Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 566: Myriad Fists

“Poof!” The expert that yelled at the sky had an arrow shooting out of his forehead, leaving a tiny, bloody hole behind. His eyes were wide open, not understanding his death at all. His body eventually fell to the ground.

People gasped after seeing the fall of a Dao Celestial with more than 100,000,000 units of chaos energy. He didnt even have the chance to resist, not knowing his murderer. This was the death of an insect or something even inferior.

“This is…” The unaware spectators were looking around after seeing the fatality.

“This is the whistle of heaven, unfortunately, the common men of the world cant understand and appreciate it.” A distant voice capable of piercing through all things emerged, flowing softly like water across the entire world.

It carried an unquestionable prestige and made the weak drop to their knees.

“Buzz.” At this time, the shadow of an arrow floated in space. It emitted a faint radiance and seemed to be peeling space apart. It was the ruler of space and all the laws.

This light pricked the heart of all the experts here as if it was the sharpest thing in the world.

“Where is Li Qiye?” Even before the person showed up, his voice was echoing in everyones mind. There was no way of dodging this noise even if one were to hide and cover up their ears entirely.

Finally, a figure appeared next to the arrow. This person had crossed through the myriad realms in order to reach this place; each step had taken him a distance that couldnt be described with length. Each step was a single world. Only a Grand Emperor would have such speed.

“Sentry Arrow Devil Emperor!” An aghast ancestor cried out after seeing the figure of the emperor reaching from a distant realm.

Someone reacted with a shout: “The Sentinel is here, Sentry Arrow Devil Emperor too!”

“An imperial group? How rare?” Even a High God became alarmed after seeing the arrow.

Sentry Arrow had five Heavens Wills. His famous weapon was this arrow. Rumor has it that this was the only weapon he used throughout his life.

Though he wasnt an assassin and rarely murdered others, he could kill people without leaving a single trace from a great distance away. He would be a great candidate to become a terrifying assassin.

Due to his weak background, he started Sentinel to strengthen himself with four other low-level emperors. Not counting the dead Wildlad, he was the strongest with five wills while the other three only had three wills each.

The goal of the group was to unite for strength in number. After all, one hand alone couldnt clap.

The weakest among them was Wildlad, but he also had the best background. Alas, no other groups would want someone like him to join. A big reason why Sentinel accepted him, outside of his talents, was due to his background.

They made an oath of solidarity, never abandoning a brother during the perilous moment. Thus, they were here to avenge Wildlad.

“Will Fiercest be able to handle this?” Someone said with fear: “Thats four emperors, can he take on four emperors alone?”

Even though people knew that he was heaven-defying after killing Wildlad, the odds were still against him.

Opposing one emperor was amazing enough, but in order to fight against four emperors, one would need to be a top-level emperor at least.

“Li Qiye! Come out and fight!” Though Sentry Arrow still hasnt arrived in person, his shadow alone emitted a terrible aura.

As his physical being approached closer, the world was flipped upside-down. So many experts were forced to the ground.

“Li Qiye, come out and fight now!” The emperor stabilized and sealed the area. The moment Li Qiye appeared, his arrow would instantly attack.

The horrified crowd felt that they were trapped in a cage by this dao avatar of the emperor after he did his spatial control.

“There is no place for you to hide!” The emperor continued his search for Li Qiye while taunting.

“Boom!” A hand reached out from the deepest part of the wildland, crushing everything in its path. The world trembled in fear; the emperors and eternal overlords were full of dread.

The myriad laws and dao screamed and collapsed before this palm. There was no way to withstand it.

“Break!” The arrow in front of the emperor rose to the sky. This tiny arrow presided in the air like an everlasting spear with True Dragons flying with it. They raised their claws and tore apart the sky.

A terrible hole was left in the sky because of this arrow. Chaos energy oozed like a flood breaking the dam. The power of this arrow horrified the crowd. People far away still felt the same pain in their heart. Some even vomited blood.

“Bang!” But this sharp attack was still not enough. The arrow was was instantly bent by the oppressive palm.

“Activate!” The emperors dao avatar used imperial arts. Each one soared to the sky and combined with the arrow. It became resplendent before flying straight for the palm again.

“Bang!” The palm remained invincible, causing the arrow to bend to the limit before collapsing altogether. It maintained its trajectory for the emperor.

“Rumble!” The avatar personally attacked with wondrous laws but in the end, it still got annihilated by the palm.

This attack shocked everyone. A dao avatar of a five-will emperor was quite powerful even if it could only utilize twenty percent of power. But this palm from the depth of the wildland still crushed it so easily.

“Shouting at me with this dao avatar? Come with your true body.” A leisure voice came from the wildland.

At the same time, an endless immortal light oozed out in that direction. The entire place seemed to be turning into a paradise. Countless laws emerged and tempted the spectators. This seemed to be the portal to the immortal world, telling everyone to come over.

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