Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 601: Killing An Army Of Million With The Force Of One

After the Heaven Search faction left, the two monarchs from Jilin left as well.

“Our clan is completely on your side, Sacred Teacher. Just summon us whenever you need.” Jilin Immortal Monarch told Li Qiye while cupping his fist before leaving.

Li Qiye nodded quietly. This clan has helped him multiple times in the past, especially Night Monarch. Alas, the scene was still the same, but she was no longer there.

“Qi Gong will be going then, Sacred Teacher. Ill offer my service again in the future.” Li Qiye said goodbye to the two monarchs from Divine Dragon Mountain as well.

Sunset Glow Fairy looked seriously at Li Qiye and said: “If you have time later, Sacred Teacher, please come to my grotto. Ill be waiting.”

Li Qiye nodded and said softly: “Thank you for your help, fairy. Ill definitely visit you in the future to gaze at the moon and discuss the dao.”

The fairy nodded back and cupped her fist before leaving.

“Well be going as well, Sacred Teacher. The winding future will still need you to preside over everything.” In the end, Immortal Emperor Can Long from Dragon Citadel left with his juniors.

“Im sure my presence wont make a difference as long as the emperors work together.” Li Qiye replied with a smile.

“You are the only one who can unite them, Sacred Teacher.” Can Long said.

“Perhaps.” Li Qiye also added: “I have destroyed Soaring Immortal.”

“I know.” Immortal Emperor Can Long paused for a moment before speaking slowly: “Asura neglected Soaring Immortal and Ren Xian debuting? It was decided from the start. Ren Xian himself knew that this day would come, albeit unwillingly.”

After Immortal Emperor Ren Xian arrived at the tenth world, people at Can Longs level immediately realized Soaring Immortals fate.

“Bu Zhan will be leaving too.” Finally, this emperor also said goodbye.

“Well done in this battle. Your responsibility will be heavy in the future too.” Li Qiye smiled in response.

“Youre being too polite, Sacred Teacher. You have helped me many times back in the nine worlds and I have yet to repay you.” The emperor smiled back: “And as for the responsibility, this is our duty. Im not the only one who has paid the price on this road. The wise sages before us have paid much more.” Immortal Emperor Bu Zhan also cupped his fist and left in a cool manner. He came alone and left alone, walking all by himself on this lonely world. No one could trace his whereabouts.

Many Immortal Emperors established their own lineages in the tenth world, such as Immortal Emperor Can Zhong. However, Bu Zhan preferred to be alone.

He didnt even contact other Immortal Emperors and remained mysterious.

In the end, only Immortal Emperor Ming Du was left. He walked along with Li Qiye and eventually asked: “Teacher, is Necropolis doing well?”

“Yes. You know full well that even if the world turns into ashes, that place might come out just fine.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“True.” The emperor nodded and gazed into the distance: “I occasionally dream about Necropolis and ferrying people there.”

He came from Necropolis, a being that shouldnt have been able to leave. However, Li Qiye asked the master of Ancestral Flow to let him go so that he could become an emperor.

This meant that he was different from everyone else, not belonging to any other race – neither human nor a ghost. However, back in Sacred Nether, the ghosts included him as an emperor of their race.

“Sentient beings will dream.” Li Qiye said: “A few things will always linger in the heart, impossible to be severed completely.”

“Yes.” The emperor sighed: “The dao of the ferry is to do so everywhere, but my heart still drifts away. The tenth world, ultimately, is different from the nine worlds.”

“There are too many memorable places in the nine worlds.” Li Qiye agreed: “Just take your time since there is only going forward on this path. Walk the Yin Yang and ferry life and death, this is also a type of cycle.”

“But there are so many beings, how can I ferry them all?” The emperor sighed.

“Everyone made different choices.” Li Qiye said: “For example, Saint, how can he save all the beings? In the end, all the paths are endless, same for mine as well.”

The emperor nodded: “Every time I worry, you would come to point me the way, Teacher.”

Back when Li Qiye beseeched for Ming Dus sake, he promised to never teach the emperor any merit law or technique. Nevertheless, he taught him other things unrelated to cultivation and showed him a path forward.

“Your dao heart allows you to do this, perhaps one day, Ill need you to ferry me over as well.” Li Qiye also stared at the horizon after making a joke.

“Theres nothing in this world that you cant overcome, Teacher. Plus, you are meticulous with great vision, I wont be needing to ferry you.” The emperor shook his head lightly.

“Nothing is guaranteed.” Li Qiye said: “Anything is possible in the future, Im confident about the final battle but the grand dao is full of struggles, otherwise, the people before us wouldnt have failed. Im only thinking about the worst, that day might actually come.”

The emperor became quiet and eventually said: “If that day comes, Ill certainly cross you over, Teacher.”

Li Qiyr replied sentimentally: “I know, and I do find solace in knowing that as long as our world is around, all of you will continue to work hard.”

“Are you worrying about the final battle, Teacher?” Ming Du asked while looking at him.

He withdrew his gaze and said: “Perhaps. I can handle losing and death, but the lack of knowledge about the end puzzles me since no one has been able to come back out before.”

“Teacher, you once said that as long as the heaven and earth are the judges, anything is possible.” The emperor said.

“Yes, the heart is the greatest force, but the world might not be able to handle it. Otherwise, there wouldnt be cycles of epochs and races being destroyed. The scene changes into all shapes and forms, but in the end, the heart still rules over everything.” Li Qiye said.

“So you still cant let go, Teacher.” Ming Du understood Li Qiyes viewpoint.

Li Qiye said: “Though I have planted a seed and worked hard for the future, I dont know what it will blossom into.”

The emperor quietly listened. Beings at their level had their own perspective.

“Nothing in this world can escape the whim of the heart. The eternal light and everlasting darkness – they exist for a reason and didnt come out of nowhere but stem from the hearts.” Li Qiye continued: “Like Saint and Samsara, Saint didnt become the light for no reason and same with Samsara as the origin of darkness – all affected by karma and the heart of people. To look at the darkness from the light and light from the darkness – perhaps this stems from instinct or a fear of death, but it is still up to the whim of the people.”

“There is a lot on your mind.” Ming Du said.

Li Qiye softly answered: “I have confidence in myself and in the future, but not in the heart of people. The seed Ive planted wont necessarily determine the result.”

“Im much more optimistic. Teacher, you have toiled for many eras, surely your flower will be to your wish.” Ming Du said seriously.

“Nothing is certain until the final battle, which flower will blossom? Unfortunately, I can be determined and unyielding, but I have no control over the heart of others.” Li Qiye gently shook his head.

Ming Du agreed: “Youre right. Despite the inevitable death, nothing is as permanent as the heart of the people.”

“Thats why we cant save everyone, Saint cant make everyone good, and Samsara cant turn everyone to darkness. Thats something we can never reach regardless of our power. The only thing within our ability is to show a path to this world, one with a sliver of hope, thats all.” Li Qiye profoundly said.

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