Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 54: Yin Yang Sea Of Blood 2

After deciding to stay at the Crane Beak Peak, Li Qiye told Sima Yujian to stay here for cultivation.

Xiaoxiao asked Li Qiye: “Why are we staying here?”

Li Qiye responded with a faint smile: “Because we want to find the entrance that is located right here.”

“Really?” Xiaoxiao became spirited right away: “Where? Lets go right now.”

She looked around, wanting to find the entrance. She had been wanting to enter the other world of the Divine Tree Ridge since she wasnt aware of it before.

“If one could find it using the naked eye, then it wouldnt be your turn right now. Many people would have entered long ago.” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head: “It isnt that easy to enter. If it was before, I would need to spend a lot of effort and use many methods to do so. But now, its not the same. Just one or two days will be enough.”

He had visited that place in the past despite the difficulty. Even though he was the ruler of the nine worlds with a vast amount of resources, it still took everything he had.

But now, it was much easier for him despite still needing some time for preparation.

“Okay, well wait a bit then.” Xiaoxiao felt a bit dejected.

“Youre already being fed with a golden spoon, what more do you want?” Li Qiye pinched her cheek and smiled.

On the second day, he began by digging one large pit after another as if he wanted to plant some things.

Xiaoxiao woke up early and curiously asked after seeing the busy Li Qiye: “Ego King, what are you planting?”

Li Qiye laughed in response: “Im planting some beauties. This is a good season for them. Plant one today and tomorrow I can harvest a nice beauty tree.”

“Bah, pervert!” She voiced her disdain.

He continued to dig the pits. Of course, he wasnt planting seeds of beauties but rather some matchless runes. Each pit was also refined by him.

Xiaoxiao watched for a long time by his side but still couldnt see anything. Coming from the Golden Isle, she was well-educated throughout her youth. However, judging by these pits, she could only tell that this was part of a grand formation, its purpose eluded her.

In the end, she got bored and yawned: “Okay, you keep digging then, Ill go look at other places in the Undying Gate.” She ran off after saying this.

In the next few days, he continued digging and filling in these pits. Moreover, he did it by himself in a very serious manner.

Even if someone wanted to help him, they wouldnt be able to. This looked like a simple excavation, but there was a great mystery that relates to the grand momentum of the Divine Tree Ridge.

He was fastidious about the location of each pit, not allowing for the slightest mistake. Even the three great beings in Heaven Spirit wouldnt necessarily be able to enter the inner world. There were too many things involved.

Meanwhile, Xiaoxiao ran around the Undying Gate to play. She also wanted to see if she could find heaven-defying treasures here. On the other hand, Sima Yujian was working hard after obtaining Li Qiyes guidance. Not only was she meticulous, she also extremely strict with herself to an overly severe level.

Her talents were clear even if a bit inferior to her junior brother. However, they were countless times greater than the other geniuses. Nevertheless, she never showed the slightest sign of carelessness and worked harder than anyone else. This resulted in her present achievements.

While Li Qiye was busy digging and Yujian focused on training, Godhalt became lively again.

Although people, especially cultivators and alchemists, have always visited this continent due to its abundance of alchemy ingredients, it was a bit different in recent times. Many cultivators and even powerful lineages appeared continuously. The most deterring of them all was Meng Zhentian!

“Meng Zhentian has arrived at Godhalt and is visiting the Spirit Abyss.” This news quickly spread to the other locations in Heaven Spirit.

People found this visit quite surprising. They didnt know why he wanted to visit the abyss. For example, if he wanted to expand his own power, he could try to persuade one of Gu Chuns four branches. Strong as it might be, the abyss could only act unhindered at Godhalt.

“The Spirit Abyss Ancient Prince of Darkness personally came out to greet him. The two are discussing the dao right now.” Another piece of news came out while everyone was still confused.

This particular news was intentionally transmitted all over Heaven Spirit.

“The Prince of Darkness came into being?” Many big characters took deep breaths and sighed: “The times are always changing. The prince has been slumbering for so many years, yet he suddenly came out in this generation?”

A big shot knew the intricacies of this story and startlingly blurted: “Meng Zhentians reputation is quite something, he actually managed to move the prince.”

Someone who knew Meng Zhentians background said: “Theyre family, its not at all surprising that the Prince of Darkness came out.”

The abyss claimed to have the oldest bloodline among the charming spirits while many lineages denied this. The reason was very simple, the majority of these lineages didnt come from the abyss.

However, the Dream Empyrean was an exception. Legend states that its progenitor, Shen Mengtian, came from the abyss. After reaching the top, he left the abyss and created his own sect and named it the Dream Empyrean.

“The Prince of Darkness is a very ancient existence. Rumor has it that he has a very pure bloodline coursing through his veins.” An ancestor who knew of the princes background spoke with some horror.

It wasnt surprising to many big characters that the prince would come out. After all, the empyrean and the abyss were on the same side. Meng Zhentian wished to become emperor, so the prince might have come out to assist him.

These experts understood that Zhentian didnt ask the abyss for help in the past, but now, he personally came to visit and the dark prince came out. This was very interesting since he now considers Li Qiye to be his most powerful enemy.

An ancestor murmured: “Li Qiye is too heaven-defying. Even an existence like Zhentian, who can call an emperor a brother, has to look for help!”

Zhentians arrival made Godhalt quite lively. Another piece of news came about right after: the Roaring Conch has also come to Godhalt. The Seashield Prince personally brought many ancestors along to the Spirit Abyss.

After hearing this news, people wondered: “Does the conch want to team up with Zhentian too?”

“Not necessarily.” Someone else thought differently: “Anyone would visit the abyss and ask for help to eliminate the suppression of the continent.”

There were even rumors about Li Qiye being present at Godhalt. This news alone stirred the entire continent as if a storm was approaching.

For the last several days, Li Qiye had been digging holes during the day and teaching Yujian cultivation at night. She didnt disappoint him either. Not only was she fast, she was also extremely perceptive. Just a little pointer from him was enough for her to comprehend the rest.

He was very satisfied with her situation since it proved that he read people correctly. She was indeed a good seed and suitable for the Godslaying Dao.

Yujian was horrified during the training sessions because Li Qiyes understanding of the Godslaying Dao far exceeded that of her master. He actually knew a few secret arts that her master didnt. It was simply inconceivable.

If she wasnt certain that her sect didnt have someone as famous as him, she would wonder if he was actually an invincible ancestor. Of course, she didnt know that he was the creator of her dao as well as the night corps. Who could be more well-versed in this dao than him?

After reading her sea of memories, Li Qiye had regained his own memory of the Godslaying Dao. Thus, it was no problem for him to teach her.

On this day, Li Qiye finally finished his digging. The Undying Gate Master came to visit again with good wine and fine dishes.

“Please excuse this lowly one for not showing my full hospitality, Young Noble Li.” The gate master personally poured a full cup for Li Qiye and apologized: “I brought some simple dishes and wine here to show our goodwill.”

Li Qiye only smiled and finished the cup without saying anything after seeing the gate masters enthusiasm.

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