Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 582: The Great Disaster

Samsara wasnt frightened and said: “Thats why you came to find me. Its not really a bad choice, at the very least, I wont be able to run out of the wildland. Make an example out of me to deter an entire epoch? I would also do the same thing.”

“Samsara, you were the origin of the darkness for an entire epoch. Killing other overlords wont have the same significance as killing you. The ones left might not be as powerful as you, but the ones that are might not be as famous as you.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“I should be honored for such high praise.” Samsara was very friendly and said: “Flattening the darkness with me? Thats a very decisive and intelligent start.”

After seeing Samsaras gentlemanly demeanor, one would have a hard time connecting him to being a dark overlord that had devoured countless beings for generations. His hands were stained with blood; he was definitely among those who had the highest death count in history.

“There are too many evils in this world, but some are really good at hiding. There are no more records of them so theyre impossible to find. If I kill you, Im sure itll make some reconsider.” Li Qiye chuckled.

He wouldnt be here later on and who knows what the future holds? Thus, killing Samsara would be the start to suppress this era.

“Ive seen more darkness than you.” Samsara smiled and shook his head: “You cant fathom how darkness can bring joy. The world has light so naturally, darkness is on the other side. How can there be light without darkness? How can there be good people without the bad? Even if you kill me, it wont do anything to the darkness. It has always been around, whether you want to admit it or not.”

“Im aware.” Li Qiye nodded: “No one can get rid of the darkness completely. I am simply lighting up a spark of hope, to show that the darkness is not that scary. Not everyone needs to falter since there will be defenders of light. Your darkness shall be the torch that lights up this epoch!”

The emperors were also affected by this statement. He might be speaking directly to Samsara, but the content was certainly for the rest of them.

At this moment, War-Monarch and his peers understood that Li Qiye came here not for the treasure or his personal gains. He wanted to warn the rest of the emperors in the thirteen continents.

Just imagine, when full-scale darkness descended, would the emperors choose to fight against the overlords or join them?

The high-level emperors were naturally intelligent and could read between the lines.

Now, Samsara spoke with a dignified expression: “I respect the light since it plants the seeds in this world, allowing for life to grow prosperously for the great harvests. I respect the light, despite flickering in the darkness, it is still everlasting.”

His words carried a thick stench of blood, but it was definitely logical. The light allowed for the world to flourish.

“I respect the darkness, we need to linger around in the dark to fortify our dao heart, so that we can fight to the end. Only by not forgetting who we are and what our original goals are would we they be able to not let down those we love and those who love us.” Li Qiye also replied with a serious demeanor.

This made the emperors think – would they be able to protect their dao heart when the darkness comes? Will they let down those close to them and ultimately, themselves?

These two were enemies but they sounded like soul mates upon their first meeting. Those at the apex like them indeed enjoyed these conversations.

“Well, time for me to send you off.” Samsara smiled and said.

“No, you are misunderstanding something. I might be the one presiding over this plan, but Im not the main force to kill you!” Li Qiye gently shook his head.

“Fine, Ill kill you first and see if anyone can stop me.” Samsara reached out with his gigantic palm.

It didnt have an overwhelming aura but the emperors were startled. There was nothing below this palm. It meant that one struck, nothing could exist. Time, space, heaven and earth, even emperors – all would turn to nothingness.

This was a grand momentum attack, capable of destroying everything in this world. Someone with mastery over this type of force had no need for techniques and merit laws. This was a being certainly capable of killing emperors with one move.

“Pop!” Suddenly, a holy light exuded beneath this momentum of the void. The emptiness was suddenly filled, ending with the palm strike being blocked.

Samsara pulled back and looked over: “I should have realized this. Who else can stop me in this world but you, old friend. We meet again as the epochs flew by. How are you?”

An old man stood at the front; he was the one who stopped the first attack.

He had a gray robe, adorned with a pair of tattered and broken wings. He was still without imperfections and flaws. Despite the lack of visual radiance, others would still think that he was a holy being.

After taking a careful look at the old man then Samsara, one would find striking similarities between them – not in appearance, but rather temperament and aura. They were both great men, intelligent and decisive.

The difference between them would be that one represented light while the other darkness. This was an intrinsic difference.

The newcomer was naturally Saint. Alas, not too many could recognize him nowadays.

“Long time no see.” Saint responded: “My body is still quite tough, cant die just yet to your disappointment.”

“No, old friend, youre mistaken.” Samsara shook his head: “No one else but you can oppose me for eras and eras. Life would be too boring without you.”

“Is that so?” Saint calmly said: “You wont be bored anymore after I send you to the Western Paradise.”

“Its been so long, no need to be so angry, old friend.” Samsara smiled: “If you are still angry at me over being betrayed, I dont think I should be blamed since it was her choice. Dark or light, two possible options. When one cant see hope in the light, theyll have to head for the darkness.”

“I dont blame her.” Saint said: “Youre right, everyone has their own choice to make. After making her choice, I could still purify her and light a spark in her heart of darkness. Back in those bloody and young years, we swore to erase the source of darkness. She couldnt persevere but Ive never forgotten my initial pursuit!”

“Yes.” Samsara nodded with a tinge of emotion: “Earlier, Fellow Daoist Li also said something similar- that nothing is more precious than protecting ones heart. Friend, you have also managed to persevere during those cycles, one step away from success. You are the one I respect the most in life.”

Samsara was much older than Saint. The latter was born in an era of blood, the years of the harvest. Countless friends and families of his died but this gave birth to his ambition of quelling the darkness.

After wasting endless times and experiencing arduous difficulties, Saint remained firm, never forgetting his initial intent.

He once walked on this path with the person he loved and trusted the most. Regrettably, she couldnt hold on to the very end. During the dark period with no hope in sight, she turned to the darkness by betraying and delivering the fatal blow to Saint. Otherwise, there was a chance for him to end the lasting darkness in his epoch.

Even after this, he still persevered on and didnt falter like her.

“It is time for the long epoch to end, the wailing souls and fallen sages deserve an answer. Today, it is over for the wildland and our epoch of darkness.” Saint remained indomitable like the water in a well with his supreme holiness.

“Old friend, its not that Im looking down on you. Even though I suffered the Heavenly Execution back then, after the long years, Im back to eighty or ninety-percent power now. On the contrary, you are like a drying river. Even if I wasnt back to my apex state, youre still not my opponent as you are now.” Samsara shook his head and said.

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