Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 608: Stone Medicine World

While Li Qiye and the old man were chatting about the world, the power of the heaven and earth gathered outside with the appearance of the Heavens Wills.

The cultivators in Arrogance were lost in a furor.

“Rumble!” With a resplendent and blinding light, the power of the wills crazily gathered and could suppress everything.

This power has alarmed numerous cultivators. All eyes were on this area.

“Boom!” Imperial hymns resonated with laws flying across the world and taking charge of the grand momentum. The aura of an Immortal Monarch engulfed everywhere and wouldnt disperse. This resembled the breaking of the chaos in the primordial time.

“A new Immortal Monarch has been born.” Even those who couldnt see it knew what was going on.

“Virtuous is now an Immortal Monarch with four wills!” This shocking news swept everywhere in Arrogance like a storm.

People were quite elated, especially the humans.

“Virtuous is the pride of our race.” Some considered it a great honor, especially the young ones who were a big fan of him.

“Our race does need someone like him to preside over the situation.” Even the older human experts were happy and had high hopes in him.

“Four wills at once, such rare and great talents. What a damn shame.” A human ancestor said sentimentally while clenching his fists: “If he wasnt ambushed by the heaveners, he could have been a twelve-will Immortal Monarch.”

“Hes still our pride even if hes not one. His outcome is due to his ambush on Jin Ge, thats why the heaveners got their revenge. His sacrifice is for the sake of the human race.” Another expert adored Virtuous.

Not everyone in Arrogance was surprised by this news since Virtuous was a top candidate among the human race to become a monarch.

Inside the small city, the old man and Li Qiye were alerted as well. They opened their eyes and peered through space to see the ascension area of Virtuous. They witnessed the entire process.

After finishing, Li Qiye only smiled since he has seen these ascensions too many times.

“No experts from the heaveners interfering this time. Looks like an agreement has been reached.” The old man said.

Without any interruption, the process went smoothly. Of course, there were emperors protecting him this time around but perhaps the peaceful occurrence had other reasons.

“I dont think a twelve-will emperor will come out in this generation.” The old man said with a tinge of emotion.

There were too few of them in history already. Now, the top two talents in Jin Ge and Virtuous have lost their chance as well. Perhaps this generation wouldnt be able to produce one.

“Everything is possible, a new one might just come out.” Li Qiye calmly smiled.

“Sacred Teacher, who then?” The old man became surprised because he knew that a character like Li Qiye wouldnt make a baseless statement.

This meant that there was someone in the thirteen continents that Li Qiye was bullish about. Remember, a youth viewed highly by Li Qiye was certainly exceptional.

“Its too early to say. When that day comes, Ill naturally announce it.” He chuckled again.

The old man nodded again without prying.

“Senior, may Qianxuan have an audience?” Suddenly, a clear and pleasant voice interrupted them. It was profound yet comfortable.

The old man sighed after hearing this.

“So many people are still watching you even if you hide in the mortal world. These top emperors are still interested.” Li Qiye smiled.

The old man smiled wryly back. He has seen too many emperors, including the top ones.

“Come in.” He said.

A moment later, a sweet fragrance blew by. It was a young girl whose presence lit up the room and gave it an orchid fragrance.

She was a looker indeed. With a white dress, she looked as if she had just gotten out of a painting. It was an ethereal and illusory appearance like an immortal. Just a single gesture was supreme. A real goddess couldnt top her. Her eyes were spirited and animated like the limpid autumn waters.

A transcending aura surrounded her as if she was not part of the worldly rhythm.

Just a frown or smile was enchanting but no one dared to have any impure thoughts. Just looking from afar was more than enough.

She was quite surprised to see Li Qiye sitting with the old man since it meant that they were on the same level.

Nevertheless, she quickly bowed and respectfully said: “Im here under the request of my senior.”

With that, she took out a letter. It was majestic and full of divinity, clearly belonging to someone incredible.

She also bowed at Li Qiye in a respectful manner despite not knowing his identity. This was definitely someone amazing too to be on the same level as the old man.

The old man accepted the letter and didnt open it just yet. He knew who it was from already.

“Im done here, time to leave.” Li Qiye chuckled and stood up.

The old man quickly stood up to see him away. Li Qiye gently pushed him down and said: “No need for that, well meet again.”

After leaving the courtyard, Li Qiye continued to walk around in this little city because the old man had reasons for picking this place as his dwelling.

The old man wasnt a top emperor and his amount of Heavens Will was quite pitiful. Nevertheless, he was considered one of the most amazing emperors. Even someone like World Emperor still called him a “sage”.

He was a miracle in the thirteen continents, reaching a balance with the heaven and earth. This allowed him to walk in this world unhindered by the Heavenly Execution. He could even live for an eternity.

This was the reason why so many top emperors visited him and asked him for pieces of advice. Ultimately, all of them wanted to avoid the execution but he was the only one capable of reaching the balance. He didnt take anything from nature; this wasnt the case for the others.

He walked in the mortal world and would change location and job in each era. For this particular one, he was a tofu maker. Such a normal job was pushed to the limit by the old man. It was a grand dao to him; he needed to keep trying to reach the very end of this path.

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