Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 607: Destruction Of The Ancestral Realm

The old man had no response to Li Qiyes pessimism. Keep in mind that World Emperor had twelve wills and even a True Immortal Armament.

No one actually knew how powerful he was, but if one had to pick the strongest emperor in the thirteen continents, he would certainly be in the conversation.

If someone of his level would become helpless in the future, just how terrifying was the darkness?

He eventually said: “Though I come from the divine race, bias aside, it is hard to find someone else in the three races that can compare to World Emperor. Thats why, Im confident that regardless of the assaulting darkness, World Emperor will hold onto his principles and work for the sake of the continents.”

He remained confident and spoke what was on his mind despite knowing that Li Qiye didnt get along with World Emperor.

“I hope so.” Li Qiye nodded without refuting.

“Sacred Teacher, what is your path? Do you wish to raise your banner to gather the emperors for the ultimate expedition? After the empresses went back then, there was a lack of result. The thirteen continents calmed down again and no one else brought the expedition up, not even World Emperor or Crimson Emperor.”

“Itll come, but not right now.” Li Qiye said while shaking his head: “It is a peerless and toughest war for anyone, I cant carelessly start it without enough preparation!”

There had only been six expeditions in this epoch. So many brilliant emperors and sages have started on this path, only to never be heard of again.

“Right.” The old man nodded: “After Immortal Emperor Qi Zhen started the call, all of the emperors started training before embarking.”

“Thats only training.” Li Qiye said: “In fact, the preparation time for an expedition exceeds your imagination. Qi Zhen already had this idea ever since Min Rens fifth one, not just on a whim. She still needed time back then for more preparation so Min Ren started his before her.”

The old man was aware of the difficulties despite not participating in one. Each emperor needed to pay a heavy price. It was a long war with no time for breaks along the way.

No one knew who started the first expedition, only that Origin Heaven Emperor initiated the second.

The second expedition coincided with the start of the emperors era. It wasnt as prosperous right now so he didnt get as many members joining in.

As for the third expedition by Immortal Emperor Fei and Deep South Divine Emperor, the three races were enjoying their golden age. This one was on a massive scale compared to the previous.

Then Immortal Emperor Gu Chun called for the fourth, this was indicative of the rise of the hundred races, establishing their position in the world.

As for the fifth one, it was now the golden age of the hundred races. Many emperors from both sides joined in; the racial barrier seemed to be gone.

The sixth one was a message to the world – that women werent inferior to men.

A long period separated each expedition, up to a dozen eras. In short, each expedition was very nerve-wracking, a busy time for the emperor wanting to start it from the first thought till the rising of the banner.

The old man continued: “Im sure you have prepared for a long time now, Sacred Teacher. If you can win, the darkness wont even be considered a threat to our epoch. What are you actually worried about? The difficult final battle or the well-being of our epoch, or something else?”

“Im not caring too much about the light or darkness, its just that this is my world.” Li Qiye said: “Im certain that in a few eras, the destruction will come. Many emperors can sense this and are preparing to face this problem. Before the destruction will be the darkness. I wont be here anymore so I can only leave behind a little reminder, a warning even. The actual protecting wont be done by me.”

The old man stopped inquiring. If Li Qiye were to leave one day, he certainly had his reasons. There must have been something even more important that he wanted to do.

As for the location, he didnt ask because it was beyond his level.

“Ill do my best if I can be useful regardless of the effectiveness and without any hesitation. Sacred Teacher, I know what I must do even if you didnt come to ask me.” The old man solemnly nodded.

“I know.” The old mans attitude was within his expectation.

The old man sighed and said: “This is the responsibility of emperors. The ascension is not only to grow stronger but to also be able to shoulder the responsibility that comes with greater power. Otherwise, those who have died along the way of our ascension would have all been in vain, friends or foes alike. They allowed the emperors to have experiences through blood; their bones paved the way towards the throne ladened with burdens. Without this responsibility, becoming an emperor would be quite meaningless.”

The old man was being very serious. Many must die along the way during a competition for the throne, not only the enemies but also friends and lovers. Thus, to avoid the responsibility was to let all of them down. For example, why did World Emperor always oppose the Dark Crow? He felt that he had a duty towards the Heaven Race.

“Not everyone can maintain their original wish, not even emperors.” Li Qiye asserted.

The old man didnt answer since he didnt wish to comment on his peers.

“Sacred Teacher, how do you think the darkness will assault us?” The old man said.

Li Qiye smiled coldly in response: “In our epoch, a few people have visited Samsara Wild Ancestor before for questions. Because there are vigilant watchmen, they havent harvested the eras like Samsara so they thought about going a step further, a complete harvest. But as for the method, I do not know. But one thing is for certain, the world wont just turn into a wildland and it wont be simple as Samsaras life harvest.”

The old man became quiet because Li Qiye has always been watching the people in this world. His speculation was certainly accurate so if they were to fail against the darkness, their epoch would become history.

The entire world was only a fat piece of meat in the eyes of those lurking in the shadow. The winter was coming, and the brown bears needed to eat a prey big enough to make it through.

This was the way of Samsara, harvesting the eras just to accumulate enough resources to survive the terrible ages and the destruction. Alas, this also trapped him inside his own epoch.

But for a few existences, just living was enough, even if it meant being inside a prison. They would pay any price without hesitation – including using the rest of the world as nutrition.

It was indeed hard for the emperors to remain staunch against the darkness.

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