Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 576: Sweeping Through In An Unbeatable Manner

“Finish your talk yet?” Li Qiye chuckled and asked his opponents.

Tamedragon stepped up and shouted: “Junior, cease your haughtiness, well fight to the death today!”

His attitude and choice of words surprised everyone. Earlier, he was subservient and calling Li Qiye, “senior”.

But now, begging was useless and it was time for a fight. This prompted another attitude change and he called Li Qiye a “junior” instead without giving a damn.

This made the crowd speechless. How did this guy even become a High God without any personal principles?

“Go, lets see how long you can struggle for.” Li Qiye chuckled and didnt care at all. This group was no different from the dead already.

“Form the formation.” The nine gods came together; the Skyplowing Insect appeared once more.

“Rumble!” It was much bigger this time around. After each shake, it grew bigger and bigger.

At this moment, these gods no longer held back and poured all of their vitality into the formation. It was either success or death so they didnt mind wasting everything away.

This gigantic creature looked like the king of insects, no, of all beasts. Everyone felt suffocated before its might as if it could open its mouth and swallow a True Dragon.

In the end, it didnt matter how shameless and despicable Tamedragon was. The guy was indeed a powerful High God with eleven totems.

“Boom!” The insect rushed for Li Qiye with its sharp fangs, wishing to flip him into the sky.

Just like that, even the sky vault was penetrated. Numerous cracks appeared before a total collapse.

“Come.” Li Qiye laughed and casually plucked stars and galaxies from above. The moment he touched them, they were instantly turned into the biggest bricks in the world.

There were simply too many to count and could crush the entire world. They had a silver glow to them hovering up above.

“Boom!” The first one was thrown down on the beasts fangs, causing it to take dozens of steps backward and saw stars from being dizzy.

“Boom!” Before it could stabilize, another brick came down and made it fall on the ground.

Everyone was horrified by this scene. It was the fusion of nine High Gods yet Li Qiye was beating it without using any external power. He was able to refine these celestial bodies so easily.

“Boom!” More and more bricks started flying down. The pair of sharp fangs on the insect was broken. Just the sound of it breaking made people shudder.

“Die!” Tamedragon was furious and cried out.

The insect released a divine flame incinerating everything with explosions within. Next, a horn grew from its head and crazily spun like a drill. It became red and continued to spew out more fire just like the fury of a True God.

“Boom!” Li Qiye didnt hesitate and threw another brick down. However, this horn was able to stop it this time.

“Rumble!” The drill penetrated the brick while refining them with its wondrous fire.

Cracks began to appear on the celestial brick. The horn was much stronger than the pair of fangs. It was the embodiment of the totems being offered right now.

For High Gods, totems were their everything. They shouldered these High Gods strength, similar to the Heavens Wills for emperors.

When they were burning their totems, it was the same as burning their dao and chaos energy. This was going all out. Even if they were to slay their enemy, they would virtually be on their last breath afterward. Alas, there was no other choice for them at this particular juncture.

The brick finally broke and the furious horn continued to rush for him.

“Now!” Tamedragon cried out.

“Bang!” The four emperors from Sentinel were prepared. In the blink of an eye, their fourteen wills fused together to create the murderous arrow again.

It was unleashed in an undetectable manner. No one knew from which direction it was going to strike Li Qiye.

“Buzz.” Li Qiye pointed forward. Two domains instantly appeared – stagnation and demise.

The insect became extremely slow like a snail while inside the two domains. Moreover, it was withstanding immense suppression so its body started to issue crackles.

“Whoosh!” The arrow appeared again but it couldnt kill him. In front of him was a resplendent imperial wall. It was made out of his imperial runes so it was much faster than the arrow.

“Break!” The emperors roared and poured all of their vitality into the arrow, including their imperial blood.

“Boom!” The arrow became bloody, empowered with enough force to slay anyone.

Fourteen wills combined with imperial blood? This was enough to instantly kill an emperor with six wills.

“Ploof!” The powerful arrow penetrated Li Qiyes wall and struck his forehead,

The world became quiet; only gasps and breathing could be heard. Everyone was completely fixated on this scene.

The arrow had struck Li Qiyes forehead and blood began to slowly pour down.

“Is it fatal?” An emperor at the same level would surely be dead from an attack of this magnitude hitting a weak spot.

“Young Noble!” Jilin Princess turned pale in the distant.

“We did it!” Tamedragon was ecstatic and cheered. His plan was a success. The emperors from Sentinel felt the same way.

“Too early for celebration.” A leisure voice interrupted their moment of jubilation.

“Pop!” The arrow was pushed out of the wound. There was indeed a frightening hole on Li Qiyes forehead with blood spurting out.

However, it slowly closed before disappearing altogether. His forehead was perfect once more as if nothing had happened.

His opponents were dumbstruck after seeing this.

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