Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 572: Earth Realm

The third emperor had his sight set on the sand bull while the beast stood there motionlessly just like a statue.

“Go!” The emperor roared and tested the water with a finger strike.

In the beginning, he thought that it would try to dodge. To his surprise, the strike easily landed on the beast.

“Crash!” It was indeed made out of countless specks of sand. After getting hit by the strike, it instantly collapsed.

Alas, the emperors expression changed right away.

These specks exuded countless bright runes containing a dao each. Everyone saw different things inside these runes.

For example, if someone had Buddhism in their heart, they would see a Sacred Buddha meditating and hear their chants leading others towards salvation.

If one was greedy, then these runes would look like the treasures in their dream – coveted manuals, artifacts, and immortal metals…

The shocked emperor instantly sat cross-legged on the ground while spewing out mantras. These mantras turned into supreme grand dao while the three wills descended to protect him. He was clearing his mind in order to protect his dao heart.

The bull had the power of belief. It had no offensive potential since it only needed to convert someone. It could grant wishes with its runes affecting ones dao heart.

Under this influence, if one were to fail to resist, then they would be converted into a worshipper of the bull.

Of course, not all spectators got this. They wondered why the emperor was taking this so seriously. The masters understood the delicate situation.

If the emperor were to use force, it would only exacerbate the chance of his dao heart failing. This would end up quite badly; the result could be an indelible shadow in their mind. Thats why he was using his wills for protection to stop himself from becoming a worshipper.

It looked like the most peaceful contest but it was actually the most dangerous one. If the other emperors were to lose, they could still survive with minimal losses. However, him losing would mean losing everything.

The last to fight was the strongest member of Sentinel, Sentry Arrow Devil Emperor. His eyes were focused on this fat caterpillar monster.

It lied there lazily, seemingly dispirited. One would wonder whether one stomp was enough to flatten it entirely.

Nevertheless, Sentry Arrow waited with a serious expression. He took out his weapon, a tiny arrow with a red string tied to the end.

The crowd shuddered because this was his strongest weapon. Rumor has it that it was also his only one; he had no need for another.

In short, this arrow was quite terrifying and could kill people undetected with a massive range. A High God was once killed by him without seeing a glimpse of him.

He finally took action. “Whoosh!” The arrow left his hand with impeccable speed.

Everyone felt they have aged ten years due to the time-surpassing speed of this arrow. This could be ten years in the future now.

But during this illusion, the scene ahead was still the same. They didnt actually become older and saw the emperor standing there with the arrow still in his hand.

“Whats going on?” People thought they were seeing things.

With a serious expression, the emperor used his five wills for self-protection.

“Whoosh!” The arrow shot out again with a speed beyond visual discernibility. Even a High God with six totems couldnt see how he shot it or a trace of the arrow.

Nevertheless, they clearly felt time passing by quicker. It was one hundred years this time.

“Buzz.” When people regained their wits, the same thing still happened. The arrow was still in his hand while the caterpillar was laying there, bored.

“What the hell? Am I just seeing things?” The first was ten years while the second one hundred, but nothing had actually happened. Some ancestors were driven mad.

“No, youre not seeing things.” One High God spoke with an austere expression: “This is a temporal fight; theyre not within our domain right now but rather, a unique temporal sphere. The emperor wants to break through the insects temporal domain in order to kill it, but he hasnt been able to after two attempts.”

He gently sighed after stating this. Though he had six totems, he could only touch the surface of the power of time. He would have lost long ago while fighting this caterpillar. On the contrary, the emperor was able to stabilize his temporal sphere during the last two exchanges. This was already amazing enough.

A weaker emperor would lose control of his own time while trying to attack the caterpillars temporal domain.

“Boom!” In the interim, the Immortal Monarch fighting against the mantis made it out of the special dimension. The beast was right behind him.

The two were back in this main space and created a massive spatial storm. Numerous stars disappeared instantly since they were sucked into this storm. They lost control as well and got banished into the depth of a different dimension once more.

Everyone was scared out of their mind. If this spatial storm were to happen at their own sect or kingdom, all the living beings and territories would instantly be banished, regardless of how large they might be.

The destination was a deep dimension. Even a low-level High God would have trouble making it back. Only an emperor with three wills and up could make his way back in such a short time like earlier. Anyone else would have probably become a dried corpse in that dimension.

“Rumble!” In another location far away, the Grand Emperor and the pig were ravaging the earth. Both sides used their immense physical strength to fight each other. The emperor was using a galaxy river as a whip while the pig continued using its horn. Each thrust could penetrate everything. It was actually pushing the emperor flying.

There was no doubt that the emperor was at a disadvantage. He would be grievously wounded right now if it wasnt for the Heavens Wills protecting him.

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