Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 563: Myriad-Form Rend

Remote Wildland was a leftover epoch, one of the largest in Exploration Ground. The more unique thing about it was that they still had living overlords.

Normally, these remnant epochs were all dead zones, not a single trace of the living could be found there. This wasnt the case for the wildland.

However, these overlords could only slumber in their ruined epochs because they didnt belong to the current one. If they were to leave the wildland, death was guaranteed.

The moment they took a single step out, the years would start to flow on them again. This was something they couldnt withstand regardless of their monstrous power. Ashes would be the result.

At a mysterious and deep location in the wildland were clues about its origin. Even ten-will emperors wouldnt want to come here.

The place was covered in black mist and engulfed in a strange power. Outsiders couldnt see what was inside due to its concealment.

Black seemed to be the primary theme. The mist was thick and unchanging, just like blood sticking on something. There were intact architectures in this place. They werent beautiful or magnificent, erected from an unknown black metal in a simple manner. Practicality and toughness were the focus.

They gave an indestructible and heavy feeling. Even the sky falling down wouldnt be able to crush them.

Keep in mind that in these remnant epochs, the majority of buildings would be destroyed. The completeness of the buildings here was indeed a miracle.

As one walked through these buildings, they would think that this was a place of sacrifice from the lamenting echoes of anguish in this place. They would shudder uncontrollably while the more cowardly would not go any further.

There was an altar made out of black stones in the center of this place. Its fair size was made up by its complex and exquisite nature. There were too many little stones here yet no gaps could be found, resulting in a perfect appearance.

It was completely different from the simplistic buildings in this place – this was a work of art, polished over millions of years.

A group of men surrounded this altar; all dressed in black. They were quietly whispering, perhaps a prayer or a chant.

A black coffin was laid on top of the altar with the head pointing northward. This was done on purpose in accordance with the momentum of the world.

This was naturally the Blood Forsakens. The coffin they brought here had its lid removed now. Their language was a unique and ancient one, not part of the current system.

Remember that this could be considered the origin place of the wildland. Even if one knew of it, they might not be able to get there. Many have died trying to reach this place but not the Blood Forsakens.

Their race had a deep connection with this place. This was a ferocious land in the eyes of outsiders, but for them, this was going home. Of course, whether this place accepted them or not was a different story.

The dozens of members continued chanting and praying for the black coffin…

Buzz.” An inaudible noise rang as strings of blood stretched out of the coffin. It would be more accurate to call them red tentacles sticking on the sides and slowly coming out of the coffin for the altar. They wiggled and squirmed like blood flowing downward. These tiny things covered the entire coffin in a terrifying spectacle. Some people would feel the urge to vomit after seeing this.

As the number of tentacles increased, the chants from the members became louder. Right now, even their body was shaking as if they were suffering qi deviation.

“Looks like you still havent lost hope. I must destroy your entire race to make you give up.” Suddenly, a voice interrupted their ceremony. The red tentacles seemed to be scared and all rushed back into the coffin.

The members instantly turned around and glared angrily at Li Qiye – if they had eyes, that is. Nevertheless, their fury was expressive and obvious.

Li Qiye calmly walked over and stared at the furious crowd before sitting down on the altar to take a look at the thing inside the coffin: “Even though the coming of a new life doesnt always represent evil, but given my personality, should I destroy all of you now?”

The Forsaken Bloods were still fixated on him. They were full of doubts, not understanding his identity and power. However, their unique instinct made them fear the aura emanating from him as if he was their ultimate enemy.

“Fellow Daoist, we are simply praying without any evil intention.” A member came out and spoke with an ancient voice. This was certainly the person in charge of the group.

“No evil intention?” Li Qiye smiled and said: “In my opinion, the moment your group showed up in this place, theres no question about it.”

The other side pondered for a moment before answering: “Fellow Daoist, light blooms from your body but that doesnt mean we wish for the darkness either. We are a race with life, not evil darkness.”

“Light?” Li Qiye responded: “I dont know if I have light or not, but I do know that Im a butcher of dark existences! And its hard whether certain things are born evil or not, so tell me, do you all wish to scream by my butchers blade?”

The group was startled. Though they had numerous masters here, they didnt dare to act recklessly due to his unique aura.

The light they were referring to was actually his dao heart. It was created for the opposite of them, the nemesis of their origin.

“Were not evil beings.” The leader of the group said: “We dont commit evil deeds either, simply wishing to live, no different from the three or the hundred races.”

“Is that so?” Li Qiye brought up: “Which race devoured countless existences in the past? Of course, racial conflicts and massacres have been waging on in perpetuity. Killing one thousand or one million? Thats not enough to attribute light or darkness to someone. However, after crossing a certain point, its very obvious to see who will side with the darkness later.”

The leader debated: “We only wish to live on, thats it, not to rule over the world or replace the other races.

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