Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 549: Change Of Mind

The crowd watched with anticipation. All of their thoughts were focused on Li Qiye and Heavenly Phoenix Princess.

Both those who were surprised at her weakness or full of admiration about her vision, they were waiting for a response from Li Qiye. They wondered whether he would accept her request of absolving this feud.

Li Qiye looked at her and smiled: “A hero is one who can also properly ride the momentum. If you are willing to let go of the deep pain, then I would look too petty hanging on to it. Very well, henceforth, the feud of past is gone with the wind.”

The princess took a deep breath and didnt lose her respectful demeanor while bowing at him: “I thank you for your magnanimity.”

Both the spectating experts and members of the War-Monarch fell into a deep silence. Though conflicting thoughts rose from her decision, the stronger experts felt that she was quite a visionary.

As the clans matron, she didnt involve the clan with matters of her own side. There was no doubt that she didnt forget her position and made the pragmatic decision. She didnt join the clan only to live in riches; there was a responsibility that came with it – one necessitating her to value the clans prosperity above all else.

This exceptional side of her certainly played a large part in why the ancestors and even the emperors from the War-Monarch Clan approve of her. It definitely wasnt easy.

Li Qiye chuckled and continued towards the mountain. The army was still as nervous as before. The guarding ancestors entered a state of battle. Even though Li Qiye had let go of the feud between him and the princess, he didnt say that he wouldnt ambush Jin Ge.

In fact, the spectators felt the same way – that he was about to attack during the ascension process.

However, the princess shook her head while looking at the ancestors, telling them to stand down.

The ancestors at the entrance hesitated for a moment but still opened it for him. Li Qiye continued smiling and went up the pathway towards the pinnacle.

Numerous people were nervous for him. This was walking into a tigers lair, trapping himself in a great army. One misstep and he would be completely surrounded.

In fact, the army felt nervous all the same since their foe was Li Qiye. They gripped their weapons tightly despite having the formation advantage, afraid of a sudden attack from him.

He stood in front of the altar and glanced at Jin Ge again. Meanwhile, Jin Ge was feeling the power of the heaven and earth with no time for distraction, not even with Li Qiyes arrival.

Jin Ges army and ancestors only grew increasingly tense from the pressure. They felt that letting Li Qiye inside was a very risky endeavor. If Li Qiye were to attack Jin Ge right now, it would bring about an unbelievable danger to their clans future.

Li Qiye looked at the sky and smiled: “Open the door for me or do I have to make my way in?”

There was only silence; no one knew who he was talking to.

But suddenly, a buzz came about. Imperial runes appeared beneath his feet just like a portal and he disappeared from sight as if he was never there in the first place.

This puzzled the spectators nearby. No one knew what was going on.

However, the ancestors from the War-Monarch heaved a sigh of relief from being aware of the situation.

“The Grand Emperors from the War-Monarch are there right now.” An ancestor murmured while trembling among the crowd of spectators outside.

Everyone knew that the clan had five emperors; all five were rumored to still be alive. Moreover, their progenitor, War-Monarch Heaven Emperor was a ten-will being. His power was not something the juniors could imagine.

They were quite frightened about his visit to the emperors. It was him alone versus several of them. Anyone else would be scared out of their mind.

In a short time, a few speculated that Li Qiye might not be able to come back alive if he were to anger them. Not even ashes would be left of him. It didnt matter how powerful a junior was, it would be too easy for multiple emperors to finish one off.

After being teleported, Li Qiye found himself standing inside a mysterious realm. Everything was concealed in this place full of chaos energy, seemingly materializing into an ocean due to high density.

There were four imperial thrones in four different directions, each with an emperor sitting on it. It made this realm impregnable.

Their aura permeated this entire area. Even though they tried to hold back, it was still terrorizing and chill-inducing enough. Dao Celestials would have no chance of standing straight while being in this place.

Furthermore, one of them even had ten wills!

Li Qiye simply smiled. With a buzz, strands of laws came together and another throne appeared. Li Qiye coolly sat down on it. He was still as nonchalant as ever before four emperors. Their aura did nothing to him.

“Sacred Teacher, long time no see.” A moderate yet imposing voice came about, enough to send a primal fear into the listeners.

The speaker was the emperor on the eastern side. He had an ancient outfit and a large crest on a thin figure. Nevertheless, he still appeared majestic enough residing in this world, lasting for an eternity. His simple pose gave the feeling of being unsurpassable.

“Long time no see, War-Monarch. You still look the same as back in the war.” Li Qiye chuckled and said.

Of course, War-Monarch, the progenitor of his clan, could recognize Li Qiye. He was a participant back in Emperor Hunt. Outsiders didnt know about the involvement of the Dark Crow but he knew it too damn well.

“We have grown old compared to you, Sacred Teacher.” War-Monarch Heaven Emperor replied. In fact, he was still as vigorous as before with no semblance to being an emperor from the olden age.

Li Qiye looked around before focusing on the emperor on the western side. He commented: “Its quite surprising to see you alive and well.”

“Im quite lucky to have survived that battle.” This emperor revealed a faint smile in response.

His title was War-Search Grand Emperor, another participant of the old war. He suffered a grievous injury back then and many believed he couldnt last for another thousand years. Who would have thought that he had actually managed to persevere and even return to his top form? This was truly a miracle.

“No wonder why your clan is so strong now. Its not bad to have four surviving emperors, even rarer to see all four together.” Li Qiye said with a smile.

War-Monarch responded: “Thank you, Sacred Teacher. We have no choice but to work our old bones due to our lacking descendants. Im sure you wont bully our juniors, right?”

“Alright, no need to talk about this. If I wanted to cut off your juniors Heavens Wills, I would have done it long ago. Your presence here is futile as well.” Li Qiye said dismissively with a wave of his hand.

The four emperors remained quiet. Others wouldnt dare to utter such words before them but they were aware of Li Qiyes identity. Although the Dark Crow looked rather harmless right now, he was still a dreadful existence, even for emperors.

“May I ask for your purpose here then, Sacred Teacher?” War-Monarch inquired.

Though they fought to the death back then during the war, these emperors could act in a polite manner befitting of their status during this peaceful period.

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