Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 621: Recruiting Talents

Mountain without limits and ocean without a bottom surrounded by the resonative dao and laws.

Study Room was filled with mountains and great rivers, quite a magnificent and stirring spectacle. Only regular people would think that the books here were useless.

The more knowledgeable ones knew that there were secret manuals hidden here or unfathomable items. Only emperors could reach this particular domain.

One particular summit was filled with molten rocks. There werent a lot of foliage and trees here, only a steep cliff ahead. There was a big boulder there, coarse and hot. Touching it would result in a burn.

Li Qiye was sitting close by and stared at the boulder on top of this summit since early morning. Occasionally, he would take out the bag of skin for a closer inspection. From the touch alone, this was most likely human skin.

It came from Samsara Wild Ancestor as a last ditch effort to stay alive. Even the combination attack of twenty emperors didnt do anything to this heaven-defying item.

After a particular guess with this skin piece, Li Qiye decided to go to the academy.

It wasnt large and seemed to be a complete piece peeled out from someone or perhaps its owner decided to shed off this old shell.

In short, judging by the skin, the person wasnt that large. The texture and appearance themselves were normal just like any other person.

Many would never believe its defensive potential unless they were to see it for themselves.

Even emperors didnt know the origin of this skin. Even Li Qiye and Samsara only had a general idea. There were simply too many shocking secrets belonging to its origin.

Li Qiye and Samsara have taken a look through texts of the untraceable epochs and saw legends about it. They only mentioned it in passing, never in details. Perhaps no one in history had actually understood the mysteries of this skin.

“There are no immortals in this world, but surely some got close.” Li Qiye rubbed this skin piece draping over his knees and murmured.

Many have asked this unanswerable question – the existence of immortals.

Twelve-will emperors like World Emperor were apex existences. But regardless of their strength, they still werent immortals. Because of this, the world believed that none existed, only pseudo-immortals were around at best.

However, the appearance of this skin broke a few beliefs. Li Qiye had finally gotten concrete evidence of this particular legend. He fell into a deep rumination about something even more ancient.

“Perhaps there is still a way.” Li Qiye put away the skin and stared at the summit ahead again: “A world that doesnt exist… it is impossible but who truly knows?”

The summit was stealing all of his attention as if there was nothing more beautiful in this world.

The academy was built by Immortal Emperor Fei with Deep South Divine Emperor backing him up. During this period, Fei became much more important among his peers.

There were many locations he could have chosen for the academy in the thirteen continents, some were certainly auspicious grounds.

However, the two emperors eventually chose this place. It used to be desolate without a master so it took several generations of effort before the academy reached its present level.

Surely the emperors had their reasons for picking this place all over the other ones. Only top emperors were privy to the secrets of this choice. The weaker ones had no chance of knowing.

Of course, Li Qiye was aware of these secrets behind the academy. Nevertheless, he couldnt grasp them entirely. For example, this short summit ahead.

He had spent a generation pondering but could only see the surface. The ultimate profundity here was quite obscure and difficult to understand. However, the skin obtained from Samsara opened a door for him, allowing him to see from a different angle.

He recalled this particular place in the academy and came back to research it since it was related to the human skin. This particular epoch was full of enigmas.

In fact, many people didnt even know how long their own epoch has lasted for, let alone even older ones. Li Qiye was one of the capable ones so he took his time researching. He required these items and luck because the final battle wasnt so simple. Otherwise, someone would have done it already.

He sat there like a statue until the second day when Ye Xinxue came to find him. She found his action quite strange because there was nothing to look at here. She tried her best to analyze the summit to no avail.

Of course, if she could actually see something, then other top emperors would be put to shame. Nevertheless, she patiently waited next to him.

The sun rose and set and days passed by. Li Qiye finally woke up and trembled with rustling noise as dust and ashes fell off him.

“Its definitely possible…” Li Qiye murmured with a profound glare: “The old man also realized this back then, no wonder he told me about it.”

He took a deep breath about a new potential path: “Perhaps the time is changing. Someone possessing a heavenly treasure is quite rare already but there are more to come. Worldly affairs are so hard to predict.”

Li Qiye felt quite comfortable because he had harvested greatly just now by opening a new door. Many have tried to do so before to no avail.

He laughed loudly and clapped before standing up with joy.

“Teacher.” The girl who has been waiting walked up to him and bowed.

He withdrew his gaze from the summit and smiled at her: “You have made up your mind.”

She came mentally prepared without any hesitation. Though she was still nervous, she became much more determined.

“Youre right, Teacher.” She nodded: “I really ought to change instead of just hiding like a turtle in its shell.”

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