Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 638: Destruction Of The Lie Clan

Many students gathered along the rolling hills, waiting for the tea garden to open since trespassing was impossible. Of course, where they were standing was only the entrance, not the garden itself.

“Rumble!” With loud explosions, two wooden paths appeared in the sky along with an engulfing mist covering the entire mountain range. Everything disappeared in the blink of an eye.

All the students quickly jumped on the paths and rode the wind just like immortals.

“The garden is opening!” They excitedly shouted, eager to start.

“Boom!” Peaks suddenly landed from above but they were relatively tiny, more like huge boulders.

“Fellow Students, get ready to enter. Fortunes or not depend on yourself, dont force it if it isnt meant to be.” An old man appeared among the mist – a teacher from the academy.

“Yes!” The students quickly picked a peak and jumped on top. In a short time, each peak had students above, usually in groups of three or five. They chose to go together because of strength in number, increasing their chance of success.

Even geniuses from Emperor Mansion and Sacred Institution got here now, such as Six-sword and Rumination.

These two leaders took two biggest peaks with many followers from their respective classrooms.

Rumination had many powerful geniuses with him; this was quite a formidable force. Though students from Hundred Halls were no match in comparison, they had the number advantage.

Because of this, the rest of the crowd stay far away from Rumination and Six-sword. They understood that the resources and benefits of this tea party will be taken by these two first. Others wouldnt want to compete against them.

Strange enough, Miao Chan was all alone on a small peak in a conspicuous corner. The mist nearly hid her completely.

“Sister, how about coming with us?” Six-sword quickly asked after seeing her.

In fact, he has been looking for her the entire time so he didnt waste any time.

“Thank you, Senior.” She shook her head and said: “Im only here for a look, not to search for fortunes, so I do not wish to disturb your plan.”

She understood him too well so she refused. He came from a prestigious clan with an eleven-totem High God so his nature was one of arrogance since youth. Someone like this would clearly oppose Li Qiye later – a suicidal path.

The young king was naturally unhappy to hear the refusal. It took quite a lot of effort for him to invite her to the tea party in the first place so he didnt expect her to back off right now.

The first thing that came on his mind was Li Qiye. He must have told her something or she wouldnt have abandoned the initial plan. Thus, he turned his gaze towards Li Qiye.

Li Qiye and his group of five were standing on another small peak. The king was even more annoyed to see him surrounded by beauties.

He had a hundred reasons to hate Li Qiye right now. Alas, there was nothing he could do since the guy was a teacher.

Rumination Godchild was also annoyed due to Li Qiye and Mei Suyaos intimacy. He also wanted to report to the academy that this guy wasnt acting like a teacher at all. It was unsightly and improper for one to be so close with his students. It would be a big offense for a teacher to be seducing his students.

“Alright, Young Friends, begin.” However, the old teacher interrupted his train of thoughts and declared.

“Boom!” All the peaks started flying forward just like ships. The students stood on top and let the peaks take them wherever.

“Ive ridden bulls, horses, and cranes before. This is my first time riding a mountain.” Goldloop smiled and said.

Yao Ting and Xinxue felt that this was refreshing too since it was their first time at tea garden.

“The peaks arent moving, you think youre actually riding one?” Jinsheng said: “The area is changing and giving you the illusion that these peaks are moving.”

“Theyre not?” Goldloop found this impossible.

“Its a monumental shift in this region like the changing of the stars, if you fall down from this peak right now, youll return to the academy. All you have been doing is standing in the same spot.” Jinsheng elaborated.

“You know so much about this place, have you been here before, Old Liu?” Xinxue asked curiously.

Jinsheng didnt answer him and continued staring forward with a strange expression before falling into deep contemplation.

Mei Suyao smiled at Li Qiye. She was different from Yao Ting and Goldloop and could sense that this old man was not normal, thanks to her all-seeing immortal bone.

Of course, she also knew that it didnt matter how good he was at hiding because it was useless before Li Qiye. There was no doubt that Li Qiye had agreed for the guy to hang around.

“Boom!” After the peaks traveled for a bit, everything suddenly stopped including the lingering mist.

Before them was an unreasonably gigantic tablet resembling an arm. There were two words engraved on it, “Tea Garden”. Below were numerous runes organized in an orderly fashion – a lengthy description.

These runes were beautifully carved. From the distance, they looked like little immortals flying around or little ethereal sparks.

“Young Friends, were here now. Come in.” The old teacher laughed and told the students before disappearing.

“Lets go!” The students applauded and rushed into the tea garden. No one wanted to be left behind so they seized the initiative to get the good stuff first.

No one took a second glance at the tablet since they were here for the fortunes in the garden. They didnt bother reading the runic text on it outside of a few people.

Some would pause and noticed that it was about the origin of the academy. They quickly lost interest because there was nothing special about it.

This wasnt the case for Xinxue. She took her time because she loved historical text the most. The rest of the group didnt share the same interest.

“So there was an abyss in this place during the creation of the academy… This wasnt written down at the library.” She became immersed.

“Keep speculating, if you can see through it, it will grant you great benefits.” Li Qiye gently patted her head and said: “After all, Immortal Emperor Fei isnt idle enough to write this description down for no reasons.”

“Immortal Emperor Fei wrote this?!” She was shocked after finding out that this was an imperial text.

“Indeed. This is about the origin of the academy, go on now.” Li Qiye chuckled: “As for the rest, well go inside.”

He didnt force the others who didnt care for history and went inside the garden with them. Meanwhile, Xinxue stood before the tablet, scrutinizing each word in order to understand them.

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