Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 557: Hundred Saints Imperial Formation

“Boom!” Li Qiyes power erupted. An imperial aura soared to the sky with evil rings. Each ring was enough to create the heavens and contain the three thousand worlds.

At the same time, his body also exuded a transcending immortal light as if he was a being from above.

This fusion of two different states left him in an unbeatable form, capable of looking down on the nine heavens and ten earths regardless of any temporal restraint. He resembled an awakening supreme lord.

As he lifted his palm, one could see the stars hovering around the tip of his fingers – pillar-like creations of the universe. Time was flowing down from one end to another as if it was within his grasp.

Two grand completion Immortal Physique and the style of an Immortal Emperor. This was Li Qiyes state before ascending to the tenth world. He had sealed this dominating state into his twelve gods and devils.

“What is that?” Everyone was shocked, thinking that he was possessed by an overlord.

“Did an emperor take control?” Even a High God speculated.

“Die!” Wildlad Heaven Emperor took decisive action since if he were to let the guy be, his power might continue to rise.

“Clank.” Another fusion slash cutting the myriad realms descended. One half of the slash was illuminated by the Heavens Will while the other was full of a bloody glow. Even space itself turned into dust; the entire battlefield became a black hole.

“Pluff!” Some people started to bleed from their head. The spectators became injured in succession.

Despite being far enough from the battlefield, his slash still wounded the spectators. This made others retreat farther, not daring to watch this battle.

“Boom!” Suddenly, two palms clapped together and stopped the slash. The sword intent, sword edge, and sword momentum instantly collapsed. Time seemed to be reversing after their destruction; everything became normal again with the exception of one thing, the hands holding onto the imperial sword.

It was naturally Li Qiye stopping the attack with his invincible state. It was too easy for him to deal with Wildlad and his one will.

“Clank!” The hands actually broke the imperial sword to the horror of the crowd.

It was already fierce enough stopping an imperial weapon with his bare hands but now, fierce was not enough to describe actually breaking one.

The emperor himself was astounded. His fusion sword had withstood countless imperial weapons without any damage. But now, a junior had broken it bare-handed. He finally realized that he was messing with the wrong person.

In the blink of an eye, he didnt waste time and immediately tried to flee. Of course, as an emperor, his escaping speed was peerless as he instantly jumped out of this realm.

Alas, his path was blocked. Li Qiyes devil rings have sealed the entire area. There was no escaping unless he were to defeat Li Qiye.

The emperor had an ugly expression while staring at the guy.

“No chance to run now.” Li Qiye leisurely said as if he was speaking to an insignificant character, not a Grand Emperor.

The crowd had nothing to say. A Grand Emperor being pushed to the edge by a junior? People started sweating profusely.

Wu Qi couldnt close his mouth at all. Earlier, he was using casual honorifics with Li Qiye but now, the guy was defeating a Grand Emperor? Thus, he was calling a being at the imperial existence a brother?

He finally realized how ignorant he was, like a frog under the well that couldnt see Mount Tai.

The princess was much better off since she already knew that Li Qiye was a supreme overlord. This development wasnt surprising to her.

As for Wu Fengying, she looked like a complete fangirl at the moment with her fists clenched tight from excitement because of Li Qiyes invincible style.

Meanwhile, Hunlin sighed from shock. He knew that Li Qiye was going to be powerful, but not to this extent.

“Die!” The emperor could only fight to the death now. With a roar, his dao turned into laws and came crashing down.

Space turned into a crystallized form due to the pressure before shattering altogether in a magnificent spectacle.

Li Qiye didnt mind at all. The two physiques erupted again, exceeding the limit of speed and weight.

“Boom!” It was only one fist to pierce through the myriad laws before penetrating the emperors chest. The emperor was blown flying with blood gushing everywhere.

There was nothing more shocking than an emperor being taken down in this manner.

“Crash!” As he was falling down, the emperors hidden potential activated. His twelve palaces destroyed the spatial area in order for him to escape.

Alas, a foot came from the sky and stomped down on him all the way to the ground. This was enough to break several bones on his body.

Keep in mind that an emperors body was tougher than divine metals. But now, this stomp from Li Qiye easily crushed his bones.

The crowd shuddered before this scene. They suddenly felt that the foot was stomping on them instead. There was a sharp pain causing many to drop to the ground, paralyzed.

“Ah!” The emperor tried to struggle but this foot was as heavy as an eternal mountain. Resistance was futile.

“A one-will emperor prancing arrogantly around all the time?” Li Qiye looked down at the emperor and said: “Not to mention you, even a twelve-will emperor needs to act properly before me!”

He even dared to bring up the twelve-will emperors? This was utterly insane, his domineering level.

“The winner takes all, no need to blabber on. Finish me off now.” The emperor knew that the outcome had been decided and was still manly enough to shout.

“Not that easy now.” Li Qiye said: “I need to make an example out of you since you were foolish and suicidal enough to get in my way! Today, I shall break your bones so that others will realize that certain paths arent meant to be taken!”

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