Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 604: Heaven Outcast True God

The lass slightly bent down while looking at the kids wishful stare: “Wait until youre done learning these mantras before learning how to fly. Its just like learning how to run, you must walk first.”

“Oh, I see.” The kid nodded as if he understood before shouting and running back home.

After all the children went home, the lass finally stood up and stared at Li Qiye by the village entrance. Her expression was one of prudence as she walked closer towards him.

In fact, an outsider like him had caught her attention in the very beginning.

He simply smiled and crossed through the stream to meet up with her with a nonchalant attitude.

“May I ask where you are from and your destination, Dao Brother?” She cupped her fist and asked in a natural and polite manner.

In a hundred miles radius of Yao was devoid of any other village. This was her home and she rarely saw outsiders due to the remoteness of the area.

She was someone who had seen big shots before and immediately knew that Li Qiye was a cultivator. She was rightfully careful because Yao was only a small village in the mortal world but a cultivator has just arrived.

“Just a passerby crossing through this place.” Li Qiye was also carefree.

“My name is Yao Ting, what about you, Dao Brother?” She asked.

“Li Qiye.” He answered while walking into the village. Yao Ting also hurriedly accompanied him.

It was more accurate to say that she was keeping an eye on him. It was one thing if he was a mortal, but this was a cultivator. Nevertheless, Yao being a tiny village with nothing worthwhile did calm her down a bit. There was nothing here for outsiders to covet.

“Who taught you your Emperors Art?” He casually asked.

“A teacher from the Celestial Academy.” She answered while keeping it vague.

Of course, she wasnt surprised that he knew about it because many cultivators have heard of it before.

This was one of the three great arts that were widely spread. Even mortals knew about it.

However, any cultivator in Arrogance would shudder after hearing the name of the academy and be filled with reverence. Celestial was quite famous in Arrogance and the rest of the world.

She was very attentive watching his expression and saw zero changes. This scared her due to the implication within.

“The instruction is too general, not reaching the fundamental essences of the art.” Li Qiye commented.

Her heart sank after hearing this while her breathing slowed down. If an outsider were to hear this, they would definitely think that he didnt know the immensity of the heaven and earth.

Celestial was the most powerful academy in the world. One would be hard pressed to find another similar place.

Immortal Emperor Fei created it and laid down enough foundation to make it special. Even Deep South Divine Emperor, a being with twelve wills, came to celebrate its founding.

No one dared to cause trouble on that day; this was indicative of its strong foundation for ages to come. Later on, many emperors and High Gods came as guests.

For cultivators, especially the one with a humble beginning, being admitted to the academy was a supreme glory. As for the teachers there? Not one of them was weak.

But now, Li Qiye dared to critique the teachings of one? People would think that he was crazy and arrogant from being disrespectful.

Yao Ting didnt become angry and pondered the possibilities instead.

Their stroll attracted the attention of many villagers since he was an outsider after all. Nevertheless, Yao Tings presence made them at ease.

She was their pride. Even though they didnt fully understand the height of the academy, they knew that being accepted was an honorable accomplishment. Because of her success, the royal lord of this country gave this territory to their village, allowing them to prosper even more.

Near the entrance was a small and old shrine surrounded by weeds. The wooden doors were tightly shut and creaking because of the wind. Nevertheless, it performed its duty and guarded the shrine.

Li Qiye stood silently in front and stared at the shrine.

Yao Ting was quite surprised because as she grew up, the shrine has been here the whole time. There was nothing unique and special about it. Thus, his action piqued her curiosity. She has never seen anyone opening this shrine before.

“Whats special about this shrine?” She checked his intention.

“I dont know, just looking, thats all.” Li Qiye chuckled and answered right away.

She didnt believe him at all. An outsider appearing out of nowhere and staring at an inconspicuous shrine?

“Ever since I was young, no one has open the shrine before. We villagers dont know whats inside.” She continued her test.

“Not knowing is a good thing, a type of happiness.” He said.

She didnt get anything out of him, unable to figure out the next course of action.

“How did you enter the academy?” He finally withdrew his gaze and asked with an insipid tone.

She didnt hide anything: “When I was young, Teacher came by and saw that I had a strong Dao affinity, suitable for cultivation, so Teacher took be back to learn at the academy.”

A while passed before he answered: “The world is an unavoidable and unchanging cycle, people will come and go, return and leave.”

She had no idea what he was talking about.

He didnt say anything else and only gave another glance at the shrine before leaving.

She followed him and eventually asked: “Dao Brother, would you like to visit my humble abode for a bit?”

She still wished to understand his intention in coming here.

“No need, well meet again if its meant to be.” Li Qiye smiled and refused her invitation before continuing forward.

Her goal was supervising him in order to avoid unnecessary trouble and he certainly knew this. After a long walk, he told her: “Cant see me off forever. Dont worry, I dont bear any ill-will towards your village.”

She continued to watch from a high vantage point and finally heaved a sigh of relief after he was gone completely.

In the next several days, she remained cautious and watched the entire village. Nothing happened so she assumed that he had left.

This meeting made her very curious about the tiny shrine unlike before. There must have been a reason for his arrival, so she wanted to find out what was inside.

She went to ask everyone in the village, but even the oldest grandpa knew nothing about it, only that the shrine has been there ever since they were born.

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