Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 578: Headless Man

“Buzz.” While everyone was still astonished, an immortal light suddenly came out and sucked in the blood of the four emperors and nine High Gods.

The light separated into strands before weaving together to form a lotus. The lotus petals spread open and spewed out a faint fire. It was ethereal in nature, making the spectators feel as if they were inside a world of immortals. Being bathed in this light was akin to shedding ones mortal body and exchanging ones old bones.

“Pluff, pluff, pluff!” The fire spewed out began to enter the blood and began a refinement process.

“What is it doing?” Someone didnt understand what was going on.

“The divine and imperial blood over there are priceless. If one could refine it down to the essences, what else in this world can be as valuable?” A High God slowly explained.

The majority shuddered after hearing this truth. Before them was a pond of blood from nine gods and four emperors. Refining them down to their fundamental essences could result in a liquid that could allow instant ascension.

“Buzz.” The fire from the lotus became stronger and used the most profound power to refine the remaining blood.

After multiple tempering processes, the pond of blood started to have an amber glow.

“Poof!” Finally, the lotus and the fire disappeared. This pond of blood has been thoroughly refined.

At this time, that pond of blood was full of grand dao aura – one that was eternal and primal. Such a dao has never been used before so it was brimming with power.

“Buzz.” Strings of light came from the pond. They were resplendent and tempting while containing the purest dao essences. Inside them were countless dao affinities.

Furthermore, chaos energy filled the pond before spreading out to the rest of the area.

It emitted a sweet fragrance that made everyone comfortable. After the first sniff, the persons body would light up completely with flowers blooming around them. Even their grand dao would resonate and become stronger.

“Thats good stuff. Drinking this blood could grant wondrous benefits, if not more longevity.” A High God swallowed his saliva and said.

“Will I become a Grand Emperor after tasting this?” An expert in the distant wanted nothing more than to have a drink right now.

“Amazing.” Even the spectating emperors sentimentally agreed.

Even the foolest of all would understand that this pond of blood was priceless beyond description.

Nevertheless, they simply watched; no one dared to try and seize it.

Sentinel and Tamedragon Cavalry were the best examples. No one wanted to make the same mistake or their blood will become part of that pond too.

Suddenly, evil flames rose to the sky in many places at the wildland. After loud explosions, an evil presence engulfed the region.

In the darkness, one could hear a faint sound of eyes opening – the dark overlords.

Majestic figures appeared among the dark auras. Though they were still hiding just like before, they were indeed awakening.

“What is going on?” A few cultivators were completely lost.

“Not good!” A shocked High God immediately ran away with his disciples. Alas, it was too late.

“Ah!” A bloody jaw suddenly came from the sky and devoured many experts in the wildland. Rough chewing noises on bones could be heard and nothing was left of these victims.

“Run!” Another High God was farther away in the sky. He crossed through the world with incredible speed. It wasnt fast enough to escape from a palm stretching from the darkness. It destroyed all of his defenses.

“Ah!” This High God was torn into two pieces and thrown into the jaw as well. Crunches were heard as if it was chewing on a turnip.

“Ugh…” Some spectators outside of the wildland vomited.

Eating High Gods? This was quite a chilling spectacle.

“Rumble!” The appearance of these majestic figures made darkness loom over the wildland again. The world trembled before their coming; all existences prostrated with fear.

They felt that the end of the world was approaching. It made them quiver uncontrollably.

“Are the devils coming out?” This was the chilling consensus in the mind of everyone here.

Eyes flashing with blood also opened underground, fixated on Li Qiyes pond of blood. They were gazes of blatant greed. These dark overlords wanted nothing more than to seize this pond for their own.

Few things could wake up these slumbering monsters. However, this precious blood refined by Li Qiyes amazing method could do so. It was extremely nutritious and desirable for these beings, hence their awakening.

Alas, they were still apprehensive about something and didnt dare to come forward. They lingered in their own territory without taking the first step.

Li Qiye simply chuckled in response. He stood there without a care, waiting.

The ones outside of the wildland felt their heart about to jump out of their chest. These figures in the darkness were naturally monstrous but Li Qiye was still so calm while being surrounded.

Just this attitude and mind of his were worthy of complete admiration.

“Boom!” After a deafening blast, a path meant for emperors extended all the way to the wildland.

Among the path were four Immortal Monarchs walking hand in hand as their cloaks fluttered among the darkness. This passage illuminated the dark realm.

“Heaven Searching is here with three juniors to lend you a hand, Sacred Teacher.” An impressive and ancient-looking man threatened the world with this declaration.

“Four monarchs from Heaven Searching!” Someone shouted!

“The first monarch of the hundred races, Heaven Searching Immortal Monarch!” A High God blurted out.

“All four monarchs from that sect are here…” Everyone was shocked to witness this.

Heaven Searching could be considered the most powerful sect from the hundred races in Pure. Their progenitor, Heaven Searching Immortal Monarch, has not come out in a long time but now, he was here with his three juniors?!

The dark overlords didnt try to stop the monarchs. They realized that something else was going on.

“Boom!” Another imperial path split the darkness open. A massive chariot rode over with fluttering banners.

On top of this carriage was a world-dominating man with three other Grand Emperors keeping him company.

“The War-Monarch Clan is here!” The man proudly declared as he steered the vessel.

“War-Monarch Heaven Emperor! And three more Grand Emperors from the clan!” A heavener god cried out after seeing the man.

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