junior cant get into your sight.”

Jinsheng was actually kindly reminding the young king to back off. After all, he was arrogant just like the guy back during his youth. He understood that provoking Li Qiye was a suicidal endeavor.

“Old man, shut your mouth!” The young king shouted at Jinsheng.

“Jinsheng, looks like he doesnt get your intent.” Li Qiye clapped and laughed again.

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