Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 632: Alchemy Fowl

Having said that, he paused for a moment before speaking: “A smart person knows when to back off, and Im always nice to smart people. Thats my style.”

Miao Chan sighed in her mind, thinking that he would be the only one who could make the previous statement.

Many have certainly done so, killing those who oppose them. However, they wouldnt state it outright and rather maintained an air of righteousness and humaneness. Li Qiye didnt do so. He was arrogant and didnt care for anyone. Of course, this was predicated and built on his own capabilities and unstoppable power.

“Plus, Im showing you the way because you are from the nine worlds.” He continued: “The heroes from our nine worlds are all masters after coming to the tenth. Throughout the history of the thirteen continents, there are fewer Immortal Emperors, but all of them are certainly just as strong as the others! Though you arent one, your talents and intelligence are still impressive. If you are going to live in this land, then continue forward and do not shame the reputation and prestige of those before you!”

Miao Chan was stirred after hearing this. Her arrival here was a stroke of fortune and because she had nothing she would truly miss in the nine worlds. She came into a whole new world and wouldnt regret dying along the way.

However, after arriving, she was instantly attracted to this vast place. Under the guidance of her ancestor, she continued cultivating without thinking about reaching the apex.

But now, after listening to him, she suddenly had a new perspective in life – a new door has been opened.

She was smart enough to see the light and instantly experienced a transformative change. Her spirit became brighter and animated after having a new goal.

“Thank you, Young Noble. Your words are equivalent to ten years of searching for me.” She said.

It could be said that she wasted too much time on a romance during her youth. When Golden Crow Prince was ambitious, she simply revolved around him, helping him with planning and taking care of Heavenhoof.

After his death and the destruction of the sect, she fell into a depression for a long time. Though she had escaped the abyss, there was still a lingering uncomfortableness.

At this moment, Li Qiye had dispelled her issue, allowing her to see the bright world again.

“Keep at it, you are gifted enough to earn a position in the thirteen worlds. It wont be due to the protection of your ancestor, but because you are indeed capable of doing so.” Li Qiye nodded.

Miao Chan took a deep breath, not expecting that an enemy was showing her a new path after a moment of introspection.

“After hearing this, if I dont work hard now, I will be letting everyone down.” She bowed deeply towards him.

Li Qiye nodded and started to leave.

“Young Noble, Fairy Mei is also at the academy. The tea garden has opened and she has been cultivating under an immortal pine tree.” She told him quickly.

“That girl. Shes similar to you too, able to overcome an inner-demon.” He smiled and left.

Miao Chan personally sent him off all the way outside of the shrine.

Meanwhile, Six-sword Young King and the other geniuses were standing there waiting. Their expression wasnt friendly toward Li Qiye, especially the young king. There was a flash of murderous intent in his eyes.

He became even more annoyed after seeing the other two walk together with intimate gestures.

It was no secret that he had a crush on Miao Chan and he has been trying to court her as well. Alas, she remained courteous yet distant.

Nevertheless, he thought he still had a chance because she acted indifferent towards everyone. Moreover, who was more qualified in Hundred Halls than him? He could crush anyone else in terms of background, talents, and power.

But now, this man came out of nowhere and appeared to have a special relationship with Miao Chan. She even listened to him, something completely different than her previous attitude. It made the young king quite jealous.

Of course, he still didnt know that Li Qiye was a teacher at the academy. Who knows what would be running through his mind after finding out?

Li Qiye initially had no intention of finding Mei Suyao since he was very confident in her. After all, her talent spoke for itself. However, he looked towards the east and saw the purple clouds above. He smiled wryly and shook his head: “Sigh, the girl has left the mundane vanity but she still wants to compete.”

He headed over that direction where there was a high peak. It was still within the territory of the tea garden. On top was an immortal pine tree full of leaves and auspicious energy.

Rumor has it that many geniuses wanted to meditate beneath this tree. Of course, the most popular of them all were Harmony Immortal Monarchs. The couple used to study beneath this tree and thats when they started to have a crush on each other.

When studying the dao beneath, one could feel their mind clearing up and able to communicate with the heaven and earth.

Of course, not just anyone could handle it. Those with weak talents and dao heart would feel their soul leaving their body for a long time, unable to return for several years.

Because of this, ordinary students didnt dare to partake in this risky yet beneficial endeavor, leaving it to the geniuses only.

The top of this peak was quite vast and could easily accommodate two hundred or so people. There were more than one hundred students right now sitting on the ground to carefully listen.

They were from Sacred Institution and Emperor Mansion, meditating and discussing the dao. Only the strongest geniuses from the classrooms were available even though there was no ban in this event. Top members like Rumination Godchild truly put others to shame.

Because of this atmosphere, ordinary students found it even harder to participate. These geniuses would always spew out profound words, so the former crowd would only find embarrassment by coming here.

Mei Suyao was meditating beneath the tree with the sound of the dao coming from her mouth. When she chanted, the tree resonated by pouring down immortal energy and lifted her higher. She was already kingdom-toppling enough but the current scene made her even more transcending and irresistible. This was before mentioning the content of her speech. The students sitting there became immersed.

In the beginning, she wanted to learn under the tree during this tea party in order to comprehend certain dao she found recently. However, she didnt expect for these geniuses to join in as well.

Back in the nine worlds, she used to preach about the dao but she lost interest in this later. After coming to the tenth, she simply focused on cultivation.

However, these students all asked for her to preach so she wasnt in a position to say no. She decided to talk about the classic laws of the academy in such an amazing manner that all of them became drowned in a stupor.

The atmosphere was mystical as she went on since the tree seemed to enjoy it. It poured down thick strands of energy that floated around her.

“Incredible!” Thunderous applause came after she finished. Both the men and women here enthusiastically clapped and cheered.

Mei Suyao was indeed talented enough to convince all of these students. She was virtually number one in terms of looks and power. It wouldnt be an exaggeration to call her the prettiest jewel of the academy.

“Sister, your dao preach was amazing, probably on the same level as our teachers.” The older students sighed in admiration.

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