Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 577: Path Of Death

He was still perfectly fine after being penetrated in the forehead by the arrow of four emperors? The spectators had nothing else to say. How could anyone kill him when his body was so tough?

Of course, the emperors were paler than anyone else. Even the four Grand Emperors from the War-Monarch Clan were astonished as well.

The force of fourteen wills and imperial blood still couldnt take down Li Qiye. This character was simply terrifying with an astounding amount of strength.

They were aware of his real identity, someone that had swept through the thirteen continents and massacred emperors in the past. However, his real body was out this time around. His plans would certainly exceed their expectation and his own achievements in the past.

Li Qiye looked over and spoke: “Theres no doubt that your murderous move is extraordinary, capable of breaking through my defense. Unfortunately, your group simply cant kill me. The battlefield is too lonely and boring without a twelve-will emperor.”

This no longer sounded arrogant coming from him but more of a matter-of-fact. Indeed, everyone else was ordinary outside of the top emperors when compared to Li Qiye.

“Run!” Tamedragon and his peers were scared out of their mind. The Skyplowing Insect cowered into a circle before jumping like a ball to get out of this place.

“Too late.” Li Qiye chuckled and widened his two domains.

At the same time, his physiques became resplendent and his supreme imperial grand dao appeared – Seven Nights!

“Boom!” The two domains came crashing down on the gigantic insect.

With cracking noises, the entire monster crumbled, revealing the nine High Gods. Alas, they started crumbling as well.

“Ah!” Their miserable screams echoed across the world.

“Kill!” The four emperors were aghast to see this but they didnt run since they have promised to fight to the death.

“Boom!” The fourteen wills came together with the greatest of momentum, destroying all the stars in the sky.

“Heaven Suppression Fist!” At the highest state of empowerment with his dao and physiques, Li Qiyes bright eyes could be seen across the thirteen continents.

“Boom!” A fist from the nine heavens came down and annihilated everything. All powers were instantly destroyed and forced back to their origin. Everything became ashes before this overwhelming attack.

Regardless of how powerful one was, they were instantly forced on their knees. Even an intent of resistance was not allowed!

The emperors watching in the shadow felt a chill. This might be the most domineering fist theyve ever seen!

“Boom!” The four emperors were sealed by this fist before being rendered into mists of blood, a truly horrifying spectacle. The crowd would never forget this scene. Later in the future, they would wake up randomly and tremble in the middle of the night, awakened by this replaying nightmare.

Emperors being taken down with a single attack? Seeing this once was a life worth living

“Ah!” Meanwhile, the crumbling High Gods were still screaming. Eventually, poofing noises occurred. They couldnt withstand the two domains any longer and were also crushed into bloody mists.

“Buzz.” The remaining fourteen wills lit up among the mists. Before one knows it, one could see the shape of the four emperors again.

“Rebirth.” Everyone held their breath before this scene of revival.

As long as the wills were still around, the emperors would remain invincible. This was the biggest advantage of an emperor versus a High God. Tamedragon and his peers were crushed without a chance of reversing the tide. However, the emperors could still come back.

“Fourteen? Others might have trouble tearing them apart, but unfortunately, youre facing me.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“Clank.” Three laws came down from his twelve.

“Pluff!” They pierced through the fourteen wills and began an absorbing process.

“No…” The reviving emperors in their recovery form were stunned and cried. Alas, it was too late. They instantly shattered back into the mists of blood.

“Its over.” All spectators shuddered, including emperors. Remember, these beings have lived for generations but they met their demise just like that.

“Buzz.” The three laws absorbed the fourteen wills entirely and two of them lit up.

Sentinel had a total of five emperors. Wildlad had one while Sentry Arrow had five; the other three had three wills each, for a total of fifteen wills.

Meanwhile, six wills were required in the tenth world in order to light up one law. In addition to the previously lit laws, he had a total of four finished. The fifth still required another three wills.

Numerous spectators saw the bright laws and shuddered, especially the emperors. They were aware of the Heavens Wills more than others. It was difficult to destroy them unless one were to use the same type of force. However, Li Qiyes laws werent destroying but rather absorbing. This was much more terrifying.

What if one day Li Qiye were to become an enemy, their wills could become his nourishment too?

At this moment, everyone understood that Tamedragon Cavalry and Sentinel have become history. One was an imperial group while the other consisted of High Gods but they were destroyed so quickly. No one would believe this unless they saw it in person.

The two groups of bloody mists still reminded them of the slaughtering just now. For many people, killing these beings was virtually impossible. But today, Li Qiye had no problem doing so.

“The battlefield is too lonely and boring without a twelve-will emperor…” A High God repeated Li Qiyes comment earlier. It looked like only top emperors could take on Li Qiye now.

“Only World Emperor will be able to stop him.” A Grand Emperor from the Heaven Race murmured with a dejected expression.

Those who knew about his identity was also aware of World Emperors abilities to stop him. In the past, World Emperor was the one who led the emperors of the three races to stop the ambushes during the hunt.

If it wasnt for this, the consequences would have been unimaginable. So many of their Grand Emperors would have fallen as a result. Furthermore, their contest waged on for many generations. This was indicative of World Emperors power and intelligence.

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