Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 636: Mysterious Wooden Horse

Li Qiye gave the young king a relaxed smile: “Is that so? I actually want to see these rules then.”

The young kings eyes flashed with a murderous glint. Li Qiye has provoked him several times – a challenge to his authority at Hundred Halls.

“Good, very well, looks like our Hundred Halls always produce more and better talents in each generation. Princess Ye, no need for you to take action today. Leave it to me to sweep through the trash of my classroom.”

“So be it.” Ye Miaoxue replied: “Im sure as the leader of Hundred Halls, you can deliver justice to our Freesky disciple.”

“Brat, I wont bully you. You go first for three moves.” The young king arrogantly stepped up with both hands behind his back.

“Three moves? You will probably take him down in two.” Another student from Hundred Halls flattered.

“Young King, Young King, wait!” A student ran over right before the start of the climax and panicked.

“What?” The young king frowned at the rushing student.

The student whispered to the young king while stealing glances at Li Qiye in horror. The young kings expression darkened after hearing this and also stared at Li Qiye.

“Whats wrong, Young King?” Ye Miaoxue raised her brows after seeing the hesitating king.

The young kings color kept on changing with an embarrassed expression as if he had just swallowed a fly. He was at an impasse, not knowing what to do.

“Arent you going to uphold the rules of Hundred Hall?” Li Qiye looked at him and said.

“Uhh…” The king smiled wryly and said: ”Umm, Young Noble Li, no, Teacher Li, I didnt know you were a teacher from Study Room, this is a misunderstanding.”

So it turned out that after Li Qiye was hanging around with Miao Chan, the king immediately wanted to know his background so he sent followers for inquiry. Alas, he found out just now that Li Qiye was actually a teacher, not a student.

After the revelation, the students here immediately lowered their head; some even tumbled backward. They didnt want Li Qiye to remember their face. Most were ready to run already but couldnt until Li Qiye says something.

Remember, all teachers at the academy were extraordinary existences. Even the weakest ones were still powerful enough in order to qualify for the position.

Students in the academy could cause trouble and fight with each other. In fact, the academy even implicitly allowed for such a thing since competition and conflicts could lead to improvements. The students required experiences and struggles.

But this wasnt the case for the teachers. One would need to be quite mighty to challenge a teacher and ready to face the consequence. Unless you could defeat all the teachers, be ready for expulsion or even imprisonment!

Ultimately, the student body included geniuses from great powers, even imperial successors. If the academy didnt have absolute authority and anyone could just challenge it, then there was no point for its existence. Because of this, if someone wanted to be the leader, very well, they just needed to sweep through their peers. If they wanted to fight, they could even challenge the teachers.

However, relying on ones background to bully a teacher was absolutely taboo.

So now, when Ye Miaoxue and Six-swords groups were surrounding Li Qiye, a teacher from the academy, this became quite a big deal.

Li Qiye didnt need to do anything right now. If he were to report this to the academy, he could have his way. An easy interpretation would be the students challenging him, but if he decided to be harsh on them, he could say that they conspired to take down a teacher!

The latter would result in a grave punishment, if not immediate expulsion.

Miaoxue and Six-sword were in a better spot than the others. After all, they had a good background. Even in the case of expulsion, they could still learn and train later in other places.

This wasnt the case for the other students. They would lose all status at their own sects after being expelled. It might even be hard for them to live in Arrogance afterward.

Their sects sent them here not just for training and learning, but also to build relationships. Thus, this was a matter beyond their personal education. Returning in failure would not end well for them.

“Teacher…” An atmosphere of dread loomed over the crowd.

Li Qiye didnt really care for these paled students and said flatly: “Anyone else got something to say?”

These students didnt dare to respond and continued to hide their face, hoping that Li Qiye didnt know them well enough to name them later on.

The young king was in a tough spot. If he wanted to go hard, then he would need to fight against Li Qiye. of course, this required a massive amount of determination. Not many students in the entire academy would dare to challenge a teacher.

“And you?” Li Qiyes eyes fell into the indignant-looking Ye Miaoxue now.

“Yes! Even if youre a teacher, you cant just beat students as you please, thats a violation in teachers code of conduct!” She wasnt ready to let this go but couldnt also challenge Li Qiye directly so she chose a different path. Plus, giving up right now would be very damaging for her image as a noble princess.

“Is that so? I have none anyway.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

“You!” She was speechless since Li Qiye didnt play along with her accusation.

Most teachers cared about their image and upheld a certain guideline of morality and professionalism. This guy didnt give a damn at all so it ruined her follow-up.

“I, I will report this to the academy! A teacher nonchalantly bullies the students and hurt a female disciple from Freesky?! My sect will also let the academy hear about this!” She shouted in response.

She mustered courage out of nowhere to oppose him. All in all, she was still the daughter of an ancestor in Freesky. This particular monarch had a pivotal position in the sect so she rode his coattails there as well.

Normally, she was pampered and enjoyed the treatments befitting of a princess everywhere she went – even at the academy. Her imperious self could look down on anyone and was afraid of none. But now, this nameless teacher was taking her down a notch? There was no way she could swallow this anger.

She wasnt stupid either and realized that her personal reputation couldnt scare him. Thus, she involved her sect as well.

Ultimately, this was a sect with five emperors and her father was quite powerful. This was enough to slightly influence the academy.

Li Qiye laughed in response: “No problem, since Ill be in trouble anyway, let me show you how fun it is to not have a teachers code of conduct. You may start first so that you cant say I wont give you a chance a bit later.”

“You!” She staggered backward, aghast.

“Start.” His eyes turned cold with an unquestionable authority instilling chills down to the very spine.

“Boom!” She had no choice but to channel her vitality. The weapon of an Immortal Monarch appeared above her.

She was only a regional princess yet she still had an imperial weapon – this was indicative of how loved she was in the sect.

“An imperial weapon!” The students shuddered and wisely stepped back, aware of its power.

“Im, Im not afraid of you! My sect has five Immortal Monarchs! You think youre special just because youre a teacher here?!” She shouted back at Li Qiye, emboldened by the weapon.

1. Clarification, shes a regional princess but I felt like it wasnt necessary to include this in the translation for readability. For this context, I should have done so. There really isnt a direct translation for this, but in terms of English nobility, she would be the daughter of a Duke, not the King. In Chineses imperial government, she would be the daughter of the emperors brothers/sisters – his niece; she could also be the daughter of kings/high-ranked official or generals that have been granted the imperial last name Previous ChapterNext Chapte

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