Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 58: Alchemy Master This Was Only A Hobby 2

He simply chuckled at her words and remained unmoving with his gaze fixated on the large belly. It was as if he could see through to the new creature inside.

At the same time, the treecorpses in the valley had made several more attempts that all resulted in failure. They simply couldnt get close to the dead corpse.

“Hey, Ego King, what are you waiting for, hurry and save it!” She became quite anxious for these treecorpses, unlike Li Qiye who was completely indifferent.

He didnt pay attention to her as his eyes became incomparably deep in order to gaze at the new life.

After a long time, he gently sighed and said: “Maybe this thing is connected to me by fate since the new momentum will start because of me.”

Having said that, he pulled Xiaoxiao and jumped into the valley.

Their sudden intrusion alerted all the treecorpses in this place. They turned around and glared at the two with their eyes full of deathly energy.

Anyone else would be creeped out by these pupils. Those who were timider would lose their mind from horror.

As the duo approached, the nearby corpses roared at them with a ferocious demeanor like vicious monsters.

“What are they trying to do?” She was frightened and had to take a step back.

“Protect the new life.” He flatly said: “In their eyes, we are outsiders — a threat to the new life, so they wont let us pass.”

“Hey, we are good people wanting to save the small life in the belly.” She immediately raised her voice and told them: “This Ego King will save it.”

Despite her words, the treecorpses blocking the way continued to viciously scream and didnt let the two of them take half a step further.

“They dont understand what youre saying.” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head: “The withered can understand, but not treecorpses.”

“What do we do then?” She anxiously asked since she would feel very remorseful if they were late in saving the baby.

He slowly replied: “Get ready. Dont refuse me, just let me in.”

“What?” She was startled due to confusion.

Li Qiye explained: “Just follow your heart and dont refuse me. I will help you see just how precious your bloodline is.”

“Okay.” She didnt think twice and agreed right away due to her considerable trust in him.

He placed his palm on her forehead. In this split second, his majestic vitality crazily poured into her body like a flood.

In a brief moment, small blasts erupted inside her body. She didnt reject him and went with the flow. Wherever Li Qiyes vitality reached, her own followed.

“Whoosh!” Her entire body lit up and bright halos emerged around her. These halos began to spin. Moreover, inside these halos were blinding and magnificent solar flares. With their rotation, each halo seemed like its own great world that could accommodate trillions of existences. As they began to pulse and spread out like a peacocks tail behind her, three thousand great worlds behind her were opening.

Her brilliance engulfed this entire world. The whole process made her appear quite lofty.

“Whoosh!” A peerless world opened behind her with the shadow of a great tree.

This tree was unimaginably large. Each leaf carried a star of their own with galaxies floating around the branches while worlds were hanging above. It looked just like a World Tree, the start of all life.

When this epic world opened, it also had Ye Xiaoxiaos dignified and holy aura, making her seem as if she was the ruler of all creations. With the emergence of the tree, all the treecorpses stared at Ye Xiaoxiao with reverence. They quickly backed off and didnt dare to stay close to her.

It wasnt only because of their respect for her aura. More importantly, they seemed to be afraid of staining her with their foul aura. In their eyes, even a small strand of their foul energy touching her was blasphemy.

“Why is it like this?” Ye Xiaoxiao was very confused at the treecorpses actions.

Li Qiye revealed: “Because your bloodline is sacred and they are afraid of staining you. This is an instinctive feeling, so they dont dare to come close.”

He withdrew his palm, but the light around her body raged on. He ordered: “Stay here, do not come forward no matter what happens.”

She quickly nodded: “I understand, you go save the baby.”

Li Qiye slowly inched forward while looking at the big belly. He opened his fate palace and the pillar, tree, cauldron, and spring of life all appeared at the same time once he got closer to the corpse lying on top of the tree. He let the pillar and cauldron protect his left and right.

After all four images of the fate palace appeared, he was even closer to the dead corpse.

“Crackle!” A terrifying bolt of lightning shot for him without any mercy.

However, the pillar of life immediately protected him and absorbed this type of energy.

“Crackle! Crackle!” A burst of thunder sounded. The new life crazily unleashed a relentless torrent of lightning.

Such fierce lightning could render anyone to ashes. However, runes appeared on the pillar of life. Under their protection, it didnt matter how terrorizing and powerful these bolts of lightning were. They couldnt amount to anything nor were they capable of hurting Li Qiye due to the Ancient Void Rune being capable of devouring all lightning and curses.

While the pillar of life withstood the torrent of lightning, Li Qiye slowly walked towards the lying corpse.

“Poof!” The new life in the belly unleashed an endless flame. This was the peerless fire of life that was capable of burning everything in this world. However, the cauldron quickly sucked in this powerful flame without leaving the tiniest spark.

Nevertheless, the new life continued to crazily send out more flames as if wanting to destroy anything that comes close.

“Clank!” It was all useless after the sound of a lock clicking came about. The raging fire couldnt hurt Li Qiyes cauldron at all since the Heavenly Daos Primal Chapter had fortified the cauldron.

The branches of his tree of life swooped down towards the protruding belly. They gently patted it with their aura of life like the return of spring. Each gentle touch could melt snow. It was gentle and delicate with great vitality, calming down the restless lifeform inside. It was gradually becoming effective. The restless life calmed down and both the lightning and flames slowly dissipated.

At this time, Li Qiye was standing next to the corpse. Xiaoxiao, with her heart hanging on a thread, finally heaved a sigh of relief after seeing this scene. Even the treecorpses became relieved. They didnt attack Li Qiye since they knew what he was trying to do.

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