Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 55: Heavenly Cauldron 1

During their meal, the gate master repeatedly toasted for Li Qiye in a very respectful and polite manner.

Courtesy costs nothing. Today, in terms of status and position, the gate master was not qualified to sit together with Li Qiye. However, he had lowered himself completely so others couldnt criticize him for this.

Li Qiye took a small sip of wine and flatly said: “Gate master, speak whats on your mind.”

The gate master wryly smiled and rubbed his palms together while looking quite awkward. Eventually, he let it out: “Please dont laugh, Young Noble. If I pretend that there is no business, it would be too much of a farce. The truth is that I do have something to ask of you.”

“Go ahead.” Li Qiye didnt mind and chuckled since the gate masters intentions didnt elude his eyes.

The master mused for a bit before respectfully saying with caution: “This lowly one wishes… to ask you about what we have to do to change our current situation.”

He felt relieved after saying this because he had been thinking about it for the last several days and couldnt sleep. Nevertheless, he still had to try no matter what for the sake of the Undying Gate.

Li Qiye amusingly shook his head in response: “Gate master, you are asking the wrong person. I am only an outsider, you should be talking to the elders about this matter instead.”

“Of course I know that this is very abrupt and rude.” He sincerely said: “I dont wish for this to sound like flattery, but it seems that there is nothing you dont know. With the bearing of a celestial, Young Noble is an incredible person, so I wish to ask you about a strategy for revitalization.”

“A strategy for revitalization?” Li Qiye smiled while shaking his head: “There are countless strategists and heroes in this world. I might look down on the nine worlds, but the truth is that I rarely think about matters such as sect building. If you wish to revive your sect, you should try to find someone else.”

“Im afraid wisdom alone cant solve this issue.” The gate master forced a smile: “The overarching policy of the sect could be consulted with a strategist, but our lost items arent things they can deal with. Even the most insightful strategist cant reverse the tide…

“In my opinion, you are capable of showing us the right path. There are no outsiders here so Ill be frank. No one else knows our sects secrets except you. This means that you were sent by the heavens to be our benefactor. Please point us in the right direction and we shall forever support you.”

Having said that, the gate master prostrated on the ground with great reverence. There was no doubt that he came with the utmost sincerity in asking Li Qiye.

He had always wanted to revive the sect. However, this was easier said than done. In fact, many gate masters have tried across the generations, but they couldnt reverse the impossible situation.

For them, it wasnt only a problem of resources. More importantly, they had lost their root. It was just like Li Qiye had said, without the special worldly essence, revitalization was only wishful thinking. However, this was someone who revealed their sects biggest secret that had been hidden for many, many years. This made the gate master see a chance; perhaps Li Qiye would have the answer for them to rise again.

After thinking it through several times, the gate master finally decided to go and ask Li Qiye.

Li Qiye took another sip of wine while staring at the prostrating master before insipidly saying: “Rise, perhaps your Undying Gate still has a chance.”

“Please enlighten us, Young Noble.” The gate master was ecstatic and solemnly bowed his head nines times without the slightest pretense.

Afterward, he sat down respectfully and readied himself to listen to Li Qiyes golden advice.

Li Qiye began: “There is indeed a strategy for revitalization. Below this land is a supreme imperial foundation laid out by Immortal Emperor Bu Si. Even if your sect has fallen, just by using the old source and this foundation will allow it to survive.”

In the past, Immortal Emperor Bu Si had performed an incredible technique in this place and refined an imperial foundation at the Earth Vein below the Undying Gate, fusing the two into one. This required painstaking efforts for him since he wanted a long-term strategy. Perhaps the Undying Gate would usher his reborn self. This was precisely the reason why future enemies found it prohibitively difficult to completely annihilate the Undying Gate.

The master replied: “The problem is that we dont have that worldly energy anymore.”

“There is a solution to this.” Li Qiye shook his head: “Your emperor has branded the entire lineage in this place. Even though the descendants have messed it up, it is possible to start over to regain the special worldly energy.”

“What must we do?” The gate master didnt mind learning.

Li Qiye explained: “It is a step-by-step process to build such a basic foundation. In order to have the same worldly energy, you must reconnect to the entire Earth Vein with the foundation in order to create a new pathway for gestation.”

“That, that isnt something we can do.” The master revealed a wry smile. It wasnt so easy to reconnect the entire Earth Vein.

This was done by their progenitor. Not to mention their lack of power, even if they were strong enough, the mysteries left behind by their progenitor werent something juniors like them could understand.

“This is something I can actually guide you towards.” Li Qiye chuckled: “Go find a skeletal horse, one that gallops as fast as flight. It will be able to change the direction of your sect. Perhaps it will not only revitalize but even allow your sect to soar to the nine heavens and be as prosperous as the past.”

“Really?” The master was ecstatic: “A skeletal horse really has such a magical effect?”

“Sort of.” Li Qiye smiled: “However, success is still to be determined. This all depends on the fortune of your sect. We will have to see if your progenitors remnant blessing can still help all of you.”

This was the same as pouring cold water over the masters head. His earlier excitement has died down a little. Nevertheless, he now had a sliver of hope. Li Qiye has shown them the way.

“Thank you for your advice, the Undying Gate will never forget your kindness.” Ultimately, hope was still rekindled, so the gate master prostrated again and paid his respects once more.

Li Qiye faintly smiled at the masters sincere demeanor and said: “The whole skeletal horse thing is a long shot, there is still one more path.”

The master hurriedly asked: “May I ask what it is?”

Li Qiye was in a good mood as he replied: “There is a place worth venturing to. Outside of the Bonesea is Bones Island. Go there and look for their lord.”

The Undying Gate Master murmured: “Bones Island? The lord of Bones Island?” He had heard of the island, but this lord was completely new to him.

He smiled and pointed out the other path: “Yes, go find someone called Old Man Zhu and tell him that you want to see their lord. As for whether an audience will be granted and if the lord is willing to help you or not, that will depend on your own fortune.”

The master couldnt help but ask: “This Bones Lord can actually solve our problem?”

Li Qiye flatly replied: “Its possible. If were talking about who is the most suitable in this world to revitalize your sect, one would be your progenitor and the other, Lord Bones.”

Lord Bones and Immortal Emperor Bu Si shared the same origin. They once overcame trials and tribulations together and certainly, Bones was the one who understood Immortal Emperor Bu Si the most.

“However, you need to be mentally prepared.” Li Qiye grinned: “Either you will be able to earn his favor and bring about revitalization to your sect so that it can return to its past glory, or it will be a fatal disaster. If Bones doesnt like you, he will crush you to death with one hand.”

“At that time, dont blame me for not reminding you right now. You need to go while being mentally prepared to die. Dont die indignantly and then blame it all on me.” Li Qiye drank some more wine and smiled.

“My personal well-being is no reason for regret as long as it can bring about hope to the Undying Gate. In order to revive the sect, I can jump into boiling water and scorching fire without hesitation.” The gate master kowtowed again respectfully: “Thank you again, Young Noble. I am moved to tears from gratitude.”

Li Qiye nodded and accepted his grand gesture before lightly speaking: “Go now.”

The gate master bowed again and quietly left, not daring to disturb him any longer.

Li Qiye commented with a tinge of emotion: “Heaven Spirit… There are so many problems yet so many people still love this land and arent willing to leave and give up despite the peril.”

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