Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 635: Longevity Frui

The group had both men and women with extraordinary presence; they clearly had a high upbringing.

One of the leaders was no stranger to the group – Six-sword Young King!

There was another familiar face to Li Qiye – Ye Qiaoxiang who got slapped flying by him.

She was standing obediently next to another girl. This one was dressed in a phoenix dress decorated with peacock feathers. Her sleeves had embroidered jades, resulting in a noble appearance. Her eyes fierce and oppressive, looking down on all.

The group was clearly hostile but after seeing Mei Suyao, the young king was stunned. Their aura weakened considerably.

“Fairy Mei?!” He didnt know what kind of charisma this brat had. First, Miao Chan was very obedient and now, he was talking together with Fairy Mei? How puzzling.

The girl next to Qiaoxiang was surprised too. Nevertheless, she maintained a firm stance: “Fairy Mei, we will apologize for bothering you in the future, but we have some personal grievances to settle right now. Please stand aside.”

The girl was relatively polite towards Mei Suyao. After all, this was a supreme genius from Emperor Mansion. She needed to give Suyao some face.

Suyao turned towards Li Qiye and chuckled since she could guess what was going on: “If thats the case, I wont interfere then.”

She smiled and got out of the way. Yao Ting was surprised by this, not knowing why the famous Suyao backed off. She thought that Suyao would try to persuade them and it would most likely be successful too, given Suyas status and power.

Little did Yao Ting know that the victims were going to be the other group! If she interfered right now, that group wouldnt know the fatal danger they were putting themselves in. In fact, they would be annoyed at her for being nosy.

Being a good person and gaining nothing but animosity? Suyao didnt wish to do such a thankless task.

The young king heaved a sigh of relief after this. The other girl also cupped her fist at Suyao: “Fairy Mei, lets meet up another day.”

She assumed that Suyao was feeling apprehensive about the power behind her.

Suyao only smiled and didnt wish to elaborate. No one could stop others from courting death.

Li Qiye smiled and looked at the students surrounding him: “Is there a problem?”

“Lady, its that slut who…” Ye Qiaoxiang pointed at Yao Ting and shouted.

“Pop!” Li Qiye interrupted her with a slap and sent her flying once more while spewing blood.

He was still exercising restraint or she would be dead already. Nevertheless, the attack was still too fast and no one could react in time to stop him.

The young king and the other girl were both afraid and furious after seeing this. Due to their status at the academy, no one would instantly beat their follower after a quick disagreement. Slapping Qiaoxiang was the same as slapping them! A declaration of war!

“Youre pushing it!” The furious young king unsheathed two divine swords with surging bloodthirst: “The academy isnt a place for you to do as you please!”

If this wasnt the academy, he would have killed Li Qiye already. Alas, prudence was necessary when inside the academy ground.

The girl also exuded her power with rage and stared down Li Qiye: “Junior, I dont care who you are, youre not leaving this place in peace! No one can protect you after you have angered I, Ye Miaoxue!”

“Such bold words, but Ive seen even bolder people than you before.” Li Qiye chuckled and said.

The young king took a deep breath to calm down. He was still the leader of Hundred Halls so he needed to act properly: “Fellow Student, you must not know Princess Ye? Opposing her is the same as opping Freesky Sect, not a wise move at all. I recommend for you to take a step back and just bow and apologize then Ill take care of it for you. Were still classmates, after all.”

The young king still didnt know that Li Qiye was a teacher and thought that he was from Hundred Halls. There werent that too many students in the upper classrooms so if Li Qiye were from there, he would have recognized the guy. There were more than ten thousand students at Hundred Halls. There was no way for him to know all of them.

The guy was ambitious indeed. He wanted to establish prestige in the academy so he wanted to use Li Qiye to show everyone the benefits of joining him.

Furthermore, killing was forbidden at the academy. Thus, Ye Miaoxue only wanted to punish the guy. He just needed to back off for a bit before jumping in to save Li Qiye. It was a good move that would strengthen his reputation.

This princess was very famous at the academy and many wanted to please her. Freesky had five emperors in Arrogance. No one was stronger than them outside of Ancient Repository and Mysterious Bamboo Mountain.

Miaoxue was also adored by its current successor, Freesky Young Lord, and the ancestors there. This was the reason why her maid was so arrogant.

After being slapped by Li Qiye, the maid immediately cried and told Miaoxue. Thus, Miaoxue wanted to let everyone know that if you want to beat a dog, you must look at its master first. Slapping her maid was the same as slapping her, so Miaoxue was here to get even.

“Bow and apologize?” Li Qiye chuckled: “All of you are the ones who need to do so before its too late. I am magnanimous and merciful so I will allow you to do so.”

The other two were shocked to hear this. The students that followed them glared angrily at Li Qiye as well.

“Princess, teach this arrogant brat a lesson!” One student shouted.

At the academy, no one would dare to offend the princess and her Senior Brother, Freesky Young Lord. Thus, these students wanted to flatter her or even help her kill Li Qiye.

However, they were still afraid of the academys rules. Killing another student was a grave matter so it was better to teach Li Qiye a lesson now then secretly kill him later.

“Ignorant fool, Ill break your bones today!” Miaoxue had a murderous glint in her eyes.

“Fellow Student, youre making it hard for me by purposely causing trouble and ruining the friendship between our classrooms. Thats not good for our Hundred Halls so Im afraid I just cant sit idly by and watch and must maintain orders.” The young king added.

He was ready to kill after seeing Li Qiye not giving a damn about him. This guy had no sense of propriety so it was time to make an example of him, so that the other students in Hundred Halls could also learn that it was unwise to provoke him!

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