Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 602: Five Fiend Lords

Immortal Emperor Ming Du finally left, leaving Li Qiye alone in this empty world.

He finally left as well but not before leaving a wistful remark: “Goodbye, Samsara. You are right, the darkness will never be extinguished by anybody, but dont forget, the light is also eternal. goodbye to you too, Saint. May your wish become true.” With this, he turned and left the altar.

All eyes were on him, full of reverence. Not a single loud breath could be heard.

After seeing the departure of one emperor after another, all the spectators outside the wildland were trembling.

Though the regular experts werent strong enough to witness the battle, they were aware that emperors from all the races were involved.

In this world, who had enough reputation to invite twenty emperors? Though the cultivators didnt know who Li Qiye was, the event today was indicative of his influence. This was a supreme overlord, one respected by the emperors.

This was more than enough. No one dared to pry or talk about Li Qiyes real identity. All in all, a few High Gods and old ancestors have heard of a few legends or listened to their emperors. This allowed them to have a good guess about his identity.

Of course, they wouldnt talk about it because this was a taboo subject. Only people at a certain level were allowed to touch on this matter. They didnt question his terrifying abilities either. Needless to talk about a past event like Emperor Hunt, just what had happened today was more than enough.

How many in this world would dare to challenge a dark overlord? But this secretive being had actually flattened one of them. The world should tremble before his might!

Because of this, these people didnt wish to incite a sect-destroying disaster from running their mouth. It could even bring trouble to their entire race, so the powerful High Gods remained cautious.

Samsara Wild Ancestor and Saint have disappeared along the river of time so the curtains of the wildland closed with them. Saint failed to save the epoch while Samsara failed to overcome the darkness.

When Li Qiye returned to Eternal, everyone was kneeling in silence including the guests and workers.

Some were even shuddering, especially the experts that have commented on Li Qiye before. They were drenched with sweat and scared out of their mind.

If Li Qiye wanted their lives, he wouldnt even need to lift a finger. Just one word from him and people would be more than happy to aid him.

“Rise.” Li Qiye waved his sleeve and returned to his peak.

Jilin Princess and the others were standing inside but they couldnt speak at all, even the princess who had spent so much time with him. Plenty of words but they all eluded her.

“The future will require all of you, keep on cultivating.” Li Qiye patted her soft hair and said: “You have boundless potential but you need to be the one elevating yourself.”

“Ill carve your words into my mind, Young Noble.” The princess said, realizing that Li Qiye wanted to leave.

Ultimately, they were not from the same world. His world was too vast and she could only look up at him, at least for now.

“The Jilin Clan has produced a great talent.” Li Qiye nodded approvingly and smiled.

“Will I see you again?” The princess still asked despite knowing the answer due to the gap between their abilities.

“If it is meant to be.” Li Qiye chuckled: “The path is long, just follow your heart and see how far you can go. The future is full of possibilities, so you may be able to obtain your goal.”

“I see.” The princess nodded with a newfound determination in her heart.

As for Shi Hunlin, he simply bowed deeply. Meeting someone like Li Qiye was a supreme honor and fortune.

Even the carefree Wu Qi felt his knees being weak due to his previous conversations with the guy that he deemed to be rude. He even called him brother, but his ancestors – the emperors from Dragon Citadel – still took the role of juniors.

It was a great disrespect so if his ancestors were to find out, a strict punishment was awaiting him. Thats why his scalp was tingling while imagining the potential future and rough lessons.

“Hey!” As Li Qiye was about to leave, the quiet Wu Fengying shouted.

“Once again, my name is Li Qiye, not hey.” Li Qiye turned back and said.

“Are you really leaving just like this?” Her eyes fixated on him as she took some time before asking.

This was scaring the soul out of Wu Qi. If their ancestors were to find out, some terrible punishment would await. Thats why he tugged on her sleeve, reminding his sister to not mess around or it wont end so simply.

But Fengying ignored this gesture and continued glaring her eyes as wide as possible.

“How else am I going to leave?” Li Qiye joked at the angry girl.

Suddenly, Fengying suddenly mustered some courage out of nowhere and grabbed the back of his head before forcing a kiss on him.

Of course, her kiss was stilted and tense despite the aggressive nature of the endeavor. The rest of the group was astounded by this sudden development and couldnt calm down at all.

She finally let go of him and became quite embarrassed. She took a step backward, blushed and not knowing where to place her hands. The boldness earlier was gone and she was facing the aftermath.

“Im the victim here so why are you the embarrassed one?” Li Qiye shook his head and said.

She lowered her head like a little girl, no longer as bold and fierce like before – a striking contrast.

The group was speechless and thought that Fengying was the boldest woman they have ever met.

“Goodbye, little girl.” In the end, Li Qiye gently kissed the princess head. He then disappeared into the horizon with a smile on his face.

The princess and Wu Fengying continued to stare towards his departing direction until he was completely out of sight. After a long time, they regained their wits. The princess told Fengying with a tinge of disappointment: “Lets go back. Hmm, I wont be coming out for a long time.”

Fengying nodded but on the contrary, her mind was feeling quite satisfied.

“Sis, what was it like?” The playful Wu Qi grabbed his sisters sleeve and blinked.

The blushed woman erupted and pulled up her sleeves: “Smelly brat, youre itching for a beating?”

“No, no, of course not.” The youth was terrified and forced an awkward smile.

Hunlin watched the youth and reflected on his own life: “Im leaving as well. Time for me to enjoy my old age, no need to risk my life any longer.”

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