Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 643: Dao Of The Ointmen

“Violent Teacher.” Freesky scowled and said: “Resorting to violence makes him unqualified as a teacher.”

“Shh, Brother, be careful, hes still a teacher.” Rumination hurriedly reminded.

The young lords eyes turned sharp with an oppressive and awe-inspiring aura. He uttered: “So what if hes a teacher? A teacher still cant do whatever they want at the academy. Hmph, if necessary, Ill report this to Teacher Qiheng and the older teachers. How can we allow someone to ruin the atmosphere of the academy?”

“Thats a good idea.” Six-sword praised.

Everyone knew that the young lord had connections with the teachers, especially Qiheng. With Qiheng as his backer, he had advantages unavailable to the other students.

Rumination also thought about complaining but his influence wasnt enough. The ancestors from his sect couldnt actually reprimand a teacher from the academy. In order to have a successful complaint, perhaps their Immortal Monarch would need to come out. However, a successor like him wasnt necessarily enough to beseech a monarch.

So now, they could see a new path after hearing Freesky because Young Monarch Qiheng had a pivotal position at the academy.

“Hmph, that Li guy is too arrogant, immediately beating Princess Ye after a minor quibble. We need to teach him a lesson.” Rumination continued his egging. As long as the three of them were on the same side, they would have enough clout to make things happen at the academy.

“I also want to meet him.” Freesky said coldly.

“Oh, is someone talking about me?” A lazy voice suddenly came about.

Everyone looked and saw Li Qiye slowly walking closer with Mei Suyao and Liu Jinsheng next to him.

His steps were natural and slow yet each move had an indescribable rhythm.

“Teacher.” One student shouted but didnt dare to use his nickname. No one wanted to follow Ye Miaoxues footsteps.

Rumination and Six-swords expression changed. They couldnt actually do anything to Li Qiye for now but if there was an opportunity, they would certainly have revenge!

Li Qiye glanced at the students and said: “Everyone is hanging out here? I think I heard my name earlier. Are you guys planning on how to beat me up? Perfect, Ive been itching recently so I welcome some challengers.”

The students had nothing to say. This was the first time they have met such an immoral teacher. This guy was something else completely.

Six-sword and Rumination only snorted but didnt dare to do anything.

“Feel free to speak whats on your mind instead of chattering behind my back. Im someone who is very reasonable and willing to listen to everyones idea.” Li Qiye didnt bother to scold the youth for their attitude.

The students glanced at each other and no one wanted to anger him. They turned towards Freesky, he was the only one who could afford to do so.

Before the anticipating gazes, Freesky had to step up since he had no other choices due to his comments previously.

He said: “We respect the teachers at the academy from the depth of our heart due to their effort and abilities. However, a few arent worthy of our respect and not qualified to be our teachers!”

The implication was clear – referring to the mulberry while cursing at the locust.

“Ah, I must be one of those teachers then.” Li Qiye didnt mind at all: “I dont desire respect either, plus, youre not qualified to be my student.”

“You!” Freeskys face turned red. Normally, a teacher wouldnt stoop so low to arguing with a student so they would ignore these sarcastic comments. However, Li Qiye directly admitted it and even struck back with a slap; the guy had no semblance of a proper teacher at all.

“Youre Freesky Young Lord, right?” Li Qiye looked at him and said: “If you want to challenge me, step up and declare it loudly, no need to beat around the bush. As a man, fight if you want to fight. Resorting to scheming is not the proper path. Directly taking down your enemies, thats how it should be.”

Freesky took a deep breath and put on a serious expression: “Stop lecturing me with grand principles, you need to be a good role model first before telling me what to do.”

Li Qiye chuckled and nodded seriously back: “Like I said earlier, youre not worthy of my instruction.”

Freeskys eyes turned cold: “Teacher, Im someone who is respectful to those above me, but if provocation is what you wish, I, Wang Xuanji, will entertain you.”

The young lord was bold enough to challenge Li Qiye right here and now. Other students were afraid of teachers but he had enough backing here at the academy to do so.

“Alright, how many moves do you think you will last against me?” Li Qiye was still carefree as ever.

Freesky was taken aback since he didnt expect the guy to agree so easily. He thought Li Qiye would avoid an improper duel unbefitting of his station for a while so that he could attack with words instead.

But now, the guy had agreed. Normally, a teacher had a professional bearing with great magnanimity, not stooping lower to deal with students. Li Qiye didnt follow these principles at all and it caught him off guard completely.

“There are many ways to duel, not just fighting.” Six-sword quietly reminded Freesky.

After all, a teacher at the academy was surely powerful. A one-totem High God like Freesky didnt necessarily have the advantage at all.

“Fighting or anything else is fine.” Freesky didnt give a damn. As the successor of his great sect, he was confident in challenging a two-totem or three-totem High God despite having only one. He still had powerful weapons and supreme merit laws.

“Lets go with a non-violent challenge.” Ruminations eyes flashed with an idea: “Cultivation is predicated on ones talents. The Grand Dao Tea is ahead of us and everyone knows that this is an aptitude test. Why not compete on that then?”

“Yes, yes, thats right.” Six-sword agreed as well: “Teacher, youre the most excellent in our academy with no equals in the world. Im sure that with your talents, plucking down these leaves is no big deal.”

“True.” Rumination felt the same way and immediately understood his good friends idea: “Youre a teacher at such a young age, Im sure even Young Monarch and Virtuous are no match for you. Take some of these leaves and teach Brother Freesky a lesson.”

The two of them were praising Li Qiye to no end but in reality, they were laying a trap for him.

Freesky understood this as well. Earlier, he was too arrogant and wanted to go all out and kill Li Qiye. But the truth was that there were many ways to kill Li Qiye. There was no need for him to take such a risky path.

“Please excuse my rudeness earlier.” Freesky finally joined in and bowed politely towards Li Qiye: “We just need a friendly competition at the academy, no need to involve the blades. Teacher, how about we compete with these tea leaves? Im quite incapable and only barely got a few eight-dao leaves. I think, with your talents and power, taking down thirty to fifty ten-dao leaves should be no problem. As long as you do that, I will immediately worship you and admit my inferiority. You will certainly be capable of doing so because these leaves are nothing before your prowess. We all very lucky today to be witnesses of your supreme method.”

These three were indeed good friends. Earlier, Rumination and Six-sword were laying a trap for Li Qiye. Now, Freesky was digging a pit as well. All three wanted to bury Li Qiye in this place.

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