Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 611: Teaching

The quiet academy became lively again due to the new semester with students coming back. Some imperial successors were coming as well. Their arrivals caused quite a stir. After all, they were quite generous and gave many good stuff to their classmates.

This was another reason for being here – making friends and establishing connections for their future.

“Buzz.” A pathway abruptly emerged in the sky with a youth walking on top.

He had an archaic yet free style – relaxed yet imposing; something akin to an immovable peak lying in nature.

“Gu Guo is back!” Someone shouted emotionally.

“South Emperor huh? Truly badass, I heard he had an adventure at an ominous ground.” A powerful student was convinced.

“I think hes about to graduate. A teacher says that he only need one year to do so. I dont think anyone else in the world can match his talents.” A female student was infatuated.

South Emperor Gu Guo, perhaps the most famous character at the academy right now, even exceeding an alumni named Virtuous!

Few knew of his background. Some believed he was from the Mysterious Bamboo Mountain, a sect with six emperors, while others said otherwise.

All in all, back in the last semester, he directly entered the Mortal School to be the only student there.

The academy was divided into five sections: Mortal School, Emperor Mansion, Sacred Institution, Hundred Halls, and Study Room.

Mortal School was the top class in the academy. There were generations when no one was qualified to enroll. Just one in each generation was amazing enough.

For example, Virtuous. He was quite an amazing fella with incredible talents and a unique bloodline. All of this was not enough for him to enroll in Mortal School.

Rumor has it that this classroom only trained potential top emperors and Ancient Gods so naturally, the requirements were stringent.

Whoever graduated from it would certainly have a wonderful future. One example was Six Dao Monarch.

Though the academy has never admitted this, everyone implicitly considered it as the truth. If one could enter Mortal School, their future accomplishments would be incredible even if they couldnt become an Ancient God or a top emperor. After graduating, joining these realms was only the beginning.

Thus, his admittance to Mortal School after joining the academy caused quite a stir. Even the retired schoolmaster personally came out to become Gu Guos teacher.

Of course, this incited some jealousy as well. Even Virtuous didnt receive this treatment and only learned at Emperor Mansion. Because of this, some speculated that Gu Guos achievements would be much greater than Virtuous.

After taking all of this into consideration, people accepted his self-proclaimed title as “South Emperor”.

In fact, this was a domineering and borderline unreasonable move. People wouldnt pick a title before becoming an emperor but Gu Guo still did it. Just how confident was he?!

Therefore, certain fans of Virtuous were antagonistic and jealous of Gu Guo. They were eager to see him make a fool out of himself.

It would be hilarious if he couldnt become an emperor or fail to match Virtuous later on.

By all means, Gu Guo was still very famous and adored. After all, his strength was unquestionable. No students could actually take him on; only the teachers were qualified to do so.

After arriving, Gu Guo didnt stop at the gate. He entered the academy and disappeared into the rolling hills inside.

“Senior Gu Guo will certainly become a twelve-will Immortal Monarch.” A beautiful female student watched him the whole time and said as if drunk with infatuation.

“Not necessarily because hes born in the wrong generation. We already have three emperors, the pressure is too much if he wants twelve wills.” A jealous male student responded.

These little conversations were everywhere about Gu Guo until the next arrival at a different gate.

A supreme beauty came about. She was inordinately blessed in external appearance and would attract all eyes. However, the most interesting thing was not her physical appearance but rather her transcending temperament.

She was untouched by flaws just like an immortal. Each of her gestures was enchanting and stirring, certainly not belonging to the mortal world.

“Sister Suyao!” The greeters cheered with excitement, especially the members of Emperor Mansion. The male students ran over to greet her.

“Sister, your arrival brings colors to our Emperor Mansion, weve been waiting for you.” One male student declared.

His feelings were as clear as day but he wasnt the only one. All the other youths were completely intoxicated.

She was another famous character in the last semester. What earned her fame was not just her beauty. She wasnt all looks and no brains.

It was certainly her frightening talents, allowing her to be accepted into Emperor Mansion instantly. Keep in mind that many imperial successors would need to pass multiple examinations before joining this classroom. Once again, people thought that her talents were higher than Virtuous.

She had a calm demeanor like the water in a well and only answered with a slight nod before entering the academy.

The students have grown used to her attitude. In the beginning, she had countless suitors – some were imperial successors from famous sects. There was no lack of geniuses in Emperor Mansion. Alas, no one could win her favor. She was friendly without any trace of arrogance but there was an invisible distance or barrier. No one could actually step in her world.

“I wonder who can capture Sister Suyaos heart?” A young female student said with anticipation while looking at Suyaos back.

Meanwhile, the males were in a stupor looking at her. No one has been lucky enough to successfully court her just yet.

“Click, click, click…” At another entrance was a stopped carriage. It was simple with an even simpler looking old man as the driver.

Nevertheless, eyes lit up when the woman inside stepped down.

In terms of appearance, she wasnt as supremely beautiful as Suyao. However, her noble and serene aura made up for that. Her elegance was relaxing and people couldnt help stealing a second glance.

“Sister Miao Chan!” The greeters and students smiled. They ran down to greet her.

“Sister Miao Chan, did you do well at the Mysterious Ravine during the break?” A student from Emperor Mansion started a conversation.

“Thank you, senior. I did quite well.” She slightly nodded – showing off her noble and graceful charm.

“I told my friends that given your wisdom, you would surely have a big harvest.” The senior laughed and said.

There were many friends circling around her. She joined last semester and had to pay a fee to enter Hundred Halls.

In the beginning, she didnt display amazing cultivation talents or tried to make friends. However, her insightful vision and expert planning made her well-known around the academy.

In fact, her friends in Hundred Halls voted her as the flower of their classroom. In general, she was welcomed at the academy.

In spite of this, she maintained a low-profile. Alas, this wasnt enough to hide her intelligence. Thus, whenever her peers had any questions, they would come to ask for her opinion and help.

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