Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 599: Massacring the Ancestral City

The twelve continents were far away from Pure. The low-level Emperors couldnt peer through the distance to observe. Even the high-level emperors could only see a muddled scene.

Nevertheless, the magnitude of the war shook the continents. All emperors could certainly feel it so they could come up with rough speculations.

The heart beating on the river of time was as clear as day. They could feel the ripples emanating from the holy power of an entire epoch.

“Thump! Thump! Thump!” A resonation to the beat appeared in the heart of the existences on the river of time.

”Boom! ” Suddenly, the heart suddenly exploded and the light became more dazzling. It illuminated the river like the rise of dawn reaching every corner. There was no place for the darkness to hide.

Outside of raising hope, it was also scaring the dark existences.

”No! ” An overlord scowled and ran deeper into the shadows, not daring to show his face.

The powerful emperors traced back the river of time back to the wildland epoch. They saw the explosion of holiness – its snow-white light lit up everything in its path.

Saint was a great man worthy of respect. He didn ’t only fight to bring the light to his epoch; at the very last second, he even became a spark to strengthen the light in everyone.

The emperors were shaken. One Grand Emperor commented: ”Lighting up Saint, such an aggressive move. Hopefully, this will be able to warn the future generations. ”

More dark overlords dug deeper into the shadow since they didn ’t wish to see the light.

It took a long time before the light dispersed. The explosion resembled fireworks in the night sky; dazzling yet ephemeral. The time of river continued to flow quietly afterward.

In the end, even the wildland epoch calmed down. The light didn ’t overwhelm the darkness and the latter didn ’t devour the former. The epoch was neither light or dark now.

This made the emperors felt even more respect towards Saint. He was the final winner in the epoch yet he didn ’t try to control this temporal period and simply lit himself up to illuminate the river. He didn ’t try to fuse with his epoch and try to make it his own.

He returned everything to the wildland. Though it didn ’t actually exist any longer, he didn ’t take the time entity that was left. It belonged to the epoch and its countless existences, not him or Samsara. Their light and darkness shouldn ’t occupy this temporal period.

It was a benevolent and magnanimous showing. To sacrifice without regrets – how many could actually do this? Saint surely deserved his title.

”Our Saint is gone but he ’ll live on in the heart of all. ” Li Qiye bowed deeply with sincerity and respect after seeing the complete disappearance of the light.

His group of emperors also solemnly bowed towards the river of time to show respect for Saint.

The death of Samsara has brought serenity back to the wildland. No one could hear the wails of lamentation any longer and the land was freed from darkness. Though it was still desolate, perhaps life would come to this place one day.

The light was also gone after Saint ’s death but it continued to exist in the heart. Samsara was certainly right that the darkness was eternal. It loomed everywhere in the world, but so did the light.

The respectful bow continued for a while before Li Qiye told the emperors while looking at the altar ahead: “We have slain the darkness, it is time for us to harvest.”

The emperors revealed a happy smile. It had nothing to do with greed since this was the just reward after the dangerous battle. After all, no one would have agreed to come and risk their lives for nothing. This was the way of life, not too many could actually become saints.

Though they werent aware of what was actually inside Samsaras treasury, his power level surely meant that it would be amazing inside. They had seen countless rare treasures yet they were still looking forward to seeing this treasury.

The spectating emperors were swallowing their saliva. Perhaps a few of them were regretting not flattering Li Qiye in the beginning and joining him in this battle so they could partake in this feast. Of course, greed aside, the best they could do was to watch. There was no thought of trying to seize it.

There were twenty emperors working together, a start of a working relationship between the races. Not to mention, Li Qiye was presiding over everything. If anyone dared to interfere, they and their clan would be wiped out!

“Okay, let us go and see. Samsaras accumulation of an epoch should be enough for all of us.” Li Qiye chuckled while standing on top of the altar.

The emperors smiled back. There was no need to put on an act right now instead of just being excited. Plus, they deserved it after the battle earlier.

“Buzz.” Li Qiye used Samsaras blood as a key to open the altar.

Below was Samsaras lair. It couldnt be opened by any external force. After all, Samsara was completely capable of creating an impregnable home. Even the most powerful emperor couldnt take it down. Thus, his blood was required for entry to the treasury below.

“Creak.” Li Qiye and the group made it through many gates below the altar. Some gates consisted of numerous divine rings, others were made out of cogs, there was also an abyss passageway with deadly drowning water…

These gates and tribulations could lock out and even kill powerful beings. Nevertheless, the group finally made it through to the lair.

It was more accurate to call this place a world, one that belonged to Samsara alone. Using the word “treasury” to describe it was an insult to its size. No one in this world could have something similar.

The emperors took a deep breath to compose themselves at its sight. They could work for a lifetime and wouldnt be able to accumulate so many treasures and resources. In fact, all twenty here combined werent as rich as Samsara.

Back when Li Qiye destroyed Soaring Immortal, the treasury there was quite impressive since it had five emperors. Alas, after taking a look at this one, the treasury from Soaring Immortal was quite pitiful in comparison. Just any corner here could put it to shame.

“The lord of an epoch in possession of all of its artifacts and natural resources. This is how it should be.” War-Monarch Heaven Emperor said with a tinge of emotion.

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