Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 579: Captain Of The Divine Guard

“Grand Emperors from the War-Monarch Clan, what is happening?” Confusion stirred the spectators.

First was Heaven Searching, now the monarch clan was here too? Eight emperors appearing in the blink of an eye stunned the crowd.

“Rumble!” The chariot continued deeper into the wildland. The clan was only a bit later than the monarchs of Heaven Searching Sect.

Meanwhile, the dark figures only glared at this development without taking action.

“Ji is here with my descendant to help you, Sacred Teacher.” Another clear declaration came about.

Two people were opening the spatial fabrics. Two portals opened and after crossing through many dimensions, the auras of two monarchs threatened the world. They poured down boundless chaos energies and gave the sense that they have traveled through time to get here.

“Ancestors!” Jilin Princess was astonished to see the two new arrivals.

“Jilin Immortal Monarch and another one from his clan.” A High God recognized the two of them.

“Ten emperors now? What do they want to do, destroy the world?” Existences cowered in fear because of the rampaging imperial auras.

These ten emperors were far more powerful compared to the low-level ones from Sentinel.

“Raa!” The roar of a dragon suddenly emanated across the plain. A dragon claw capable of grasping the celestials suddenly shattered another part of the sky.

A green dragon spanned across the world and let it heard its roar. It jumped into the wildland and tore apart the darkness.

“Qi Gong heeds your order, Sacred Teacher.” Two men stood on this dragons back, full of torrential imperial energy pouring down.

The skinny monarch had a pair of eyes like the sun and moon on top of a draconic aura.

“Soaring Dragon Immortal Monarch! The two monarchs from the Divine Dragon Mountain are here!” A High God stated after recognizing these two.

An ancestor from this sect was shocked and immediately performed three bows and nine kowtows: “Forefathers!”

The crowd kept on being surprised today with the rapid arrivals of these emperors.

“Excuse my lateness. The Dragon Citadel answers your summon with our full effort, Sacred Teacher.” A clear and righteous voice echoed across the world.

At this moment, auspicious energy swept through the darkness. Three emperors walked out from this energy as masters of all.

“Oh god, arent those our imperial ancestors?” Wu Qi was scared out of his mind.

Wu Fengyings mouth was agape as well. These were indeed the three emperors from their Dragon Citadel. Even their ancestors couldnt meet the emperors but all three were here in person now.

“Outside of their progenitor, Immortal Emperor Can Long, the citadel is here in full force.” Someone murmured.

“This is insane.” In the blink of an eye, all the top emperors in Pure were coming. This has never happened before and of course, the spectators had never experienced something like this either.

“This young one also wish to lend you a hand, Sacred Teacher.” An immensely elegant voice sounded and brought about a sunset glow. When this evening light arrived, two Grand Emperors emerged and walked towards the depth of the wildland – one male and one female.

The man was majestic and powerful. His posture straight like an impassable mountain. The woman was beautiful – a single smile or frown from her was simply unforgettable.

“Sunset Glow Fairy. An old High God recognized her and became drowned in memories: “After so many years, her looks and voice are still the same, just as peerless as before.”

“Matriarch!” Yin Huali from that sect prostrated on the ground in astonishment after seeing these two Grand Emperors.

The woman was Sunset Glow Devil Emperor, the progenitor of the valley. Of course, she was called a “fairy” when she was younger.

It didnt take long before everyone was on their knees, not daring to stand upright. The imperial auras robbed them of their breath. Even High Gods succumbed to the pressure.

Four monarchs from Heaven Searching; four Grand Emperors from War-Monarch; three from Dragon Citadel; two from Jilin; two from Divine Dragon Mountain and two Devil Emperors from Sunset Glow – a total of seventeen emperors has arrived.

For many, seeing an emperor once was an honor, a great stroke of fortune. A magnificent scene of seventeen emperors together was practically unheard of.

“Outside of the ultimate expeditions, only Emperor Hunt had so many emperors appearing. Today will be another wondrous date in the annals of history.” Someone murmured at this awe-inspiring sight.

“Is it an attack on the wildland?” A speculator thought due to the rare scale of the gathering today.

“Who in this world can summon so many emperors?” A High God with ten totems was puzzled. He then remembered a legend that very few people knew about and became shocked.

“Could it be, the legend is true! It has to be him!” The High Gods eyes widened with astonishment as he gazed at Li Qiye.

“Ancestor, who are you talking about?” His disciple asked after seeing his state of panic.

“Dont ask, just kneel.” The High God kept his head low on the ground, still stealing glances at Li Qiye.

At this moment, he understood why Li Qiye made the comment about only top emperors would be able to contend against him. He, indeed, was qualified to say so.

This was an emperor-slaying existence, the starter of Emperor Hunt. This war established the current political climate in the thirteen continents!

He didnt expect to be able to meet this legendary character in his lifetime. Though he had heard emperors talk about it before, they were very prudent to the point of hesitation about the details.

But now, the myth was right in front of him so he didnt know whether to be shocked or excited. In the past, he assumed that the hundred races were merely exaggerating or mystifying the character. This didnt seem to be the case any longer.

If there were people who could summon so many emperors in one place, this existence would be one of them. World Emperor would be another.

However, World Emperor might not even be able to convince emperors from the hundred races to fight together with the three races, unlike this existence.

“So the emperors want to open the treasures here in the wildland?” Others who didnt know about Li Qiye had thi assumption.

Keep in mind that there had been rumors about the amazing treasuries underground in this place. No one would be able to spend it all even after many generations. Thus, people coveted it but no one dared to attack this region.

“Looks like thats the case right now.” A High God agreed with this notion while salivating from thinking about the treasures.

Everyone certainly wanted a piece but who was going to compete with seventeen emperors right now?

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