Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 644: Legendary Immortal Nectar

The students present exchanged glances at each other. These three were trying to trap Li Qiye without leaving him any room to back off.

Keep in mind that it was easier said than done to take some ten-dao leaves. Virtuous was talented, right? He could be considered one of the most brilliant geniuses in this generation but only managed to grab some nine-dao leaves.

Only one person in the annals of the academy was able to get ten-dao leaves, Nether Lunatic!

One of the most gifted and certainly the most arrogant student could only get the ones with ten dao. Meanwhile, Li Qiye was an unknown teacher.

Just reaching this level was hard enough, let alone grabbing thirty to fifty leaves. It was simply impossible with no chance of victory for Li Qiye.

A student from Emperor Mansion began: “Cmon, Teacher, open our eyes and show us your invincible style.”

Sinister intent hid behind the kind flattery. They wanted to push Li Qiye into the fire.

“Since when did the academy produce only idiots?” Li Qiye glanced at the group and shook his head: “Back during the generation of Mortal Reversion Ancient Gods group, they would instantly fight first then talk later for any disagreements. The students back then were experienced on the battlefield, but now, just a couple of brats clever in trivial matters.”

“Ten-dao leaves are completely pointless, too easy.” Li Qiye lacked interest in the bet.

“Youre stopping just like that, Teacher?” Freesky wouldnt let this go so easily. He sneered and said: “It shouldnt be hard for you at all, please do it, everyone is waiting to watch. Well be completely convinced once you do it.”

Li Qiye shook his head again: “The bet is too small, not interesting.”

“Teacher, you said you were up for it earlier, dont tell me you no longer dare?” Rumination seized the opportunity to insult Li Qiye.

“Teacher, if you wont do it, then you owe me an apology since you said you were accepting challenges earlier.” Freesky snorted. As the saying goes – strike while the iron is hot. There was no point in giving the guy any face right now.

“Only ten dao? No need for Teacher, even an old man like me can do it.” Jinsheng had enough of these gloating youths so he sneered.

If Jinsheng had the same temperament as back then, he would have erupted. Of course, he was able to control his emotions much better now. Nevertheless, he got enough of this charade so he stepped up for Li Qiye.

“Jinsheng, youre unwell right now and need to recuperate. No need for that, Suyao can easily do it.” Li Qiye waved his sleeve and said.

Suyao smiled back: “Young Noble, I would do it for you even if it wasnt for the bet since you said you wanted to drink tea before. However, ten-dao leaves are too impure, you probably wont like it. Only twelve-dao leaves will suit your taste.”

Li Qiye said: “Thats fine. A bunch of fools thinks that ten-dao leaves are unreachable, but tea made from them is only meant to wash my hands. Drinking that is too embarrassing.”

Such a domineering statement left the youths shocked since it was a slap to their face.

In their mind, it was amazing that they could grab the precious four-dao and five-dao leaves. But now, he even said that ten-dao leaves were worthless. It was akin to laughing straight at their face.

“Such a big tone, save it until you can grab some first.” Freesky couldnt handle it either and uttered coldly with a sneer.

“Teacher, then please go and grab a few twelve-dao leaves here then.” The young king burst out in laughter.

“Thats right, if ten-dao leaves arent good enough for you, Teacher, then grab the twelve-dao ones. Show us how its done.” Rumination jumped in.

The students here knew that according to the writings, no students have ever been able to grab these twelve-dao leaves. Perhaps some teachers have done so but this was never recorded. Thus, the best record belonged to Nether Lunatic at ten dao.

Everyone felt that this was impossible. Though they didnt know how talented Nether Lunatic was since he was from an older era, Virtuous was the best reference right now. He was one of the most talented but could only grab the nine-dao ones. Thus, they didnt believe Li Qiye could reach the twelve-dao leaves.

All eyes were on him, waiting for him to make a fool out of himself.

“Is it really impossible?” They started whispering among themselves.

“At least in the records, no one has done it before. I dont think this will change.” Someone answered.

These students felt that Li Qiye has overplayed his boasting card.

Li Qiye simply smiled and said: “Very well, I shall show you frogs how high the sky really is. Dont think that just because it is impossible for you that it is impossible for everyone else.”

“Behold, the one and only lord of all grand dao!” Li Qiye smiled and headed for the ridge.

“Boom!” The ocean-like dao and its runes drowned everything again.

In this split second, Li Qiyes eyes became resplendent as if wanting to break through the temporal limit.

“Just a minor dao.” He spread his palm and reigned over everything before closing once more. “Whoosh!” The entire dao path and its runes were instantly within his grasp.

Everyone felt that it was no longer a grand dao but more of a silk string now. This dao was virtually eternal but it seemed insignificant in his palm. Vast its power might be, now it was only something helpless fluttering in the wind.

Li Qiye went on and stood below the tea tree while casually looking at it.

“No way!” The youths were aghast and took one step back in astonishment.

No one has ever been able to cross through this grand dao before. Now, he was not only doing that but he had also taken in this particular grand dao!

“How is this happening…” The students stood there silly looking at him.

In their mind, just taking some leaves while being inside this grand dao was amazing enough. But now, he was standing before the tree which meant he could take whichever leaf he wanted.

“Too many fools in this world, how can they understand the mysteries?” Li Qiye flatly stated.

“Hmm, I guess this tea is ultimately not that bad.” He casually grabbed the twelve-dao leaves from the top of the tree.

The laws were especially golden and resplendent around these leaves; people couldnt help wanting to take a bite.

He left behind a small quantity before chuckling: “Alright, fine, Ill be nice and leave a bit for the old geezers so they cant complain.”

The crowd was still petrified. Some salivated while looking at the tea leaves and their brilliant glow.

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