Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 580: Decree Of The Heavenly God

Li Qiye smiled and nodded at the seventeen emperors: “Get ready, well begin shortly.”

The seventeen emperors didnt waste words. They divided themselves to the left and right of Li Qiye in order to form a mystical momentum with him at the center.

The dark overlords were still hesitating underground with none actually coming out. This temptation was truly immense but the risk was certainly there.

“Buzz.” Li Qiye activated the pond of blood. Under the great momentum, the blood absorbed the essences of the heaven and earth, seemingly giving birth to three thousand new worlds. Inside this pond was the most beautiful and primal source of life.

“Clank.” Imperial laws appeared as the emperors raised their hands. They used the power of their Heavens Wills in order to empower Li Qiye. He was controlling the most resplendent law that covered the entire pond with strings of light like a cocoon for another refinement process.

“Buzz.” The already amazing blood matured like a ripe grape, ready to be picked at any moment.

Under multiple refinements, the pond was changed completely, no longer in the form of blood. Nothing in this world could hide this never-dissipating life force. As long as it was present, it would be in full sight at any location.

This majestic force was like the revitalizing return of spring and chased away the darkness.

In the past, the wildland was a place of solitude, plagued with the scent of death. But now, this life force brought hope to the wildland. For some reasons, everyone felt quite comfortable basking in this essence and could see the sun behind the receding clouds. This wasnt just a feeling; their body was actually experiencing this.

“Pop!” An unbelievable matter happened. A seed suddenly germinated from the dried earth. Only one young leaf came out, but this was more than enough.

Such a leaf would be quite ordinary in the outside world, but something like this was breaking death and darkness with its green hue.

“!” The overlords were moved in the darkness. Their eyes reddened while staring at the pond. It had become the most primordial and profound life force.

Whether it be the temptation or the hope it entailed, they certainly became unrest because of this pond.

“That thing is too heaven-defying.” The emperors not qualified to participate in this incoming battle were frightened as well.

“Well, the materials consist of imperial blood and the power of the Heavens Wills. Only this amount of resource could create such a pure life force. When ingesting this thing, not to mention a mortal, even an emperor would experience a monumental change. Its only natural that the hiding overlords would crave it.” An Immortal Monarch felt his heart beating faster.

Nevertheless, none had taken action just yet. Virtually all the top emperors in Pure were here. Doing something now was simply suicidal.

“Raa!” One dark overlord couldnt resist any longer and wanted to jump out for the pond. However, a great power prevented him from competing.

“Not bad, not bad at all. I havent tasted something this delicious for a long time now, probably forgot its taste by now.” A deep voice resounded.

Before everyone knows it, there was an old man sitting on the altar presided deeper in the wildland.

It was an old man wearing a gray robe. There was no frightening aura nor divinity. His appearance was ordinary as well. However, the spectators felt as if a blade has been unsheathed when staring at him.

The entire wildland became calm once more with his appearance, including the rowdy overlords. The darkness of this place slowly receded with figures entering the ground again in fear.

“Buzz.” A curtain of light also blotted out this deeper region of the wildland. The spectators outside could no longer see what was going on since they could only make out the faint figures. Only the true masters could see clearly, such as the emperors who werent involved in the battle. Only beings of their level could see through the curtain of light.

“Such a great momentum here, huh? I wonder who in this world can make it out of this besides me but frankly, if I want to, nothing can trap me.” The old man looked at the curtain of light and laughed.

“Everything is possible.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “You dont believe in failure and neither do I, so, let us get started.”

The old man turned his attention towards Li Qiye with a profound flash. He then smiled in response: “I know of you, and your legends. Just like the young me, having an indomitable dao heart.”

“No, you think too highly of yourself.” Li Qiye retorted: “You no longer possess one the moment you crossed the line. You have fallen, no longer worthy of it.”

Even emperors were frightened facing this old man, but Li Qiye could still carry a normal conversation.

“No need to speak in such absolutes, crouching down doesnt mean kneeling down, it could be gathering strength to jump again.” The old man smiled without becoming angry.

“There are many ways to crouch.” Li Qiye chuckled: “But your way will never jump again because you have become a dog under the high heaven, a shadow in the darkness.” Li Qiye shook his head in disagreement.

“Perhaps you are right, but no need to debate this. You dont care for my viewpoint and neither do I about yours or the rest of the world.” The old man in gray smiled.

“True.” Li Qiye nodded: “Ultimately, one of us will be going down.”

With that, Li Qiye called out the old mans title: “Samsara Wild Ancestor. I, Li Qiye, will slay you today.”

“Samsara.” Some emperors felt their scalp tingling after hearing this title. Though they had a pretty good guess about the old man, the confirmation still scared them all the same.

In the distant epoch of the wildland, Samsara had reaped trillions of existences for many eras. In his eyes, the living beings were simply his food and nutrition to grow his own power.

Not too many back in his epoch knew of his title. But once they did, it meant that the end of the era was coming.

Countless wise sages sang their righteous songs and raised their banners against Samsara. Alas, they were either killed or forced into submission and became his henchmen in the form of other dark overlords preying the epoch.

It could be said that all the pain and suffering of an entire epoch originated from him. He reaped countless lives for his own sake.

“I know.” Samsara didnt find this development surprising: “Those who oppose me will either turn into dried bones beneath my feet or plead their allegiance to me. Tell me, what will become of you?”

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