Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 620: Giant Bamboo Country

“Its a good method. Your clan could deteriorate at any moment or even destroyed, but the academy will always be here. He had carved his merit laws somewhere around here and only his descendants would be able to comprehend it. It is a good method to ensure that the inheritance will pass down. Wang Ao is quite smart.” Li Qiye smilingly said.

“Teacher, you know my ancestor?” Goldloop became curious. Perhaps this young teacher was actually an old monster.

Li Qiye waved his sleeve and said: “Go now, to the Gratitude Stone Forest. Its up to you whether you can pass your ancestors examination.”

After Goldloop came outside, Liu Jinsheng took his time before finally entering the main hall. He bowed towards Li Qiye before sitting down.

“I am here forGold Spleen and Jade Needle”. Jinsheng said after a brief silence.

“I know, you need it.” Li Qiye nonchalantly said: “What Im wondering is how a High God like you snuck into Study Room. Are the old geezers from the academy blind now? Whats going on”

Jinsheng was shaken and looked up with a flashing brilliance in his eyes. It quickly disappeared and he looked old again while coughing twice.

“If it was me, if anyone dares to scheme or pry on my territory, Ill subject him to a terrible death. Not to mention a powerful High God, I would personally put down an Ancient God for doing so.” Li Qiye chuckled.

Such a tyrannical declaration instilled a chill into Jinsheng. He became vigilant instantly.

He was indeed a powerful High God but he also knew his place. The academy was full of hidden masters and would have no problem actually killing him if it wanted to. This applied to an Immortal Emperor as well, if one wished to act arrogant and cause trouble in this place.

Its strength was a big reason why it continued to exist outside of political and social clout.

“If I wanted to kill you, you wouldnt be sitting here talking to me right now.” Li Qiye leisurely said.

Jinsheng took a deep breath and stopped being so alarmed because Li Qiye had no malicious intent towards him.

He stood up and bowed deeply again: “Excuse my ignorance. May I ask who you really are, Teacher?”

“Who I am does not matter.” Li Qiye said: “I just want you to behave while Im around. I dont care how strong you are but cause trouble and youll learn about a fate worse than death.”

Jinsheng used to be quite famous. With his old temper, he would have exploded right now instead of being silent.

“I am only here to recuperate and bear no ill-will towards the academy. I can make an oath right now if you dont believe me.” He bowed once more.

“Very well, I believe you for now.” Li Qiye nodded.

Jinsheng heaved a sigh of relief. He has never been afraid of anyone before and had even fought against emperors previously. Nevertheless, Li Qiye still exerted a considerable amount of pressure.

Despite the guys ordinary appearance and leisure demeanor, intuition told him that Li Qiye was very dangerous. When this guy revealed his fangs, he would be able to devour just about anyone.

This was the reason why he didnt want to face the guy directly. The sensation of danger was too great.

“Is there anything else, Teacher?” Everyone else would respectfully address him as “High God”, but now, he didnt dare to show any slight before Li Qiye.

“What is your opinion on the academy right now?” Li Qiye asked.

Jinsheng didnt expect this question. He pondered for a bit before answering truthfully: “Teacher, I believe Im not the only one hiding at the academy. Well, some are joining as students but as for whether they are here to learn, to socialize, or have some other goals, who knows?”

“That happens in every generation, but Im sure theres more.” Li Qiye calmly said.

Jinsheng continued: “Im not too clear on the academys current situation, but in my opinion, its not very ideal, something big will happen soon. Because of this, more are enrolling with eyes lurking in the shadows, including emperors. Danger is inevitable but well see if the academy will be able to make it through or not.”

“So many have been paying attention to the academy, hoping that it would fall. Not just the three races even, the hundred races have lineages wishing for this. Why? They want to share the pie on top of replacing its spot.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

“Right.” Jinsheng said with a tinge of emotion: “The academy is indeed a gigantic pie. Just its resources alone are tempting enough, let alone all of the things left behind by the emperors here.”

“In fact, some emperors and High Gods who are alumni of the academy want it to go down. Because they studied here, they knew just how rich it was along with things they truly covet.” Li Qiyes expression turned cold.

Jinsheng agreed: “The destruction of the academy can fatten other lineages. If they could gain enough out of it, the harvest could propel their sects to the next level.”

“And you? Do you want the academy to fall so that you can have a piece or the opposite?” Li Qiye looked at him and got to the point.

Jinsheng met his gaze and said seriously: “I do find the resources tempting but I do not wish for the academys demise. I dont care that it is the hope of the hundred races but I know when to be grateful and appreciative – when you drink water, remember the source. As a student of the academy, I want it to stand strong.”

The two maintained their inquisitive gaze in order to truly read each other. Jinsheng didnt flinch at all.

“Very good.” Li Qiye nodded: “It is best that other emperors and High Gods share this attitude as well. Greed will consume everything.”

“I hope that academy can handle this incoming disaster.” Jinsheng said.

Li Qiye calmly added: “There have been numerous disasters and tribulations in the past and the academy had surpassed them all. Everything will bear fruit – youll see when it comes.”

Jinsheng quietly nodded without prying any further. Of course, he was still confident in the academy due to its strong past. It wouldnt be so easy to take it down!

“Go now, dont go beyond your bounds as a student here.” Li Qiye waved his sleeve and said.

A powerful being like Jinsheng knew better than to be disrespectful at this moment. He bowed again and left.

“When you drink water, remember the source. Well put, out of consideration for this, the thing you are looking for is inside the Lion Hall. Try your best now.” Li Qiye called out as the man was walking away.

Jinsheng was jolted with excitement. He turned around and bowed deeply: “Thank you, Teacher. I will forever remember your kindness.”

Li Qiye waved his sleeve again and the old man left.

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