Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 610: Madam Zi Yan

Li Qiye smiled after she left. Teaching at the academy was only a sudden whim to him though he did want to visit the academy.

He found this whole thing to be quite entertaining because the academy was worthy of remembrance. It was once a paradise though it has changed a bit.

He took his time walking through Arrogance to meet old friends and allies first. This was also a place full of unforgettable memories to him. He adored the entire nine worlds but Arrogance was a special place in the tenth.

This was once the main camp of the hundred races, and his as well. They once mobilized their armies from this place; the start of Emperor Hunt. Thus, there were too many memories here. Alas, Arrogance remained but his lovers and friends were gone.

Some started on the ultimate expeditions while others were gone with the wind. Of course, some preferred a reclusive life, never to show up again…

He inadvertently became disappointed since he couldnt say goodbye to some of them, not seeing them one last time. From now on, they were forever separated – people such as Qian Li and Qi Zhen. There was no returning for them.

He continued on in this manner, resting and seeing old friends, before heading for the academy.

Celestial, this name threatened Arrogance and all the continents. Virtually every cultivators in the world have heard of this place before.

One had to bring up someone when talking about the academy – Immortal Emperor Fei.

Back in his era, not to mention the racial injustice, Immortal Emperors had a hard time ascending to the tenth world. They were preys to the three races.

He came after Immortal Emperor Jiao Feng but strangely enough, he received quite a reception after arriving. He was an honored guest to many emperors from the three races.

The guy was the heavens favorite, born with exceptional talents. Even in a place full of prodigies and masters, he still overshadowed many of the other Grand Emperors.

This was the reason why he earned the respect of the three races. Back then, Deep South Divine Emperor, a tyrant in the thirteen continents, was very protective of him. The emperor even went as far as marrying his daughter – the prettiest of the three races – to Fei.

Keep in mind that Deep South was the fourth to have twelve wills. His status was comparable to Flame and Origin!

Thus, this propelled Immortal Emperor Feis status even more. Back then, this place was still named White, not Arrogance.

The hundred races didnt have a good time here but the emperor still established the Celestial Academy. This was the only sect in the thirteen continents where the hundred races were allowed to cultivate.

Before its inception, the hundred races also had other lineages. However, they werent officially recognized by the three races and suffered the occasional pressure.

This was not the case for Celestial. His wife offered the emperor a lot of support and planning. At the same time, Deep South also added his assistance.

All of this made the emperors recognize the Celestial Academy as a sect. It became the first one that could publicly recruit students from the hundred races.

From then on, the hundred races began to prosper and more and more citizens were born in White. Thus, this place could be viewed as a cradle for this group.

Fei wasnt as domineering as Jiao Heng and didnt antagonize and sweep through the three races then change the name of the continent to Arrogance. He was also not as patient as Immortal Emperor Wan Gu, hiding and biding his time for years before entering an agreement with the races for Pures independence.

Nevertheless, his achievements to his race were certainly not inferior to these two emperors. The academy started by him became a great foundation. It produced one expert after another. These experts would come out and fight for their people.

Thus, in Arrogance, people certainly remembered Jiao Heng but they didnt forget about Fei either. The most lamentable thing was that later on, Fei and Deep South started the third expedition. From then on, they disappeared from the world.

It was the start of a new semester so the academy became rowdy with excitement. The vacationing students or those who went back home were quickly returning.

The academy was massive with several entrances. All were lively and filled with people.

“Screech!” A young man on a crane landed outside an entrance.

“Youre back, Baihe. Your fellow students are waiting for you to take them on a journey.” A group of senior students was responsible for welcoming people back. One of them came up to Baihe with a smile.

“I found a group of spirit eagles this time on my trip to Cloud Mountain. Here, everyone can have one.” Baihe smiled back.

This surely pleased his peers, evident by their cheers.

“Roar!” The earth quaked outside of the gate. A gigantic beast ran over, towering at one hundred meters. It had a huge horn with great agility despite its enormous frame.

Another charismatic young man rode the beast. He had a hint of arrogance in his aura.

“Senior Chi Xi is back.” Another student responsible for registering newcomers laughed happily.

“Friends, I found a lot of Crimson Jades back in my clans mine, I brought some for everyone.” The beast slowed down before reaching the entrance in order to be respectful. The rider jumped down and told everyone.

“How generous of you, Senior.” The eyes of the students from his class lit up after hearing this.

The academy accepted students from everywhere as long as they possessed the right qualifications. Thus, the student body was very diverse.

Some students were ordinary mortals once; some were from smaller sects. Of course, there was no lack of students from the great powers and imperial lineages.

Even imperial successors came here to learn. Their sects merit laws were certainly amazing – too many to learn in one lifetime, even. Nevertheless, they were still lacking certain things compared to the academy.

This place had too many emperors participating once, such as Fei, Fei Yang, Qi Zhen, Tun Ri, Min Ren, Hao Hai…. These famous Immortal Emperors have all been here and taught their dao before.

As for the Immortal Monarchs – Six Dao, Yiye, Jilin… These top members of the hundred races have also visited the academy and taught here before.

Of course, legend has it that even Deep South from the Divine Race had famously taught here too.

In the thirteen continents, the academy might not have the most merit laws and treasures, but it definitely had the highest numbers of different methods for cultivation.

It wasnt the strongest clan or sect in the world, but it certainly produced the most talents and masters.

Its alumni were usually exceptional. After becoming god or emperor, some would come back and stay to teach at the academy for a short while. Some of them even chose to leave behind their merit laws and secret arts.

Due to the new waves of talents in every generation, the academy stood strong. This enticed imperial successors to come and learn. It was a good way for them to broaden their horizon.

Therefore, in each new semester, these imperial successors would come. This was quite a common occurrence so the students here got used to it by now.

1. Note, this senior here is from a student perspective, not an older person or master. It is similar to Senpai or Kouhai stuff in Japanese Previous ChapterNext Chapte

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