Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 628: My Time Is Very Precious

“White Crane soaring.” Asura murmured with a sigh: “This glory belongs to you, Teacher, for working so hard behind the scene without enjoying any appreciation. From nine to the tenth world, numerous sacrifices and near-death experiences, and training all of us.”

“I know.” Li Qiye smiled: “I just wanted to help since I was born in this era. However, it is time for all of you to show yourselves after hiding for many generations. Reciprocation shall be had for all of your efforts, the heroes of the world.”

“We owe nothing to this world, only to you, Teacher.” Asura spoke softly.

“Dont. It is already good enough that you all dont curse me for being too crazy and strict back then with the training.” Li Qiye said with a smile.

“How can one see the rainbow without experiencing the rain and storm?” Asura smiled back.

“Yes, this will be a storm indeed, hopefully, well be able to see the rainbow afterward. The storm will wash away the filth and darkness in this world. Too many wise sages have paid, Jiao Heng, Min Ren, Purewood, all of them continued forward so we need to be their support. Future generations can be the defenders instead, but surely, were not running away because of the powerful enemies or the terrible darkness.” Li Qiye said slowly.

“Of course, Teacher. You have never given up on this world regardless of the changes and how the people treat you.” Asura agreed.

Li Qiye said: “Ill be leaving one day so you all will need to take up the mantle. It requires emperors and someone like World Emperor as the leader.”

“What a shame that he is not from our race.” Asura said with a tinge of regrets.

“Hes fine, though he wants my head more than anyone else, he does know right from wrong. Hes lucid and visionary. Perhaps one day, he wont be able to be in charge because behind him is a monstrous power, but Im sure hell stand up for whats right when the time calls for it. Hes not a petty person but rather, a natural born leader.” Li Qiye chuckled and said.

Others would find this comment unbelievable. The crow and World Emperor have been mortal enemies for generations. The former swept through the three races while the latter pursued him. But now, Li Qiye had such a high evaluation of him.

“Indeed.” Asura murmured.

Li Qiye continued: “The old geezer is among those whom I trust in this world. When Im gone, the snake will lose its head. You might need to fight with World Emperor later on!”

“I understand, Teacher.” Asura nodded. He was also a peak master and knew that World Emperor was a trustworthy person of noble character especially during times of turmoil.

The two of them talked for a long time, especially about the incoming disaster at the academy. They carefully planned for this bloody battle since it also involved the future of the hundred races.

For this group, they could afford to not have other imperial lineages but not the academy. The fall of the academy would result in the closing of a path for these cultivators.

Once, it had groomed numerous influential masters. Though the prosperity of the hundred races today was also due to the contribution of the great emperors but without the academy, the hundred races surely wouldnt be in its current position.

It planted the seeds on this land to give boundless potential in the future. Ultimately, a single tree alone couldnt build a pavilion.

Because of this, Li Qiye wouldnt hesitate to massacre emperors and their lineages when it was necessary to protect the academy.

After enough planning, he left Asuras mansion and returned to the academy.

“Buzz.” He appeared inside the small room again. The old servant was standing there with his head lowered, not a man of many words.

Li Qiye nodded at him before exiting the house.

“Creak.” The old servant closed the wooden doors and serenity returned to this inconspicuous house.

Li Qiye gave the place a glance with a smile on his face before leaving.

As he walked through Literature and saw the filled streets and excited students, he became slightly emotional. So many students in the past would have to come outside to face the troubles of the world. He used to be a teacher here and had sent students away.

“Dao Brother Li, wait, no, Teacher!” Li Qiye walked on the street and saw a familiar face. She was sitting by the window of a street-front restaurant and waved at him.

It was Yao Ting who was sitting there alone and seemed a bit lonely.

Li Qiye chuckled and entered the restaurant.

“Teacher.” She was a bit embarrassed because she was simply saying hi to an acquaintance but had forgotten about his status as a teacher.

Li Qiye saw her standing there awkwardly so he said: “Sit down.”

He sat down as well close to her. This made the atmosphere quite strange because she didnt know what to say.

“Teacher, I didnt know you were a teacher before so I, I have been disrespectful…” She eventually smiled wryly and said.

“No problem, I only came to the academy on a whim.” Li Qiye nodded and smiled.

She heaved a sigh of relief before calling for a waiter to get Li Qiye some tea. She personally prepared and poured one for him before sitting there in silence.

“Somethings on your mind?” He asked in a friendly tone.

“No, its nothing…” She jolted back into reality and quickly shook her head with a forced smile.

He naturally could see through this and said: “You could tell me, maybe I could help.”

He wouldnt give a damn about someone else but Yao Ting was different due to her origin.

“Its just a little thing, no need to trouble you, Teacher.” She shook her head again.

“Someone is bullying you? Ah, in the matter of romance, even.” Li Qiye guessed with a smile.

“…!” Yao Ting was shocked because Li Qiye was completely on point.

“Dont be surprised, Ive seen this common thing too many times.” Li Qiye said.

Yao Ting was pretty with great personalities so naturally, she was popular with the boys. However, there was one fatal flaw – she came from a tiny location so she had no backings, especially at the academy.

Just imagine, a talented and beautiful girl – popular with the boys – would naturally become the object of jealousy to the other girls.

Yao Ting didnt know what to say because she wasnt that close to Li Qiye. Moreover, she was a student and he was a teacher. It wasnt quite appropriate for a conversation.

“If it is only a small fight about love, then let it go.” Li Qiye said: “But if someone keeps on bullying you, then just tell me. No one will bully someone from the Yao Clan at this academy!”

She felt warmth after hearing this, akin to being protected by a big brother protecting his little sister.

She was all alone and traveled far to the academy to learn. There was no family here or someone she could rely on. This experience so far has not been entirely easy.

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