Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 583: Thirteenth Palace

Saint was unaffected after hearing Samsara and responded: “Life and death is decided within the blink of an eye, only an actual battle will decide the victor.”

“Old friend, when do I ever fight an uncertain battle? You are far weaker now, but even in your prime, you still might not be able to beat me. Plus, do you think you can kill me even after defeating me? Beating me alone wont do anything and given your current state, you wont last for much longer. As for me, Ill remain eternal while you return to the ashes. Thats not something I want, losing a rival like you, old friend.” Samsara earnestly persuaded.

This showed his utmost confidence that no one in the world right now could kill him, not even Saint.

“If my death can end the darkness, it will be worth it.” There was a trace of coldness in Saints calm response.

“The darkness will never cease.” Samsara said: “Even if I, Samsara, were to fall, a second Samsara will appear. Flattening the wildland wont end the darkness in this world.”

Saint nodded in agreement: “Indeed, I cant clear them all but I shall do so for the wildland. I was born in this epoch, so did my resolve. Let me end this darkness temporarily.”

“Very well.” Samsara said: “Old friend, if you want to fight, Ill entertain you then. Few battles will be as amazing as this one. Im truly excited now. I hope you and your allies wont disappoint me.”

He turned over at Li Qiye. Surely, this guy wasnt only going to watch today.

“Let us begin then.” Saint answered with a stately voice.

“Boom!” The two broken wings behind him slowly spread. They looked ordinary when closed but at this moment, they were capable of blotting out the sky.

A holy light erupted from Saints body. Each strand of light looked so real and resplendent as if they contained the hope of all living beings in many generations.

A sacred flame rose from behind him, exceeding all temporal and spatial limits. His wings changed completely. They were holy with incomparably sharp feathers resembling divine blades crafted by the heaven. Cutting through darkness and evil was no problem. Its power made evil instinctively tremble. Even if the world was larger, it was still under the cover of his wings and flame.

Saint was mighty now. Each of his gesture could master the universe and rule over the momentum of the epochs. Under his holy power, the gods and emperors were singing along; all creatures were giving him their blessing and support.

“Buzz.” These holy rays permeated across the entire wildland. The darkness was swept away completely. The overlords slumbering deep below were quaking, afraid that this light would reach them and change their heart of darkness.

For these overlords, they werent afraid of being defeated by Saint but his purification affinity was much worse. This was an invincible existence of light staring in the darkness. When their heart of darkness was touched, they would be like moths flying to the flame. Turning to ashes would be the outcome.

Meanwhile, everyone else felt heated up with hope. They felt that the light was so warm and close. Hearts that have turned cold suddenly jumped again with emotions; everyone felt that there was meaning in living!

Emperors themselves were touched by this light as well. If they were born in Saints era, they might have joined his banners or become his followers.

Initially, people in the outside world had no clue what was going on due to the curtain of light blocking everything in this deep region.

However, with the appearance of his sacred light, the holy affinity powerfully touched everyone. Even the stubbornly evil felt the urge to drop their blade. This was an intrinsic wish to change because they suddenly found a new appreciation and love for lives.

In just a jiffy, countless cultivators were kneeling on the ground. The waves spread all the way to Pure and even many locations in the thirteen continents. Despite the current barricades, his power still traveled to the distant continents.

This feeling was not fleeting. Many would come to change completely and no longer walk on the evil path in the future.

Meanwhile, Samsara Wild Ancestor was also bathing in this holy light. He didnt try to resist at all but chose to accept it while closing his eyes in enjoyment.

He emotionally said: “This feeling is truly magical and unforgettable. Wishing for the light as a dark being… this is the limit of that feeling. No wonder why beings that have been walking in the darkness for millions of years still fly to their doom, not minding their heart of darkness being burnt by the light….”

“If it wasnt for my untouchable dao heart, I would also crave for the light and fly towards it, knowing full well that it would be my demise without any regrets. Thats why, I do not hate the believers who switched side. Just like how people find solace in the darkness, others also escape to the light.”

Having said that, Samsara opened his eyes wide and sincerely spoke: “Old friend, I thank you. Whenever I bath in your holy light, it reminds me that Im still alive.”

“You have lived for too long, let us end that and our epoch!” Saint said insipidly.

“As you wish, I hope you will be capable of doing so.” Samsara smiled before glaring forward.

In a split second, a world of complete darkness appeared in his eyes. No existence would be able to escape once fallen inside.

Emperors were shaken to see the eyes of darkness. This was the purest and most terrifying darkness they have ever seen.

“Rumble!” Ten monsters jumped out of the glare. Each one could devour the world.

However, they werent living creatures but rather embodiments of darkness. As long as the darkness was around, so will they.

“Boom!” They rushed into the battlefield.

One was a Nine-tailed Devil Fox ravaging the sky with its tails; another was an Ancient Night Serpent, Nightmare Fiend…

Each of these creatures was not inferior to an emperor and could even commit regicide.

“Kill!” Saint coldly uttered and took the first step into the battlefield. Each of his steps was ten thousand years as he traced back the time.

“Rumble!” The ten monsters attacked at the same time.

The foxs monstrous tails slammed down. Each tail could destroy a world with their unparalleled power.

The serpent opened its mouth and started devouring the holy light. Anything being sucked inside would cease to exist.

The Nightmare Fiend went crazy and unleashed a tide of darkness. It drowned out all rationality in this world. Even the gods would go crazy and fall into the darkness.

These ten monsters were too much to take. Even ten emperors going all out might not be victorious.

However, Saint went back in time in order to reach the origin and suppress these monsters.This sky of darkness was not enough to halt his pace!

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