Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 647: Huangfu Hao

Jinsheng had to admit: “Maybe youre right. My ugly temperament back then isnt better than Freesky Young Lords group at all.”

He didnt give a damn about anyone when he was younger. This was simply the truth. If he were to meet Li Qiye back then, he would be the first one to provoke Li Qiye, eventually becoming another dead victim.

Now, he was older and had more experiences. After meeting true invincibility, he realized that the gap was too great and unreachable.

Because of this, he was much more reasonable when meeting Li Qiye for the first time and didnt mind the overall attitude and tone.

Of course, he was aware that this change had saved him or he wouldnt be standing here right now after acting rudely during their first meeting.

There was nothing to be ashamed of in his current achievements. He had no fear of certain High Gods or even a few emperors. To be frank, the lower-level emperors couldnt get into his eyes.

Li Qiye, on the other hand, was worthy of respect. At this guys level, cultivation no longer mattered as much. Despite “lacking the strength to truss a chicken”, Li Qiye had countless methods to destroy him.

“Its fine to be arrogance and prideful, as long as blindness isnt a companion. Everyone is prideful to some extent.” Li Qiye smiled.

Jinsheng wistfully said while slightly missing his old days: “I do miss those old years of running wild but because of that, Ive missed out on many things.”

If he showed more humility back then, he could have become an Ancient God. Unfortunately, he had wasted his best years.

Li Qiye only smiled after hearing this.

“Boom!” Suddenly, loud explosions detonated in the horizon causing the world to shake. Next, a murderous glint shot to the sky before disappearing.

Li Qiye looked over and chuckled: “These geezers are more interesting now, letting the young teachers try it out. The Murder Pagoda is still there after so long.”

“Its because the ancestors of the academy want to keep it around.” Jinsheng said: “The pagoda is no big deal to the academy but they want to keep it as a warning for themselves and the future descendants.”

“Makes sense, lets go take a look then.” Li Qiye stood up.

“Umm…” Jinshengs expression became slightly awkward.

“What? This pagoda cant scare you.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Of course not, Ill just follow you then, Teacher.” Jinsheng coughed wryly.

Li Qiye started flying and Jinsheng sighed but still gave chase.

The students who have entered the tea garden naturally heard of Murder Pagoda. The confident ones would naturally come for a look.

This pagoda hovered among the clouds with murderous ocean-like auras layering on top of each other to create seven levels.

Because of this, when gazing from the distant, one would see seven oceans of murderous auras.

At the bottom of the pagoda was one of the tallest peaks in the garden. The pagoda served to suppress this mountain and the grand vein beneath.

The presence of the fair-sized pagoda made this place uncrossable. These ferocious energies kept on billowing out to form the current visual phenomenon.

Of course, there was a story to this pagoda. The main character was the genius student, Nether Lunatic!

This talented student was held in high regards by the teacher but because of this, he became arrogant and didnt even care for the teachers.

During a particular tea party, he had a fight with a teacher and decided to challenge him.

Remember, students would not recklessly do so because most teachers were at the High God level, at the very least.

One had to admit that Lunatic was quite amazing and could back it up. He defeated five teachers in a row so his momentum was unstoppable then.

This matter eventually attracted the attention of the ancestors. One ancestor came out and defeated Lunatic.

Lunatic was completely unconvinced by this defeat so he left his most powerful treasure to suppress this area. He declared that one day, he would come back and take it on top of defeating all the ancestors at the academy.

This treasure was naturally the pagoda towering before them.

Strange enough, the academy was definitely capable of taking the pagoda out of this place but it simply left the treasure here.

Keep in mind that for a sect, having their experts defeated and a grand vein suppressed was very humiliating. Any other sects would have taken the pagoda down.

The academy chose against it and just let the pagoda continue to do its thing.

Whats even more interesting was that the academy routinely sent a few young teachers to train at the pagoda. They had to withstand the murderous energies within the seven layers.

Strange enough, Nether Lunatic never returned to take his treasure in the future. Remember that he eventually became an eleven-totem High God, quite a powerful being.

After reaching this level, he should have returned to the academy to carry out his prideful promise. Alas, he never took one step back to the academy. No outsiders knew why.

Nevertheless, the fact that the academy left this pagoda standing was indicative of its magnanimity and open-mindedness – worthy of its reputation.

“Murder Pagoda, Nether Lunatic is truly something else back then.” Students commented with emotions after seeing this treasure.

The pagoda was even stronger than before because it had taken control of the grand vein, turning spirit energy into murderous energy. After years of accumulations, it had grown to its current level.

“An amazing treasure indeed.” A youth was roaring while walking in the sixth-level of the pagoda. In the end, he couldnt withstand the energy anymore and tore apart space in order to leave.

He looked quite beaten but still in high spirit. He looked back at the pagoda and said: “No wonder why Nether Lunatic was so arrogant back then. The guy must have been quite powerful.” He left coolly after saying this.

“Teacher Zhou cant finish climbing it either.” The students nearby discussed.

“The pagoda is too strong right now. One teacher believes that in order to cross through all seven layers, one needed to at least be an eight-totem High God. And to take it away? Ten totems.”

Someone else smiled and said: “It might not require such a powerful High God.”

“Young King, you have an idea?” Everyone looked over and saw this person.

The guy was Six-sword Young King who also came to join in the fun and coincidentally saw the young teachers training with it. His father had told him about the pagoda.

“It doesnt have to be by force.” He was tempted while looking at the treasure.

After all, this was indeed a precious treasure that Nether Lunatic loved back then. He simply threw it away to suppress this place during his fit of rage.

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