Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 625: A Tongue As Sharp As A Blade

“Harmony Immortal Monarchs! I know of them, theyre a miracle from our hundred races!” Goldloop clapped his hands and said.

“Yes, according to the text, they graduated from our academy and married each other before shouldering the Heavens Wills together, four each, an enviable couple indeed.” She was excited while explaining since she loved the history of the emperors such as Harmony Monarchs. Because they were from the hundred races, there were a plethora of records about them.

She stole a glance at Li Qiye, blushed, afraid that she might have said something wrong due to a lack of confidence.

Li Qiye cheered her on: “Youre right. However, the proudest achievement for the two isnt that they became monarchs together and not four wills each either.”

“What did I miss?” She tilted her head and continued: “Ah, the text says that their greatest battle accomplishment was killing a Grand Emperor with eight wills. The two of them fought against this emperor before paying a great price to take him down.

“Thats impossible!” Goldloop was startled: “How could four-will emperors kill one with eight?”

Many understood that the power within the Heavens Will was incredible. For example, a four-will emperor was at a clear disadvantage against someone with more. This should be an uncrossable bridge for just about anyone.

Furthermore, two four-will emperors working together could perhaps stop a five-will emperor. As for someone with eight? Not even three four-will emperors could do anything about that, let alone two. The calculation behind the power of the Heavens Wills wasnt one of simple addition.

Thus, the tale of the two emperors seemed like a fabrication. Anyone with a trace of common sense would never accept it.

“This story is verified by several Immortal Monarchs, but, but I dont really know the details.” Xinxue became slightly agitated after Goldloop didnt believe her. She wasnt making it up, only recalling the text.

Of course, her verification ended in the books because a character as insignificant as an ant like her couldnt go up to the big shots of the hundred races and ask.

“That is the truth.” Jinsheng nodded and helped her out: “That battle was shocking. The husband-and-wife did kill the eight-will emperors but they nearly died themselves.”

“Thats what the text said, they were gravely injured.” Xinxue became more confident after finding an ally.

“Thats something else, so hard to believe. How did they do it?” Goldloop commented.

“Im not clear about that.” She looked over at Li Qiye with a hopeful stare. The text didnt go into the details of that battle.

Li Qiye chuckled after seeing her stare: “There are many reasons for the successful slaying. For example, the advantage of number; the mutual and implicit understanding between the pair so their combination attacks were flawless. Moreover, they were younger than the Grand Emperor. Just in terms of vitality alone, they could draw out the battle infinitely.”

He paused for a bit before concluding: “Of course, these arent the most important factors. The thing that decided the outcome was the supreme grand dao created by the two – a unique dao combining the sword and saber. When they fought together, there was a monstrous increase in battle power, not just two emperors working together.”

“The sword and saber are that powerful together?” Goldloop took a deep breath and said.

“Joint attacks are rare between emperors and predicated on their mutual understanding and harmonization. Normally, where are you going to find two monarchs who have similar power level on top of having the proper mental connection? Harmony Immortal Monarchs graduated the academy together so they were always side-by-side. There was a connection between them beyond the imagination of outsiders. Furthermore, their supreme grand dao was a fused one, combining two separate dao…”

“… Such a dao is exceedingly rare in history, could be praised as unique. This was what allowed them to take down a Grand Emperor with eight wills.” Li Qiye finished.

Goldloop was moved by the story while Xinxue happily cheered: “Teacher, you told the story so much better than me.”

Due to her limitation and lack of traveling, she didnt know the secrets privy only to the true masters. Thus, Li Qiye naturally knew more details than she did.

Goldloop eventually calmed down and looked at the two statues: “So because of that battle, the academy created these statues in order to memorialize their magnificent achievement?”

“You need to read more!” Jinsheng teased him after hearing this.

Xinxue also smiled and didnt bother refuting him.

“Old Liu, am I wrong here? Tell me why the academy erected their statues then.” Goldloop was unconvinced and glared at Jinsheng.

“Your stupidity will be your demise.” Jinsheng glared back and retorted.

Goldloop certainly didnt like the comment and gritted his teeth so Xinxue quickly mediated: “The statues are built not because of their magnificent achievements, but because they are our academys guardians.”

“Guardians?” Goldloop hasnt heard of this matter.

“Yes.” Xinxue nodded: “Harmony Immortal Monarchs remembered the source after drinking water and were grateful of the academys grooming. Thus, they agreed to return and protect the academy later on. Of course, they dont always stay here but when the academy needs them, they would answer any summon without questioning.”

“Thats awesome, knowing how to be grateful.” Goldloop gave a thumbs-up before bowing towards the statue and blabbering: “Your Majesties, this little one bows before you with reverence as boundless as the surging river….”

The words were exaggerated but they were also true. In fact, the academy had more than just these two monarchs as alumni. These emperors went on to establish their own imperial lineages and had their own dao system. Perhaps they would help the academy out in times of need, but they didnt treat the academys wellbeing as their responsibility like Harmony Immortal Monarchs.

Xinxue also bowed towards the statue after seeing Goldloop. Jinsheng only gave them a look.

In fact, many students who were entering Literature bowed at the two emperors as well.

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