Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 646: Giant Bamboo Countrys Alchemy Garden

Not long after Mei Suyao and Qianxuan finished their tea, they suddenly lit up and resonated with the source of the grand dao. Numerous runes floated around them, turning them different than before. Complexity became simple; all the grand dao looked so understandable in their mind now.

Furthermore, they already had unparalleled talents so the mysteries of the dao manifested fully on them.

They quickly sat down in the meditative pose in order to comprehend this rare opportunity further. Not just anyone could drink a twelve-dao tea, especially when sitting beneath the tree.

Under such circumstances, dao comprehension became much easier. The questions normally looming in their mind suddenly became solvable.

Jinsheng was also glowing in the same manner, albeit on a lesser intensity and fanfare. Nevertheless, he still went into meditation.

The one experienced the least change was Li Qiye. His reaction was an ephemeral flash of light.

Everyone could see that the effect varied on the individuals. Li Qiye and Liu Jinsheng were affected much less compared to Mei Suyao and Yu Qianxuan.

The two girls were well known for their talents, thus, people assumed that the two men werent able to use the tea to its fullest potential for dao searching.

Alas, they didnt know that it was because Li Qiyes understanding of the grand dao far exceeded the other three.

As for Jinsheng, he was too strong compared to the other two; even Qianxuan wasnt close to him right now, let alone Mei Suyao. The two girls lacked a deep understanding versus Li Qiye and lacked time versus Jinsheng. This was the reason why the tea affected and granted them great benefits compared to the other two.

“What a waste, like a cow chewing on peony.” Rumination snorted after seeing Li Qiyes lack of reaction.”

Of course, it was a bitter statement since he had the chance to drink this level of tea before.

“Yeah, a student from Sacred Institution said: “No effect after drinking it.”

At this time, Freesky Young Lord scowled and turned to leave.

“Who said they were going to bow earlier?” Li Qiye opened his eyes and lazily said, stopping the young lord in his track.

Freeskys expression turned worse after hearing this. He indeed made this bet previously.

In the beginning, no one could imagine that grabbing twelve-dao leaves was possible but Li Qiye had done it.

Thus, the young lord couldnt exactly renege on a bet because it would ruin his reputation.

Li Qiye calmly said: “Get down on your knees. A man can handle losing and carry out their end of the bargain.”

“Very well, Ive lost this time.” Freesky took a deep breath and got on the ground. He indeed bowed down towards Li Qiye.

Despite unwillingness and even anger, he was still an imperial successor and needed to keep his words while handling losing gracefully.

Because of this, he actually earned some points from his peers in Emperor Mansion. They felt that he was a true man who can handle great responsibility.

Li Qiye nodded and waved his hand: “You didnt put shame to your sect, good. Leave now, come and challenge me whenever you want.”

Freesky scowled and left right away without replying. He had lost utterly in this match. Nevertheless, his pride remained with a firm belief that he would be able to even the score eventually.

Anyone else would be frightened by Li Qiyes aura for life but not him. This only fueled his determination.

Six-sword and Rumination also left along with Freesky. The other students saw this and felt that losing more saliva in this place was meaningless so they dispersed as well.

It didnt take long before only Li Qiyes group was left beneath the Grand Dao Tea Tree. Alas, the wait was longer for Mei Suyao and Qianxue to lose their radiance. The effect was apparent. Their eyes were bright as if they were eyes of the dao, capable of seeing through the mists and fogs of cultivation.

“Thank you, Young Noble, Ive gained plenty today so I wish to leave for isolated cultivation.” Yu Qianxuan stood up and cupped her fist.

“Go.” Li Qiye said: “Archaic Repository has plenty of immortal tea, this is only engraving flowers on fine silk.”

“This chance is rare enough for me to treasure.” Qianxuan revealed an alluring smile. So many would lose sleep over this.

“The geezers from the repository are quite keen.” Li Qiye smiled: “In the current generation, you might not be the strongest or the most talented but a jewel you are. They have picked the right person.”

“Thank you, Young Noble.” She said humbly with respect before leaving in a cool manner by disappearing into the clouds like an immortal.

“Young Noble, I want to leave as well.” Suyao spoke. Her immortal bone allowed her to have great comprehension already. After drinking this tea, she felt her dao heart shining and could sense the mysteries in the entire garden. Each step could let her gaze into the very origin of this place and its grand dao.

Li Qiye smiled: “The tea garden is magical and profound but its not the best location. Go back to the academy, youll find even more things, that compared to the academy, this garden is only a minor world. This is the reason why that other girl is leaving so fast.”

“Ill be going then.” Mei Suyao happily bowed after being reminded by him.

Li Qiye then glanced at Liu Jinsheng and said: “Few could see through the mystical grand dao despite everyone trying so hard. Thats why geniuses are so arrogant and prideful; success comes too easy for them.”

“Youre right, Teacher.” Jinsheng nodded and said softly: “Im also a fool, not understanding this logic until ten thousand years later.”

“If you are a fool, it would be virtually impossible to find a smart person.”

“Youre too kind, Teacher.” Jinsheng coughed in response: “Miss Qianxuan and Miss Suyao are at the apex right now; their talents arent something I can compare to.”

Li Qiye smiled: “In terms of talents, they arent necessarily better than you during your youth. However, they were born in this generation and have met the right people, allowing them to see the vastness of the world.”

“Ignorance can be bliss. Before standing at the apex, it is impossible to know the boundlessness of the world.” Jinsheng sighed emotionally: “Im sure those two will go much further than me.”

Li Qiye said: “Its not like you dont have the chance. Perhaps you can still reach the apex.”

Jinsheng smiled wryly: “I would have this confidence if it was ten thousand years earlier but now, my old bones wont be able to handle the arduous path. My dao, Im afraid, will be stopping here. After meeting the apex, one would realize how far away they were from it. Taking one or two steps upward wasnt enough to make up for this gap. Its a shame that I didnt meet you sooner, Teacher.”

He slightly became emotional after saying this.

Li Qiye laughed and disputed the last statement: “Not necessarily. If you had met me during your youth, I might have killed you already.”

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