Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 590: Another Heavenly Annihilation

This peerless momentum and formation contained Li Qiyes countless effort and virtually all of his knowledge. He wouldnt dare to say it was the best in history, but few could replicate a similar one.

“A bit interesting now, very well-made.” Seeing the failed attack, the past Samsara pulled back his palm and said.

“Indeed, Ive been waiting for you for a long time now.” The present Li Qiye chuckled.

Samsara smiled: “You think you can trap me? All of the fanfare earlier wasnt only to lead me out but also my past self? So confident in taking me down?”

So it turned out that Li Qiye had already planned for each step of the way. First, he wanted to bait out Samsaras real body then his past self. It was going quite smoothly.

As long as these two Samsara appeared, he would seal the world and not allow them to escape. He wished to destroy Samsara completely, not leaving any chance for the guy to rise again.

“Try and see.” Li Qiye smiled back.

“Indeed, have to fight to actually know the outcome.” Samsara said. When his present self came out, he already learned how peerless this formation was yet he still let his past self comes along without any fear. This showed that he was confident in taking it down.

“Boom!” Boundless darkness engulfed Li Qiyes entire formation. Samsara then disappeared under cries of torment.

Suddenly, the strangest thing happened, astonishing all spectators. Another grand momentum and formation appeared, the same as Li Qiyes. There were another him and seventeen emperors within.

Samsara was creating everything. When the two formations got close enough, they started to shake violently. This only increased as the distance narrowed.

During this process, the imbalance in the formations was immediately revealed.

This imbalance was due to the seventeenth emperor. This Grand Emperor, in the beginning, didnt have any problem because Li Qiye had one end and he had the other in harmonization.

The Grand Emperor ahead of him was a good fit as well with great balance. However, because of the imitation formation, he had an exact replica in front of him.

Under this impeccable fit, the Grand Emperor on Li Qiyes side and the identical one on the formation started attracting each other in a profound manner.

When this happened, it broke the overall balance of Li Qiyes momentum and formation.

One could hear a cracking sound as a result. A very tiny crack had appeared on the perfect barrier.

It was virtually undetectable with the naked eye and its size was negligible against any other foes. Alas, they were facing Samsara.

In just a short time, a thick miasma of darkness engulfed the entire formation. Next was a series of deafening explosions. This darkness acted like a heavenly tribulation and attacked the tiny crack with all of its power. The moment the crack became a hole, all the darkness would come inside to devour Li Qiye and the emperors.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The formation was shaking before this insane assault. It became unstable and the barrier started to flicker.

“Go!” All eighteen combatants inside shouted. They used the power of the dao to exude an endless in order to take root in and empower the momentum once more.

They relied on the power of the dao and the wills in order to stabilize the momentum once more. Alas, it was an impossible endeavor due to the replica formation pushing inside. Just a sliver of imbalance would distort the power of this momentum.

“The power of the momentum is simply too much, capable of destroying everything. So when it has an imbalance, theres no way of fixing it unless a high-level emperor joins in, one who is capable of fixing this flaw. Otherwise, the eighteen inside wont be able to do anything. Yes, it needs to be an emperor with ten wills and up.” An emperor outside gave his analysis.

In fact, this imbalance was unbelievably tiny, relative to the overall force of the momentum. This was because this momentum was so grand due to the resources and wills of all the emperors. It was strong enough to destroy all of Pure in the blink of an eye.

Even the tiniest imbalance would be obvious and exacerbate the flaw of the formation. Li Qiyes group tried their hardest to balance it but at this level of formation, there was no fixing it after it was gone.

The observing emperor was right. This imbalance required ten wills to correct.

“Rumble!” The darkness continued its relentless assault while the replica formation of Samsara wanted to make the imbalance even greater. This was his way of creating a gap in Li Qiyes defense.

Meanwhile, the eighteen inside used the most terrifying force in this world to push the formation back to perfection. This was difficult enough alone so the external interference by Samsara only made it worse.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” With each wave of impact, the eighteen inside felt as if they were slammed by a gigantic hammer.

Their body was as tough as divine metals. Though these heavy blows couldnt break them, they were still immensely affected, panting for breath with a pale complexion.

If this continued, their momentum and formation would definitely crumble.

“Fellow Daoist, how much longer do you think you can hold on?” Samsara smiled and asked.

“Who knows?” Li Qiye retorted: “But your present self wont last much longer either. When the darkness is gone, you wont be able to take Saint on. His holy sword will annihilate you.”

The past Samsara glanced at the river of time after hearing this. Back in his epoch, Saint and Li Qiye clearly had the upper hand while working together.

Saints holy light was crazily refining the ancestors darkness. When all of the darkness was gone, he would be able to kill the ancestors origin. This would be a true death regardless of whatever hidden moves he still had left.

“Break!” The past Samsara saw this and instantly channeled his energy. Darkness oozed out with a force shaking three thousand worlds.

“Crack!” With this, the tiny crack was finally broken through into a fair-sized gap.

“Poof!” The eighteen inside were grievously injured by a massive amount of power, causing them to vomit blood.

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