Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 586: Thousand Carps Reversion

The holy light was resisting the sacred sword so the slash couldnt reach Samsaras origin.

“The eternal light will never falter!” Saint let out a battle cry. His boundless holy light continued to fill the sky.

However, the strings of light were peeling and undergoing a fundamental change, revealing their original nature.

They seemed to be liquefying and started to flow while gaining life, no longer being a concept of power or affinity. These strands now shouldered the faith and hope of countless beings in an epoch.

“Boom!” The strands gathered together in the sky and the true form of the light emerged behind Saint, granting him endless holy power.

The light from Samsara no longer resisted the sword since it was melted away due to the more primal nature of the opposing force. All holy powers were for Saint to use at this moment. He has truly become the lord of light.

“Bang!” The sword cut down on Samsara. Nothing could stop this supreme judgment; death was guaranteed.

Samsara fell backward instantly and all the spectators held their breath.

Success? They gazed intensely at the river of time in order to see any unexpected development.

“Buzz.” Samsaras fallen body turned into strands of light and joined into the original source.

His death suddenly changed the epoch flowing in the river of time. Darkness as black as squid ink filled everything. One wouldnt be able to see their hand placed in front of them. All existences were mere food for this darkness.

“What should die will.” Samsara appeared in the darkness as its companion with an entirely new temperament.

In the past, he had a very simple and unadorned aura. When standing in front of him, one wouldnt think that he was a dark overlord but more of a friendly old man.

But this was no longer the case. He was now born in the darkness. Each of his actions and words carried an aggressive and tyrannical feel to them.

He was now an awakened primordial beast with no false trace of amiability like before.

Saint was not surprised and continued staring at Samsara. He remained fearless and unstoppable with the sacred sword in his grasp.

“Old friend, you have done it. At the very least, you were able to kill my light self. No one knows if an event is a disaster or blessing. The light will never return now and I am born in the darkness. This is my true self.” Samsara stated.

The emperors held their breath and agreed with this notion. Who knows if the death of his light self was good or bad?

During his youth, Samsara, like many other top masters, tried hard with youthful vigor and fought for his loved ones and friends. Once he achieved invincibility, he illuminated the era with his light.

Unknown events led him to the dark to become the most terrible lord of an epoch. Nevertheless, he still had light in him until today when Saint had killed his light.

“The light never falters and it didnt abandon you either. You chose to forsake it.” Saint coldly uttered.

“Right.” Samsara calmly responded: “Im inferior to you on this path, unable to persevere for as long. The heart towards the grand dao is not always a fearless one.”

“A supreme genius with a wavering dao heart will only cause trouble for the rest of the world.” Saint commented with authority.

“Today, I wont be discussing morality or rights and wrongs with you, old friend. No need for that at our level, since we can define and change it ourselves.” Samsara gently shook his head.

“Then let the light judge your darkness.” Saint raised his sword forward with his eyes lighting up. They exuded boundless holiness just like two holy suns.

“Old friend, though you are still a bit off from your prime, youre definitely stronger than me right now. It is truly difficult to take you on as I am, but youre underestimating me. Though our epoch is destroyed, I still have more resources than you.” Samsara smiled.

“Boom!” With that, the purest of darkness spewed from his body.

Explosions resounded in different regions in the wildland. More dark affinity oozed out from the ground as if the wildland itself was the source of darkness. It was an endless amount from all over the land. One could grab a random pile of mud and darkness would be there.

The endless darkness gathered and was absorbed by Samsara. Though the current wildland was only a tiny spot compared to its real epoch, it was certainly tough enough. This was a place that had survived the destruction and contained the fruits of Samsaras effort. He arduously worked on each inch of the land here in order to keep certain things after the disaster.

The river of time quaked after a loud blast. The endless darkness instantly empowered Samsara.

Loud metallic ringing continuously resounded as if they were coming from an older period. Samsara changed again. In his apex state, he could look down on the world and the emperors. All were mere ants in his eyes.

A crown of darkness and a black robe appeared on him. Even time itself slowed down before might. His eyes were cold and emotionless now; this was someone who wouldnt hesitate to devour trillions of existences. There was no breath of life on him any longer for he was the embodiment of darkness, no longer a living being.

Surprisingly enough, one would find that Saint and Samsaras eyes were extremely similar – emotionless and cold. However, their coldness was different. Samsara had no respect for life and things he considered inferior. As for Saint, it was part of his doctrine – how he thought the world should be.

“Old friend, to the death.” Samsaras voice became tyrannical. A clear aura of invincibility emerged on him.

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