Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 626: Second Encounter With The Arrogant Girl

“Lets go.” Li Qiye said after the group was introduced to the statues and entered Literature Citadel.

The group calmed down and quickly followed him.

Literature was quite lively with people coming and going shoulder to shoulder. The mass was colorful with all types of people. Some were around here while the others came from everywhere under the sun.

Of course, the students from Hundred Halls, Sacred Institution, and Emperor Mansion were having the most fun. They came with their friends and enjoyed the trip.

A tea party was happening for several days now. Of course, it wasnt as simple as tasting tea and having small chats.

This was a chance for the different classrooms to get to know each other for better networking.

Naturally, there wouldnt be a lack of competition and bouts. The students could also sit down just to talk about the dao or impart some of their knowledge about cultivation. Alas, this was a much rarer occurrence.

Literature was large with roads open in all directions. Some students were happy to see each other while others glared with animosity.

After all, competition breeds aggression. A place for education like the academy was no exception. Many students had grievances with their peers in this place.

“Classmate Miao is over there!” A group yelled while Li Qiye was walking over with his students.

The students from Hundred Halls rushed towards the end of the road where a girl was walking alone. She dressed in a simple manner with no hint of arrogance. Nevertheless, the stars gathered wherever she went since she was a crane standing among chicken.

The students from Hundred Halls immediately surrounded her. There was no chance for her to keep a low profile.

“Classmate Miao, our Hundred Halls is relying on you for this tea party to fight against Sacred Institution and Emperor Mansion. Only you and Young King can do it.” In a short period, these “stars” claimed and shouted.

“Thats right, we all listen to you and Young King. The two of you together will definitely make this tea party brilliant, maybe even taking down the other classrooms.” Many others chimed in.

This girl was naturally Miao Chan, the favorite at Hundred Halls. She was beloved and enjoyed a grand status in this classroom.

Nevertheless, she remained humble and only answered casually without making any bombastic declaration.

“Thats Miao Chan over there.” Xinxue praised from the distant: “I heard she is as wise as the ocean with great vision. In this semester, our academy has three exceptional ladies, Miao Chan from Hundred Halls, Ye Miaoxue from Sacred Institution, and Mei Suyao from Emperor Mansion.”

“Ive seen Mei Suyao before. Her temperament is nearly comparable to Teacher Qianxuan.” Goldloop sighed and said.

When he brought up Yu Qianxuan, Xinxue stole a glance at Li Qiye. This teacher was strangely respectful towards Li Qiye previously.

Li Qiye only chuckled and also looked at Miao Chan. Though he didnt see her back in Stone Medicine, he had heard Ming Yexue brought her up.

She said that the most talented person in Stone Medicine was not the Golden Crow Prince or Ye Qingcheng, it was Miao Chan. Thus, he was a bit interested now that she was in the tenth world.

Though he had pierced multiple holes in the spatial wall when he ascended, it wasnt that easy to actually make it through the passage.

“Sister Miao, I finally caught up to you.” Loud footsteps resounded as a group of male students from Hundred Halls ran over.

They were spirited and imposing, adorned with either divine armors or treasures. All were gallant and exceptional, clearly either rich or part of the nobility from the great powers.

Furthermore, their leader was even more charismatic and handsome. He had six divine swords, all spewing out a different light. Those who knew about him naturally made way, afraid of his momentum.

“Young King is here.” Some female students enthusiastically rushed up with excitement in their eyes. They didnt try to hide their adoration at all.

This handsome student was also a famous person in Hundred Halls with no lack of fans. His name was Kong Yelin, also known as Six-Sword Young King.

“Young King, you and Classmate Miao Chan working together will sweep through the entire party.” People began flattering him.

“The Young King is here too? This tea party might be much more exciting than last year.” Xinxue said: “Thats the leader of the Hundred Halls, one of the Three Scions at our academy. If hes here, then maybe Freesky Young Lord and Godchild from Rumination will be here too.”

“Hmm, I heard that the Young King is the son of Nine-sword High God, is that true?” Goldloop asked curiously.

“Yes.” Xinxue nodded: “Virtuous was the one who brought him here to the academy, so hes a big deal.”

“Thats badass enough. The High God has eleven totems and is Virtuouss dao protector. Now that Virtuous is an Immortal Monarch who can have eight wills later, hell have quite a big backing behind him. Hes probably only here to build connections.” Goldloop believed.

Xinxue was completely right about his background. His talents were also amazing as one of the Three Scions, enough to join Sacred Institution or Emperor Mansion but he chose Hundred Halls instead. Eventually, he became the leader there and earned the students support.

“Sister Miao, there will be many experts at this party. Nevertheless, I will try my best to go first and hope that you will strategize for me.” The Young King came closer to Miao Chan and spoke quite intimately with no intention of hiding the adoration in his eyes.

“Senior, Im sure you already have cards up your sleeve. I will just be cheering on the sideline.” Miao Chan humbly said.

“No way, Ill be needing your advice then.” Being praised by Miao Chan left him elated and arching his chest out further.

Miao Chan smiled back and looked around them. However, she suddenly saw someone – a man who couldnt look more ordinary. He walked inconspicuously on the street and could disappear among the sea of pedestrians at any moment.

She was visibly shaken since she knew who he was!

She quickly breathed in and started to leave.

“Where are you going, Sister?” The Young King was surprised and hurriedly caught up.

“Please excuse me, I have just thought of something.” She answered without looking back and left in a hurry.

Li Qiye naturally saw this and only chuckled. Though he killed the Golden Crown Prince and destroyed Heavenhoof, as long as Miao Chan was smart, he didnt care about letting her live.

He took his group around for a stroll before telling them: “Keep walking around, Im going to go see someone.”

“Yes, Teacher, well wait for you at the tea garden.” Goldloop answered. None in the group dared to object.

Li Qiye told Jinsheng: “Watch them.”

Jinsheng could handle any trouble since he was no slouch. The old man nodded and continued to walk together with the other two.

Li Qiye went through the city and many streets before stopping at an old house. Its wooden doors were shut tightly with a knocking loop.

He went up and gently pulled it back for a knock.

“Ding, ding, ding!” The bell sound from this loop hitting the door was very pleasant.

Eventually, the doors opened, revealing an old servant. He wore a gray robe and didnt say anything after seeing Li Qiye, only nodding his head.

Li Qiye nodded back and followed him into the house. There was nothing inside but a regular dao platform. Li Qiye then climbed on it, step by step.

1. Ye Xinxue and Ye Miaoxue; the Ye are different characters. Ye for Xinxue means night while Ye for Miaoxue means leaf.

2. Is it just me or there is a whole bunch of Xue and Ye in this chapter? I just know Im going to get a name mixed up eventually Previous ChapterNext Chapte

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