Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 614: Crimsonwolf Grass

“No.” Li Qiye flatly answered the inquisitive youth.

“If youre not a student there, then why are you going? Celestial is not a place for the idle.” Chensheng was antagonistic from the start so his attitude showed it.

Yao Ting was the opposite so she spoke up for Li Qiye: “Brother Li is a new student, wanting to learn in Study Room. Senior Yan, could he wait here for a bit while I go talk to the teacher, to see if the academy will be okay with it?”

She assumed that Li Qiye wanted to become a student here. Plus, Study Room had few students so the requirement should be fine. If she were to talk to a teacher, maybe he could actually join the academy.

“Sister, this isnt an enrolling semester, the academy wont take in anyone.” Chensheng became even more annoyed after seeing her enthusiasm and hurriedly replied: “If you bring random people here, it wont be good if something were to happen. In my opinion, he should just return from whence he came.”

Having said that, he posed as if ready to stop anyone from coming in.

Li Qiye ignored the aggressive reception and asked: “Is Miss Yu Qianxuan here?”

The youths expression changed after hearing this name. They all glared at Li Qiye.

Who was Qianxuan? This was the goddess in the male students dream. Her being from Archaic Repository indicated her nobility. Her supreme beauty was enough to steal the souls from spectators. Her unfathomable cultivation was enough to convince anyone of her worth.

Virtually, everyone knew her at the academy and even more adored her.

“Dao Brother Li, you know her?” Yao Ting was surprised because this name was too sonorous at the academy. In her eyes, Qianxuan was an unreachable goddess – someone she could only look up at.

“Just once before, so I want to see her now.” Li Qiye chuckled.

She was startled because of his nonchalant tone and gently tugged on his sleeve: “Dao Brother Li, Qianxuan is a teacher at our academy, not a student. Furthermore, her status is very high here, not just anyone can see her.”

She thought that Li Qiye misunderstood and didnt know of Qianxuans position.

“Ah, so its a fan of Teacher Qianxuan.” A student nearby sneered: “No wonder he traveled so far here to join Study Room, its to see her.”

This made the the other students explode in laughter.

“A frog wanting to eat a swan!” Chensheng snorted: “Take a look at yourself again, someone like you wants to see the teacher? Scram already.”

“Senior Yan, please dont say that.” Yao Ting quickly defended: “Dao Brother Li only wants to join Study Room without any other intent.”

“No other intent?” He grew increasingly frustrated as Yao Ting continued to defend Li Qiye: “Sister Ting, you are inexperienced and cant read people very well just yet. Some like to hide their wicked thoughts while doing evil deeds. You need to stay far away from people like that in order to avoid being hurt.”

Yao Ting viewed Li Qiye as a friend so she didnt take this comment very well at all. Her expression became stern, same with her voice: “You dont need to worry about me, Dao Brother Li isnt that type of person.”

Yao Ting normally smiled when speaking to others and was friendly with everyone. Because of this, Chensheng thought he had a good chance of courting her. But now, she was getting angry at him because of a random guy appearing out of nowhere? He became furious at Li Qiye.

“The academy doesnt admit random people; not just any dog or cat can enter.” His expression became cold as well: “Be smart and scram now!”

“And if I dont?” In the beginning, Li Qiye didnt really care for the youths attitude but now, his eyes flashed with a cold glint after being provoked multiple times.

“No?” A murderous intent appeared in Chenshengs eyes: “If you want to cause trouble, you will become the academys enemy!”

Regardless of right and wrong, he decided to frame Li Qiye first. Even if the teachers were to scold him later, he could say that Li Qiye caused trouble first and that he was only upholding the integrity of the academy.

“Senior Yan, you are out of line!” Yao Ting stood by Li Qiyes side and could watch no longer: “Dao Brother Li only wants to join Study Room, how is that causing trouble?! No need to accuse him of such a thing!”

Chensheng didnt expect such an aggressive response from Yao Ting. This made his complexion turn red.

“Sister, dont be fooled by this scoundrel and his flowery words.” The embarrassed youth immediately fought back: “If he really wants to join our academy, why didnt he do so at the beginning of enrollment? Who knows if he has some hidden agendas? Hes only using your kindness to enter the academy.”

“Hes right, Sister, dont be fooled by this outsider. Senior only wants whats best for you.” A few other students sided with Chensheng.

This was because Chensheng also came from a great power on top of being a genius. People wanted to be his friends due to his strong backing.

“Lying scum, daring to sneak into our academy? I will not let you go so easily. Get ready to be a cripple.” Chensheng wanted to strike first so he rolled up his sleeves, looking as if ready for blood.

“How impudent!” Pleasant this voice might be, it also had an unquestionable power to it.

A girl landed down from the sky just like a fairy. Orchids started to bloom just like the return of spring.

“Teacher Qianxuan.” Someone shouted at seeing this.

Qianxuans presence made hearts palpitate but no one dared to have impure thoughts.

Her sudden arrival stunned the crowd. They didnt expect for her to appear here since she was normally quite elusive.

“Teacher, this person wants to cause trouble!” Chensheng seized the initiative.

“Shut your mouth!” Her eyes became stern and sharp like a sword, instilling fear into others.

She loudly continued her scolding: “A frog under the well, ignorant and rude! Disrespectful to your superior! Be ready for a punishment or worse, expulsion!”

It wasnt easy for Qianxuan right now. Of course, the academy wanted someone of Li Qiyes level to visit so it agreed to his request right away.

Because he didnt want to be disturbed, the academy didnt carry out an official ceremony for his arrival. Instead, the receptions responsibility was on Qianxuan. She has been keeping an eye out but didnt expect for something like this to happen.

Her scolding naturally stunned the crowd, especially Yao Ting whose jaws nearly dropped to the ground. She stared at Li Qiye, speechless. In the beginning, she thought Li Qiye came to study, but now, it looked like he was actually a teacher.

“Young Noble Li is a newly appointed teacher at the academy. Hurry up and apologize.” Qianxuan sternly scolded.

Chensheng took a while before calming down. His expression darkened from being yelled at but he didnt dare to oppose Qianxuan: “Teacher, I… I was only keeping an eye out, he was sneaking…”

She simply glared at him. Her prestige frightened the youth and he stopped talking. All his peers felt their knees giving in.

He no longer dared to try anything else and unwillingly apologized with a bow: “My apology, Teacher.”

There was no sincerity, only fear towards Qianxuan. He wanted to get this done as fast as possible.

“Pop!” A resounding slap came from Li Qiye. He didnt even have the chance to dodge and was blown flying while spewing blood and several teeth.

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