Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 623: The Past Is Gone With The Wind

ey exchanged glances. Minxue was afraid so she lowered her head while Goldloop was only smiling. Jinsheng had to be the one speaking up.

“The semester has just started and there is a tea party at the Literature Citadel. We also want to join the fun, please give us permission, Teacher.” Jinsheng inquired.

“Calmness cant last for long.” Li Qiye chuckled: “Very well, cultivation and learning arent always done behind closed doors. Its fine to take a trip outside, plus, Im free anyway so Ill go with you three.”

“Really?!” Xinxue excitedly looked up and shouted but she felt that this was strange so she quickly lowered her head again.

“Lets go, itll be good. Lets show those geniuses from Emperor Mansion and Sacred Institution that we from Study Room arent just bookworms.” Li Qiye declared.

“Those two classrooms have countless geniuses. The most famous three among them should be much stronger than old students like us.” Goldloop scratched his head and said.

Xinxue, on the other hand, wasnt thinking too much. She only wanted to go out and have fun.

“Just geniuses, cant reach the apex. You just need to work hard and youll surpass those geniuses one day. Theyre not the only unbeatable ones in history.” Li Qiye nonchalantly said.

Of course, he was aiming this message at Xinxue and Goldloop. One was his student while the other was a descendant of a friend so Li Qiye wanted to take care of them.

Jinsheng was not like these two. He was already extremely powerful so those geniuses would be better off not provoking him.

Xinxue didnt say anything but she kept his words in mind. She always enjoyed memorizing and basking in his comments. They were as precious as gold to her.

Goldloop only laughed while rubbing his head.

“Lets go, I also want to see some people.” Li Qiye told the group.

In this vast academy were many grottos and individual schools taking up massive space. There were also multiple old cities.

Literature was one of these cities. It was located in the center of the five classrooms so there were always students hanging out.

Before reaching this city, one could see two gigantic statues by the entrance. When people got closer, they would find that the statues were unreasonably large.

They felt like ants and there was no way of seeing the head of the statues since it was surrounded by clouds. The statues looked like guardians protecting Literature.

Upon careful inspection, one would find that one statue was male and the other female. The man was heroic and powerful while the woman beautiful. The former propped his hands on a saber while the latter had a divine sword, ready to defend Literature whenever.

They didnt look to be expertly crafted but there was an aura surpassing the ages. No one dared to act arrogance before them.

“So large, who are they?” Goldloop murmured: “Are these the ancestors of the academy?”

Li Qiye gave them a quick glance and said: “Theyre Yang Zhenwei and Guo Xinyue.”

“Who?” Goldloop has never heard of these two names: “Which seniors are they?”

Xinxue who was versed in this subject responded: “They are Harmony Immortal Monarchs, the only husband-and-wife pairing among the emperors. These two graduated from our academy.”

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