Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 555: Night Era Flower

The young emperor no longer had the calmness befitting of his status, seemingly possessed. Although he was even stronger than before, everyone felt an indescribable sense that he was no longer an emperor.

His anger had twisted him, instilling him with even more rage and brutality!

He has never lost before during his youth until the debacle with Mortal Reversion Ancient God. However, he still didn ’t think he was inferior to the ancient god.

In his mind, if he didn ’t lose his opportunity, he believed he would have gotten more than ten wills. That in combination with his talents would allow him to easily annihilate Mortal Reversion.

Thus, his defeat was because time didn ’t wait for him. If he had the chance, he surely would have become a greater being. With this logic, his pride remained. In fact, in a sense, he even found it glorious, surviving from this disaster.

Alas, he was being suppressed by Shi Hunlin today? A character nowhere near the plane of prestige like the ancient god; an ant that struggled to survive during his generation.

This was a stomp to his face and pride and he couldn ’t accept it. Under this fury and the influence of the bloody artifact, he became violent and bloodthirsty, losing the bearing of an emperor.

”Clank! ” His three swords flew out and made the world hear their songs. Finally, a gigantic sword formation emerged and trapped Shi Hunlin within.

Inside its radius, colossal swords slammed into the ground. Each was as long as a heavenly vein, capable of starting a new world with each slash.

This had exceeded the realm of a formation. It had derived itself into a world of swords with a massive space inside.

Everything within changed into the colossal swords that began an assault on Shi Hunlin, wishing to make mincemeat out of him.

”Everlasting Dynasty! ” Shi Hunlin roared as his armament exuded its strongest regal aura. Under its radiance, his anima power began to ooze out.

An ancient dynasty appeared before him. One generation changed after another; each continued to fuel him with their energy.

Unfortunately, in spite of his empowered state, it was still not enough for him to withstand the sharp onslaught of the swords, especially the ones accompanied by a bloody glow. These particular ones were simply unstoppable, leaving behind terrible wounds on him.

This sword formation wasn ’t only mighty due to the emperor growing stronger. The bloody artifact also gave it a destructive evil affinity beyond imagination.

”Haha, I ’ll flay you piece by piece so that you will know the difference between you and a genius like me! ” The emperor sneered at the bloodied old man.

Jilin Princess and the other two were quite worried watching Shi Hunlin struggle in the sword formation but there was nothing they could do. If they were to thoughtlessly join in, it would only add to Shi Hunlin ’s burden.

The spectators were scared out of their mind. The High Gods in the crowd became silent. No one wanted to do anything due to the danger entailed.

As for the High Gods in the War-Monarch Clan, they didn ’t express their intent. Some among them shook their head with disapproval, feeling that the young emperor ’s conduct was inappropriate.

”Pluff! Pluff! Pluff! ” Though Shi Hunlin could stop the physical swords, he couldn ’t block the bloody rays. It was too bizarre and omnipresent on top of being unblockable. Once struck, it would leave behind grievous damage.

It didn ’t take long before his armament was stained with blood.

”I ’ll do the same to that Li guy after I ’m done with you. ” The emperor had an unprecedented sense of satisfaction from getting rid of his anger.

”With just you? Not even worthy of being trampled beneath my sole. ” A leisure voice interrupted the emperor ’s gloating vengeance.

The emperor immediately turned around and saw a man standing there relaxed.

”Young Noble! ” The anxious princess shouted, feeling quite glad to see this person.

”Li! ” The emperor glared over furiously. The summoned skeletal ape last time gave him a lot of trouble so he swore to cut this junior into a million pieces!

”Fiercest is here. ” Someone in the crowd shouted.

”Can he challenge a Grand Emperor? ” A skeptic quietly wondered.

”Who knows? This guy is too bizarre, he directly destroyed the wills of the Tamedragon Cavalry back at the Buddhist Plain. We can ’t use common sense to gauge him. ” A High God said.

The ancestors from the War-Monarch were scared out of their mind to see him. After seeing their four emperors, he was still fine and well? What was the meaning of this?

“Junior, Im going to mince you!” A terrorizing glint of blood flashed in the emperors eyes.

Li Qiye didnt bother giving him a second glance and simply raised his finger.

“Boom!” A gigantic tablet with numerous runes appeared. It also turned into a world slamming down towards the sword formation.

“Crash!” Collapsing noises came about like dried branches breaking. The sword formation couldnt stop the attack of the tablet.

In the end, his formation broke down and he staggered several steps backward.

After escaping with his life, Hunlin heaved a sigh of relief and bowed towards Li Qiye: “Thank you for your help, Young Noble.”

Li Qiye didnt want to waste words and glanced at the emperor who got pushed back.

“Not bad, thats an amazing treasure, enough to be called a top divine artifact of an epoch.” The emperor was fixated on Li Qiyes right hand and said oppressively: “I will not only dig out your Buddhist seed but also cut off your hand to take out this treasure.”

The young emperor was insane but he was keen enough to recognize top treasures.

“You were only a shallow Grand Emperor but now, you have degraded to being a mad dog.” Li Qiye said: “You threw away morality in order to pursue strength, not even knowing that you have stained yourself.”

The majority of experts here glanced at each other. In this world, Fiercest might be the only one who would dare to call a Grand Emperor a mad dog.

“Brat, accept your death!” The emperor couldnt accept such a remark and furiously roared.

He unleashed another fusion slash at Li Qiye. It crossed through the myriad ages and instilled fear into the heart of the High Gods. The weaker experts dropped to their knees, unable to resist.

However, Li Qiye simply spread out his palm. The gigantic tablet slammed down again and instantly crushed everything.

“Boom!” It made contact with the slash, resulting in a blaring bang. The emperor couldnt hold on to his fusion sword and was blown flying.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” His body smashed through several great peaks before hitting the ground, resulting in an unbelievable crater.

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