Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 591: Killing Till True Treasures Have To Escape

“Time to end this!” The past Samsara shouted.

The darkness, like a flood, began to eat the grand formation of Li Qiye. With corroding noises, the thick darkness was imprinting its marks on the momentum.

These marks began to tear apart the momentum. Plus, Samsara was still attacking at the same time with a tsunami of darkness.

When this rising tsunami smashed downward, it could shatter all of Pure. Even a top-level emperor might be a victim of its force. Nothing would be spared in its onslaught.

“Rumble!” All experts strong enough to watch were naturally astounded at this spectacle.

The past Samsara wanted to end this battle as soon as possible so that he could go help his present self on the river of time.

Meanwhile, the darkness was being extinguished on the other battlefield while the light had the absolute advantage. If this went on, Samsaras origin was finished.

“Crack! Crack! Crack!” Though the gap wasnt big enough just yet around the imbalance, Samsara was making progress. Eventually, the momentum had tiny cracking lines. A complete infiltration was impossible but it was only a matter of time.

The ones inside were trembling with heavy injuries, evident by blood dripping down the corner of their lips.

“Not good.” One emperor shuddered and said worriedly: “Theres no coming back after the momentum breaks.”

The spectating emperors glanced at each other but they were powerless. In order to regain the balance, one would need the power of ten or more wills. Only a few of these beings were available in Pure.

Time was of the essence because a victory for Samsara was definitely a negative development.

“Boom!” In the blink of an eye, a majestic and ancient imperial path traced from the horizon all the way to the depth of the wildland.

“Sacred Teacher, Can Long is late.” A true dragon-like roar came about. A man walked on the imperial path and immediately made it to the wildland: “Allow me to lend you a hand.”

This newcomer was very young, seemingly only around twenty of age. However, he carried an ancient aura as if he had come out of an old painting – a big crest and traditional robe. He embraced a long sword with a heroic aura.

“Immortal Emperor Can Long!” Another emperor recognized the man: “An emperor from the nine worlds with eight wills!”

Even those who couldnt actually watch the battlefield outside could sense his coming.

“Immortal Emperor Can Long is there! The progenitor of Dragon Citadel!” Wu Fengying and Wu Qi were extremely shocked and wouldnt stop bowing their head on the ground.

This was the second emperor of Soaring Immortal from the nine worlds, one at the upper echelon of this power level!

Ever since Immortal Emperor Wan Gu created a method to shoulder the Heavens Wills from the tenth world, Immortal Emperor Can Long was the second person to shoulder Heavens Wills from the tenth world. Moreover, he got eight wills just like Immortal Emperor Wan Gu.

It wouldnt be an exaggeration to say that he was a top emperor since he had wills from both worlds.

“Clank!” He instantly slashed open the myriad ages and cut out a path in the engulfing darkness.

Not to mention the weaker cultivators, even his peers were amazed at the tremendous power of his slash.

This allowed him to reach his destination, the depth of the wildland.

“Buzz.” In one area of Li Qiyes momentum were whirling imperial laws. They melted together with the formation.

“Pop!” After gaining Li Qiyes permission, Immortal Emperor Can Long stepped inside and stood among the seventeen emperors.

His appearance at the horizon and him joining the battlefield happened smoothly in the blink of an eye.

“Lets go!” The group roared again and their power erupted.

The Immortal Emperor released his nine wills; their power also fused with the formation.

“Rumble!” The unbalanced momentum was slowly being shifted from the power of the nine wills.

“Boom!” The barrier became resplendent again with a light shining the entire region. It even made it to the river of time.

All of the darkness turned to ashes because this was an unprecedented state of balance for the momentum.

”Bang! ” The replica formation created by the past Samsara was annihilated as well.

He himself was shaken and staggered several paces backward.

”You ’re right, time to end this. ” Li Qiye inside the formation chuckled and declared.

In the interim, the battle waging on the river of time was reaching a decisive moment as well. Not much darkness was left in the epoch, only Saint ’s overwhelming light.

Though the present Samsara still had thick miasma around him, there was no reversing the tide against his two foes.

”Zzz! ” Saint ’s sword sang its hymn and became as white as snow while issuing murderous bloodthirst. It could sever all karmic ties and reincarnation cycles in the world.

He could deliver the final blow at Samsara ’s origin whenever now, erasing the ancestor ’s existence.

”My turn. ” Samsara didn ’t panic after losing the stalemate. He laughed and chanted a mantra in the form of an unquestionable decree: ”Those who walk with the darkness, return to the origin! ”

”Boom! ” The entire wildland quaked with his decree. More darkness emerged with loud explosions.

The dark overlords underground were emerging, not out of their own volition.

”Pop! Pop! Pop! ” One by one, these dark overlords exploded and turned into the most primal and pure dark energy.

”No! ” Some didn ’t even get the chance to scream.

”Progenitor, we, we offer our service to you… please… ” The stronger ones struggled in order to protect themselves.

”As long as the darkness is around, all of you shall be eternal. I ’m only borrowing your power for now. I ’ll recreate you all after my victory. ” Samsara calmly said.

He was the progenitor of darkness in his epoch so all of these other overlords were under his banner. The reasons why they could harvest the beings were due to the methods he gave them.

Because of this, Samsara could also harvest their power of darkness. It didn ’t matter how strong they were, there was no way to resist. No one could oppose their own origin and source.

The stronger ones still failed to resist and eventually crumbled.

”I have protected all of you during the destruction, allowing you to live after the end of the epoch. It is time for you all to be useful! ” Samsara devoured the power of these shattering overlords.

”Rumble! ” An endless power of darkness all flowed into his mouth.

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