Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 631: Money Is One Thing I Dont Lack

Li Qiye gave no mind to the other people present. He came straight to the corner where Miao Chan was and grabbed her wrist then instantly sealed her pulse.

“What the hell?!” The young king instantly stood up with a cold glare.

“Who are you?! Dare to cause trouble here?!” The other students stood up and glared angrily.

Li Qiye still ignored them and only continued to gauge Miao Chan.

“I order you to let go right now or Ill cut your paw off!” The young king slowly unsheathed a divine sword from his back with murderous intent.

“Senior, please dont misunderstand. Young Noble Li is a good friend of mine.” Miao Chan, on the other hand, remained calm and immediately told the young king.

“Get out.” Li Qiye ordered without even looking at the group.

“You!” The young king was astounded. No one in Hundred Halls has dared to talk to him like this before so he said: “You better learn how to be polite if you want to stay at Hundred Halls.”

Miao Chan gently shook her head and told him: “Senior, may we have a private conversation for just a bit?”

Miao Chan was aware that Li Qiye was someone who destroyed countless Emperor Candidates with just one punch. This was an Immortal Emperor from the nine worlds! Thus, the young king was courting death by showing the slightest disrespect.

Though he was certainly annoyed, the young king had to agree to her request and said: “Ill let it go this time out of consideration for Sister Miao Chan. Do so again next time and Ill let you have it.”

With that, he snorted and came outside. His peers also quickly followed him, leaving behind only Li Qiye and Miao Chan.

Li Qiye sat down and glanced at her to say: “Immortal Emperor Jin She spent a lot of effort on you, unfortunately, it is not enough. If Immortal emperor Qilin was still around and worked with him, then this flaw wouldnt have appeared.”

“How do you know?!” Even her visionary self was shocked.

“No one knows this dao more than me. Jin She only has a weak understanding; Qilin was much better on this front.” He leisurely said.

Immortal Emperor Qilin was the progenitor of Heavenhoof Ravine and Immortal Emperor Jin She came about. Alas, Li Qiye has made this sect history.

Miao Chan regained her wits a while later and stared at Li Qiye: “How do you know about me, Young Noble Li?”

The two of them have never met before so he shouldnt have known about her existence. However, he recognized her right away.

“Yexue had talked about you back at Stone Medicine. To earn such praise from her shows that youre extraordinary in some ways.”

Miao Chan was aware that he was referring to Ming Yexue of Alchemy Kingdom.

“Fairy Ming is too kind.” Miao Chan gently sighed. She had to admit that the world was vast and unpredictable. She didnt know that there were thirteen continents above the nine worlds.

Though Li Qiye had killed her fiance and destroyed her sect, she was able to go to an even bigger world on top of seeing an emperor from their sect!

“You can report to Jin She that I have destroyed your sect. Hell make his own decision.” Li Qiye looked at her and said.

She spoke softly with different thoughts running through her mind: “The ancestor is aware and told me to never offend you.”

After arriving at the tenth world, she was lucky enough to see her ancestor, Immortal Emperor Jin She. Alas, the emperor didnt become angry after knowing about the destruction. He stood there quietly before eventually telling Miao Chan to never seek revenge or act disrespectfully. In fact, it would be best if she would perform a greeting gesture each time.

No one could swallow the anger of having their sect destroyed, especially Immortal Emperors, since this was truly offending them. However, the fact that the emperor told her not to seek revenge said everything.

She was smart enough to know that it wasnt so simple and that she couldnt be involved in this matter. Even her emperor had to back off, let alone the juniors.

“Very well, how did you come here?” Li Qiye asked.

“When you broke the barrier back then, the Scorpion God helped me up. Due to the blessings of the ancestors, I made it here to meet our Immortal Emperor.” Miao Chan knew that lying to him was a foolish idea so she told the truth.

“Scorpion God, huh.” Li Qiye remembered about the battle at Bian City back then. The first to run was this fella. He used to be a general under Immortal Emperor Jin She and was quite knowledgeable. The moment he noticed something was wrong, he ran so fast without caring about his status or reputation.

He continued on with a smile: “As the saying goes – a smart rabbit has three caves. Qilin and Jin She have left behind certain preparations and resources, no wonder why you could ascend. Quite lucky.”

“It is thanks to you.” She quietly said, very careful with her words.

Their Miao Clan still had enough resources and things left behind by the emperors. Thus, with the help of Scorpion God, she luckily was able to make it up here.

The thing she didnt expect was to meet Li Qiye in this boundless world. Fate was strange indeed.

Li Qiye said: “Though you have cultivated from the beginning and changed your dao, you are still from the nine worlds so your new dao is flawed. This is something Jin She doesnt quite grasp either so he probably didnt expect this situation. If you stay ordinary in the future, then it wont matter but if you reach the apex, this tiny flaw will be a fatal weakness.”

After she ascended, Immortal Emperor Jin She was pleased with her talents and gave her a dao that was unfortunately incomplete. He didnt have a full understanding of it because he didnt expect for a descendant of his to come here without being an emperor already.

Furthermore, he wasnt the creator of this dao and only got the methods from Immortal Emperor Qilin.

“The ancestor had talked about this before. He wanted me to come to the academy, perhaps I can find a way to mend this flaw.” She revealed the truth.

“It is indeed a good idea. If there is a place with an answer in the thirteen continents, it would certainly be the academy.” Li Qiye smiled.

This dao came from the academy. To be more exact, it came from him a very long time ago.

This was the reason why Dao Dragon Heaven Emperor said that he was the only one who had access to all the merit laws of both the nine and tenth world.

“However, the academy has numerous dao and laws. Its nothing that you can do in a few years, unless you have someone who can show you the way.” Li Qiye looked at her and said.

She naturally understood this logic and gently sighed. However, she came from the nine worlds. This wasnt something she could reveal to outsiders so she couldnt ask the teachers for help.

“Fine, fine, Ill just help you then.” Li Qiye said: “I have a method here, just take it and youll be fine.”

With that, he took out a scroll and began writing a cultivation law down then handed it to her.

Miao Chan accepted the scroll and stood there in a daze. Keep in mind that these methods were extremely precious and furthermore, the two of them were still arguably enemies.

Of course, she didnt think that he had done something to it because he could annihilate her with a flip of his palm. There was no need for scheming.

“Young Noble, why are you so kind to me?” She asked.

Li Qiye nonchalantly said: “Destroying the ravine is in the past now. In this world, obey me and live; oppose me and die, thats all. Im not one to hold grudges or Ill just be killing and killing, never having a single day of rest.”

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