Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 569: Di Zuos Death

“Tamedragon High God!” Other High Gods murmured in fear after seeing the old man on the carriage.

“Those are Nether Earth Dragons in the legends with the bloodline of True Dragons. Using nine of them as mounts? Thats a bit too much, not inferior to the style of an emperor at all.” A low-level High God became envious.

Tamedragon had eleven totems and was considered the strongest god from the last generation. People said that only Ancient Gods could defeat him.

Though Tamedragon was originally a lowly bandit and had done many heinous things, his power was unquestionable. Having eleven totems definitely allowed him to do whatever he wished.

His achievements were certainly impressive and his wealth might be even more so due to all of his robbing and killing. The cultivation world followed the rules of the jungle, but not many masters were as unbridled as him.

Those who could become a High God would normally follow certain guidelines in order to keep a good reputation.

For example, a great clan might have fallen but still had a lot of resources. Ordinary High Gods wouldnt care enough for these resources and destroy the clan for them. Sect-destruction wouldnt happen unless there was an underlying feud.

This wasnt the case for Tamedragon. As long as he wanted something, he would annihilate a clan, even if they were once his friends. This has been his style even when he was weaker. Who knows how many sects and clans have been finished by him?

Alas, he was virtually untouchable due to his current power despite so many people hating him. Even ordinary emperors couldnt take him on.

Moreover, his cavalry consisted of nine High Gods. This was enough to render many imperial lineages out of breath.

Luckily, in recent years, they have faced a lot of opposition since the tallest tree faces the strongest wind. Thus, they rarely mobilized and showed themselves because they were afraid of facing an alliance by the other imperial lineages. If the emperors worked together, then it would only be a matter of time before their demise.

“Fellow Daoist Sentry, long time no see.” The carriage stopped and the High God cupped his fist towards the emperor in the distant.

The emperor simply glanced at the High God and nodded. He didnt know the High God and didnt need to act overly friendly.

Even though everyone was afraid of them, Sentinel was no slouch either.

“What is wrong with our present time? Even a junior dares to boast and look down on the world? Killing a Grand Emperor too? Such a heinous act.” The High God said: “I cant watch any longer and am willing to help you take down this person for Pures sake, Fellow Daoist Sentry.”

For Pures sake? Many people looked down on this comment but they didnt dare to say anything.

The Tamedragon Cavalry should be the first one killed for the sake of Pure. But now, the High God spoke as if he had the moral high ground. This was quite a hilarious matter.

“Still chirping?” Li Qiyes eyes flashed as he mocked the High God.

“Ignorant child, Pure is full of hidden masters, not a place for you to do as you please.” The High God immediately retorted: “The emperors in Pure have spines that could shoulder the myriad skies and rule the countless realms. Who do you think you are to boast, clown! Today, I shall be the vanguard to take you down and make an example for the rest of the world!”

A bandit was spewing such righteous rhetorics and astounded everyone. It sounded like Tamedragon High God has become good again, letting go of his blade to become a Buddha.

“A foul mouth deserves to be slapped!” Li Qiye uttered coldly.

A gigantic palm came from the depth of the wildland and headed straight for the High Gods face.

“How impudent!” The High God shouted and created a shield refined from the stars to stop the palm.

“Boom!” This celestial shield collapsed instantly and the palm kept on heading for his face.

He was aghast and tried to dodge. Alas, the palm had exceeded the temporal limits and there was no escaping regardless of ones location. It could cross through the endless years with an undodgeable speed.

“Bam!” A merciless slap struck the High God. Even if his body was as tough as steel, blood still dripped down the corner of his lips.

He was tough indeed. This slap actually didnt break his teeth. If it was any other High God, his head would have exploded like a watermelon.

Nevertheless, an eleven-totem High God was just slapped publicly. This came as quite a shock.

Fiercest did exactly what he said. Some people truly wanted to say that in terms of domineering style, they found Fiercest to be the best and would even kneel in admiration.

Many felt quite good about the slap since they hated Tamedragon. In fact, some of them had their clans destroyed by him but they couldnt do anything since he was too powerful. So now, they felt quite elated that he had met his match.

The High Gods expression turned unsightly after this public humiliation. He quickly wiped away the blood near his lips and regained a calm demeanor. He spoke: “Fellow Daoist Sentry, this villain is quite fierce. If you or I fight alone, Im afraid we wont be able to capture him. How about we work together with our groups in order to kill him or sure!”

The slap alarmed the High God about his opponents power. Thats why he wanted to work together with Sentinel in order to take Li Qiye down.

The crowd found this notion dreadful. Just either group alone was quite a headache. The two working together would be very frightening.

Four emperors and nine High Gods would make quite a squad – one that could sweep through the world.

Sentry Arrow Devil Emperor contemplated in silence. They didnt like Tamedragon and his friends but Li Qiye made it clear just now how powerful he was. Fighting alone was certainly hopeless.

However, working together would result in a great alliance. Perhaps they would have a chance at annihilating Li Qiye.

“Come together then so I wont waste as much time.” Li Qiye leisurely said and interrupted the emperors rumination.

Everyone was speechless to hear this. They were aware of the emperors hesitation. Any rational person wouldnt want to fight both the groups at the same time but Li Qiye was surely provoking the emperor in doing so by making that statement.

“Alright, well capture him together then.” In the end, the four emperors made up their mind together.

Just like that, an impressive alliance was formed in a split second.

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