Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 562: Azure God-Monarch

“I see, what is your choice?” Li Qiye smilingly said.

“No, it will be your choice Sacred Teacher.” Jin Ge shook his head: “I dont have any agency before you. If you want to teach me a lesson, Ill just go for it. But ultimately, a promise is a promise, Im not cowardly to the point where I wont face it.”

Jin Ge knew that this was an existence who had slaughtered emperors before but this wasnt good of a reason for him to renege and run. Thus, he came today to fulfill the agreement. This was a way for him to maintain his dao heart.

If he chose to run, it would leave an indelible mark in his mind. In the future, this shadow would remain even if he were to become an emperor with eight wills.

Li Qiye chuckled and took another sip of green tea before speaking: “The myriad laws from the dao can slowly be formed; the wonders of the world can be understood with time. Only the dao heart requires a step by step process. Many things will change but the dao heart is indestructible, capable of lasting through the epochs.”

Jin Ge listened carefully. An emperor he might be now, he was still a junior before a timeworn overlord.

“As you stare into the horizon to remember the past and peer into the future, do you ever ask yourself, what is immovable and can grant you an eternity in this world?” Li Qiye continued.

Jin Ge pondered in silence before answering with a question: “Sacred Teacher, can someone be truly immovable?”

“No one was born with a will of iron and an immovable dao heart. It is nonsense to think otherwise. It requires time and tribulations. Everyone had times of questioning and doubts, but during your most desperate trait, ask yourself about your most primal wish? As long as you do not forget this, you will be able to stay firm.” Li Qiye looked at him and answered.

Jin Ge took his time carving the words into his memories.

“Your talents are excellent, enough to be a Grand Emperor. Your dao heart is quite firm as well but youre still too young. On the long path in the future, the thing that is worthy of your arduous pursuit is not more Heavens Wills and cultivation but an indomitable dao heart.”

“Really?” Jin Ge was surprised.

“What else can it be? Whats the difference with having more or less Heavens Wills?” Li Qiye smiled and elaborated: “The you right now know exactly what you want. But if one day, your world is about to be destroyed and you must make a choice in order to survive and perhaps succumb to the darkness – raising your blade against your race, your family, and even your beloved wife. So now, when you still have your wits, ask yourself, the moment you raise that blade, does it matter how many Heavens Wills you have? And the power of your cultivation? Even if you have twelve wills at that point, you would have already ceased being yourself. Is that the path of a Grand Emperor? Is that your initial goal in becoming one?”

He gently sighed and went on: “At that moment, you would desire an indomitable dao heart to refuse all temptations and resist the darkness. Tread forward on your own path; it might be ridden with despair and perils but do not give up.”

Jin Ge had a moment of reflection. Before becoming an emperor, he wanted to see the path of one. Alas, after becoming one, everything before his eyes had changed and became much bigger.

“Since you have only become an emperor and your mind still lucid, just ask yourself about what you truly want. Keep on repeating it as a cautionary measure.” Li Qiye said: “Is it an unswayable dao heart or ultimate power? Maybe something else?”

Li Qiye was opening a new door for Jin Ge. In the past, he only talked about the mysteries of the grand dao and the momentum of the world with his elders and peers. But today, Li Qiye simply focused on his dao heart.

Jin Ge carefully absorbed the information and eventually stood up. He bowed respectfully towards Li Qiye and said: “Sacred Teacher, I could see the sun hiding behind the clouds now after listening to you. I appreciate you putting aside any prejudice and teaching me.”

Li Qiye couldnt help but smile: “They are separate issues. Im an enemy to your three races because I am a human. It is a simple choice. And as for me helping you? It is because you are worth it as a genius. Also a simple choice.”

“Your vision is beyond us.” Jin Ge said with a tinge of emotions.

Li Qiye chuckled: “You are an emperor now, let the past be gone. This is the only thing I can give you.”

Jin Ge knew it was time for him to leave. He pondered for a bit before asking: “I heard from my ancestors that you wanted to start a big battle. If you dont mind, I would like to offer my meager assistance.”

“Im not saying that you are weak, but you have only just ascended. Just watch for now.” Li Qiye replied: “This will be a good experience for you in the future before directly facing the darkness. Your dao heart still needs further polishing before reaching an immovable state.”

Jin Ge bowed his head once more: “Thank you for protecting me, Sacred Teacher. Ill take my leave now.”

Li Qiye nodded and didnt bother getting up.

Before the bewildered spectators, Jin Ge left Eternal with a calm expression. No one was able to read anything from him.

“Sigh, no fight then. Looks like the feud between Fiercest and the War-Monarch Clan is over.” People who wanted nothing more than to watch the fun were disappointed.

They knew that everything was over after this meeting. As for the death of Heavenly Phoenix Prince and the royal lord? This was an insignificant matter now; no one would bring it up again.

Even if the ministers of Heavenly Phoenix still wanted revenge, they wouldnt dare to bring up because Jin Ges attitude had dealt with this issue. These court members would never dare to question an emperors prestige.

“Jin Ge is indeed extraordinary, much superior to Wildlad Heaven Emperor in this regards. Avoid obstacles when possible, Wildlad didnt understand this, hence his downfall.” A High God nodded approvingly.

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