Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 637: Bloodsoul Worm

“Nothing special at all, but more than enough to beat you down without worrying about it.” Li Qiye retorted with a faint smirk.

“Die!” She had no other choice now since fierce words have been said and she needed to back it up without showing fear.

“Boom!” The weapon suppressed the entire area. Its imperial laws poured down like waterfalls with a crushing might.

Geniuses the students might be, they were still too young and their cultivation wasnt at the level capable of resisting the power of these imperial weapons. Thus, the majority of the crowd here felt their legs giving in.

“Childs play.” Li Qiye didnt bat an eye and reached for the weapon.

“Is he insane?!” The students were stupefied. No one would dare to touch a weapon with their bare hands; this was certainly suicidal and crazy.

“Boom!” Contrary to everyones expectation of him being crushed, he easily grabbed the weapon and it couldnt move at all. The imperial laws screamed and struggled to no avail.

“Impossible!” The crowd watched with silly eyes in disbelief. Just how heaven-defying was this power?

Next, Li Qiye unleashed a palm on Miaoxues chest and penetrated through it completely. Blood gushed everywhere.

She couldnt retaliate before a loud bang. He ruthlessly kicked her; who knows how many bones were broken in the process?

The girl fell down in her pool of quietly flowing blood. She was still alive but the grievous injuries left her immobile.

The stench of blood permeated to the tip of everyones nose and stimulated their senses.

Everything happened so fast from the start to finish. The weaker students didnt see Li Qiyes moves at all.

Though she wasnt the strongest student at the academy, having the imperial weapon allowed her to be among the top rankers. She might not be able to take on the Three Scions but was still much stronger than even members of Sacred Institution.

Alas, it only took one palm and one kick from Li Qiye to subdue her completely.

The crowd shuddered while looking at the bloodied and battered girl. Even Yao Ting was shocked.

Li Qiye gave her the impression that he was a gentle and calm man. This ruthless scene proved otherwise and truly shook her to the core.

The students here were familiar with blood but this merciless and successful attack that crippled a genius still caught them off guard.

Li Qiye threw the weapon back to Miaoxue as if it was trash: “Even a stronger weapon is still only a weapon.”

Now, he turned his sight at Ye Qiaoxiang. This prompted her to nearly drop helplessly on the ground.

“Take her back to heal.” Li Qiye ordered: “Since youre all students, Ill be sparing you today.”

Qiaoxiang was scared out of her mind and wouldnt dare to fart at this moment. His order sounded like the most merciful amnesty so she and some other students picked up Miaoxue and ran away.

He still went easy on Miaoxue and didnt leave behind any lasting damage. As long as she stayed in bed and recuperated for a while, she would be just fine. Plus, her sect could provide her with precious ointments and medicines so the recovery wouldnt be difficult.

After she was taken away, the other students still didnt dare to move. Six-sword Young King felt the same dread.

Though he believed that he was much stronger than Miaoxue, he lost all confidence after seeing Li Qiye in action earlier. There was no escaping if Li Qiye decided to teach him a lesson for the disrespect earlier.

“Im someone who doesnt mind being challenged. Dont worry that Im a teacher, if Im an eyesore, just come and take me on.” Li Qiye revealed a gentle smile at the crowd: “In fact, Ill even reward the challengers. Survive ten moves and I shall grant you a fortune; survive fifty moves and I will grant you a supreme creation; as for five hundred moves? Ill make you an Immortal Monarch.”

The smile became gentler and gentler along with his tone: “Of course, one must pay the price before getting something back in return, such as being crippled by me. Brace yourself mentally before challenging me, prepare for the pain before the gain, am I right, everyone?”

The students had no response. This was the first time they saw a teacher like this. Was he trying to encourage his students or just declaring war against all of them? Something like this might be unprecedented at the academy.

Meanwhile, Mei Suyao was the only one who was nonchalant. It was only the students who didnt know the type of existence they were facing.

“Alright, no need to worry about this, its in the past now. Go off and do whatever you want to do.” Li Qiye clapped his hands and told the petrified crowd.

The students ran as fast as they could after hearing this. Even Six-sword Young King left quietly, not daring to utter a single word before Li Qiye. He wasnt strong enough to take the teacher on, for now at least. Despite his annoyance or even hatred, he needed to keep it in.

Li Qiye smiled and left with Suyao and Yao Ting.

The event started quite a storm and many students found out. The other students looked at him with a different eye now. They excitedly talked about the beating; some even gave him the nickname, “Violent Teacher”. At this moment, he looked like a frightening dragon to them.

His three students from Study Room came to find him after hearing about the event.

“Teacher.” Ye Xinxue called for him in the distant and the group ran over. They were surprised to see Mei Suyao. Of course they knew about her.

“Fairy Mei.” Xinxue greeted with admiration shimmering in her pretty eyes.

“Fairy Mei, this girl is your fan ever since you joined the academy.” Goldloop added.

“Brother Wang…” Xinxue was embarrassed and glared at him.

Suyao smiled, as cool as always: “Little Sister, no need for that. Im just an ordinary person. If you work hard, one day, you can be standing at top and others will become your fans.”

Xinxue didnt expect for the famous Suyao to be so easy-going and nice. She assumed that Suyao would be imperious and unreachable. The comment resonated with her.

“Well said.” Li Qiye nodded: “The grand dao is long, just dont forget your goal and one day, you will soar above the nine firmaments. No need to admire anyone else then since you will be the star instead.”

Xinxue and Yao Ting pondered about the grand comment. Only Jinsheng was nonchalant about it.

“Teacher and Fairy Mei have lofty goals.” Goldloop scratched his head and laughed: “But Im not that ambitious. Its enough for me to stare at the apex while trying to rebuild my clan.”

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