Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 597: Dont Shed Tears During Goodbye

“Crack!” The bones of Samsara broke down as his body twisted and folded in two.

This gigantic palm was too much to take. Just the power from more than one hundred wills alone was frightening enough, let alone the perfect harmony from the grand momentum. If Samsara was still in his peak state, he would be able to fight for a bit unlike right now.

As his flesh and bones were crushed, he and the ground around him were covered in blood. Someone as invincible as him was finally at the edge of a cliff.

“Time to end this.” Li Qiye calmly said.

“Boom!” The power of the gigantic palm soared again. Now, Samsaras spine broke entirely, same with his general frame.

“I do want it to end, alas, it never comes.” The mutilated Samsara suddenly took out a sheet of skin. It draped around him and coiled tightly.

Samsara didnt try to block this time and let the palm strike him. Strange enough, he was completely fine this time. The human skin protected him easily.

“What is that?!” The spectators were shocked. This unstoppable attack failed to do anything. It was as if this sheet of skin could stop everything, even the destruction of the world.

Samsara didnt have a large stature in the first place but he shrunk even more to put this skin-suit on. It was an embarrassing look like a dog that had lost its master.

Remember that he was the lord of an epoch; the other dark overlords trembled before him. But now, he had to hide inside this tiny bag of skin.

Meanwhile, the emperors were shocked because this unknown thing could stop an ultimate attack.

“So old now, no choice but to take this out and hide like a loser.” Samsara could still laugh at himself.

It was a bit sad to hear it from him, this invincible being feared by all, reduced to this state.

“Amazing, this skin is outside of the reincarnation cycle.” Li Qiye was still calm after seeing this.

“Keen you are, Fellow Daoist.” Samsara smiled: “My title is Samsara but I wont enter the cycle. Its quite ironic that I have to hide in it to live today.”

Li Qiye stared intensely at the item because it was truly astonishing. In each epoch, there used to be a story about it.

“This human skin has quite a past too. It might not be a Paragon Artifact but it is on the same level as my Chrono Disk, just a tiny bit inferior. It wouldnt be an exaggeration to call it the most powerful defense in the world.”

“Perhaps, I have heard of a few legends about it.” Li Qiye said.

“If you have heard of it, then you should know that you cant kill me.” Samsara chuckled: “Im not a living being so I have no future, and no reincarnation cycle, just like the skin. It has no karma either, so how will you be able to kill my past self?”

It was an interesting comment relating to a level that only emperors understood. It was truly impossible to kill him when the skin was disconnected from these natural phenomena.

More importantly, he wasnt part of this time period and there was no way of reaching him. Thus, one wouldnt be able to cut the cycle and karma regardless of how powerful they were since the the ancestor didnt have any in the first place.

At this moment, he was certainly unkillable, or infinitely close to it.

“Theres no way to kill him.” The emperors in the battle couldnt come up with a plan.

“Indeed.” Samsara smiled: “Unfortunately, there is no future and hope, so it is still far off from being truly immortal.”

This was the reason why Samsara left this skin to his past self. His present self wouldnt have the same effectiveness with it.

“Easier said than done to reach that level.” Li Qiye commented as someone who has experienced something similar.

“Fellow Daoist, you can suppress me but killing me is not possible, even if you have a Paragon Artifact.” Samsara claimed.

“Theres an exception to everything or no one will ever be surprised.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“True.” Samsara nodded: “It is indeed surprising that you have reduced me to this state and defeated all my methods. I wonder if you can surprise me again.”

“You will be right now.” Having said that, Li Qiye released his three dao with the twelve laws.

These things were made from the three maelstroms and the item inside the treasure chest, capable of absorbing the Heavens Wills.

The emperors carefully observed and were startled. They knew that the laws were amazing but had no idea of what they were.

“Primordial Will!” On the other hand, Samsara was able to deduce their origin after a careful inspection. He was certainly caught off guard.

“Thats right, in all of history, few could say its name.” Li Qiye said.

Samsara was indeed the lord of an epoch, being able to recognize something that the emperors didnt.

“Ive searched before but only saw them in passing, they werent fated for me.” Samsara calmed down and said emotionally: “Who would have thought that they would be my end today.”

“If you believe in karma, then this is called – persist in evil and you will bring about your own destruction.” Li Qiye said.

“It doesnt matter whether I believe in it or not, and who knows if you do either. Ive escaped for eras and epochs just to stay alive. Unfortunately, death is inescapable.” Samsara smiled.

“Let me send you on the road then.” Li Qiyes eyes turned cold.

“Ive lost, your methods are greater than mine. Im sure you still have more up your sleeve too, so I have no complaints losing to you. There have been two formidable foes in my life, one is Saint, and the other is you, Fellow Daoist.”

“No, the two of us arent tough enemies. At our level, the only real enemies are ourselves!” Li Qiye looked at him and said.

The ancestor pondered quietly before agreeing: “Right, no one but myself.”

“Cank.” The twelve laws quickly pinned on the skin and sealed it. Next, they started to glow and forcefully dragged the skin-suit away.

Samsaras demeanor was still natural in the face of this. He gently sighed with a tinge of disappointment and sadness.

The lord of darkness still finally reached the end of the road after devouring so many eras.

“Come, everything you want is here. It is time for your plans to come into fruition, Fellow Daoist.” Samsara no longer tried to resist or retaliate. He arched his chest and straightened his back.

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